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A few thoughts on the Liverpool match

December 22, 2014


Thoughts! Crap. Un-professional. No passion. Lack of leadership. Passing was awful. Corners were awful.  Fee kicks awful.

Yes! Arsenal have injuries and yes! It does not help, however, even with injuries how can Arsenal be so bad? It’s not like it’s a one-off either as  it’s happening frequently and we’re almost right at the halfway stage of the season.  The fact Arsenal got a draw yesterday was down to Liverpool who like us at times were crap at finishing.

Arsenal simply did not turn up in the first half and I’m sorry to say, this is just what I thought would happen. It’s not like we haven’t done this before either. Arsene said the players were aware of what happened last season, well surely if that’s the case, you would think the players would want to put it right, not simply let Liverpool walk all over them and try to do the same again. Also quite a few of our current players were not in the side that lost last year.  I think it was more a case of Arsene was the one scarred and bottled it.

It looks to me as if it’s the Arsene who after so many years of not being able to get victories against the Other top sides and as each game and season passes has no idea how to deal with the situation with regards on how to beat our main rivals.

Mertesacker said “Overall we have to take responsibility for our game” How many times do we hear this guff from our players this season before it just simply becomes an excuse?

How many times did Arsenal players give the ball away to Liverpool with sloppy passing? Even kicking it straight out of play. How many times did the Liverpool players take the ball off our players as if it were taking candy from a baby with no effort at all from our players to try to win the ball back? If we’re not for Santi Cazorla, Arsenal might as well have not bothered turning up till the second half. It’s incredible how poor this Arsenal team cam be at times. It’s like the team is picked form the crowd twenty minutes before the kick off, not trained together all week.

Arsene often complains that the players lack rest and too many games, well Arsenal had seven days rest for yesterday’s match and Liverpool played mid-week so who did you think looked fitter and sharper? Who did you see when down to ten men with five minutes to go, putting effort in? Of course Liverpool had to go for it, but if we were fitter, we should have been able to hit them on the break, yet the one time we did, we once again messed it up.

Arsenal have been poor this season in quite a few games (sorry most games), but yesterday was, for me, the worst yet. Liverpool were all over Arsenal like a rash, they clearly wanted it more. Giroud had a mare moment and gave the ball back to Liverpool for their first after he had already done this earlier on in the first half when they broke and had a chance.

Theo was on the bench, but now way in hell was he going to be brought on, just like Chamberlain should never have started. Arsenal are struggling with injuries and Arsene is bringing players back to soon in an effort to keep fans onside. placate them. Koscielny and Ramsey were brought back to early.

I’ve no issue with losing as I have said before. Play well and lose and at least I could be positive that Arsenal win many of their matches, but can anyone really be honest enough to say you are confident of Arsenal winning going into any match with this bunch of lightweights. I can’t and that’s not right.

Somehow, God only knows Arsenal went in level at half time when Flamini won a header in the box and there was Debuchy to head home.

Our sodding corners which I thought Arsenal were supposed to be working on are becoming a tactic for our opponents. You can imagine our opponents manager in their dressing room – “when in doubt at back give Arsenal a corner, they’ll do sod all with it, in fact we’ll probably break and have a great chance of scoring ourselves form it, at worse well get a breather”. Today on three/four of our corners Liverpool broke and had a chance. One time we took a corner and ended up passing it all the way back to Szczesny. We cannot get our corners past the first man even. Yet Liverpool scored from one of their corners

The best bit of Arsenal football resulted in our second goal with a good move like you expect from Arsenal with a Giroud one-two with Santi and hitting the ball past Jones to put us 2-1 up after a good build up from the back.

The game was always going to go eight or so minutes into injury time with the injury to Skrtel. Liverpool had Borini sent off and I’m thinking this is it a win at Anfield even playing badly, yet this is Arsenal and just like Man City at the Emirates, we conceded from a corner to of all people Skrtel 2-2. No point in marking the bloke who scored two against us in the 1-5  hammering last season.

It’s simply becoming a joke of a season. twenty-six games in and how many games have Arsenal played even remotely well? I’d have signed up with a draw before the match, but no way in hell would I have signed up to that shocking performance.

Liverpool can try to take whatever positives they want, but reality is they couldn’t beat an Arsenal team that I reckon passed to Liverpool more than their team mates through the game.

Arsenal’s recent wins have been good and I enjoy any win but yesterday showed that Arsenal are simply covering up a multitude of issues with the squad or maybe it’s just Arsene who simply does not know how to get the best from the squad. We need signings and we need them early January, not late bloody January.

Chambers and Chamberlain were nothing short of shocking today, but I’ll give Chamberlain the benefit of doubt because as I said I doubt he should have been playing today.  Also, to be fair to Chambers it’s not his fault he is having to be used almost every game, that’s down to the manager thinking he could get away with going into a season with six defenders.It makes sense to play your right back you brought in summer and play him a centre back, while playing Chambers at right back. You’d have thought Bellerin would have played and kept his spot, but no apparently he too was injured.

Had Theo been fit, had any chance of playing and with Liverpool obviously looking to throw the kitchen sink, Theo would have been on a fast as you like to hit them on break. Yet no! He stayed on the bench as did Podolski.

I cannot even be bothered to do a player breakdown, suffice to  say, Santi, Debuchy, Gibbs and Szczesny would be spared any wrath from me.

I’m at the stage where I cannot handle the type of football we are playing, it’s boring and you never feel confident about results. When you look at our next few fixtures, they’re winnable of course, but with this Arsenal team – Who knows? Even in the last few seasons when it’s not been great, we’ve not been this bad.

Any half decent side would have beaten us easy yesterday and Liverpool should have done. There are no positives to take from yesterday’s game save a point is better than nothing.




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  1. Top Gun permalink
    December 22, 2014 10:25

    really worthwhile read.

    Good stuff Steve


  2. vince permalink
    December 22, 2014 20:56

    Never mind. You have the happy Hammers soon. You always win that one – whether or not you deserve to.

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