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A few thoughts on the Newcastle United match

December 14, 2014

In the lead up to the game against Newcastle Arsene did his Press Conference and was on his best banter behaviour saying if Arsenal had no injuries then Arsenal would not need to sign any new players to come in during the January transfer window. Of course that’s never going to happen, I mean Arsenal with no injuries ūüôā so I expect a couple of players will come in.

Arsene also gave an update on the injury situation saying that Ramsey was¬†out for the Newcastle match along with Koscielny.¬† Lots of players with calf, groin and¬†muscle injuries so¬†just what does the new guy Shad Forsythe do? Is it fair to question what he is doing?¬†Due to injuries¬†Coquelin was drafted back from loan with Charlton. It was said you could hear the lad kicking, screaming and shouting “Please!! Don’t take me back there, I’ll be out injured by Saturday evening”.

Now I have learned over the years that you cannot take everything Arsene Wenger says literally, a lot of what he says is simply for media consumption. On this note why do managers have to give press conferences before every bloody match? That’s like one every few days and all they are really doing is repeating the same old, same old. Then they have to give one after each match, no wonder so much rubbish is spouted. Surely once a month at end of the month would suffice.

Right now¬†it is clear¬†there is a huge difference in opinion how Arsenal supporters see Arsenal today, so when¬†Arsene comes out and says some of the things he does, for me it’s not helping the situation. If you want the supporters behind you, then give them something to get behind. Not just in winning but show some fight and passion, the same passion you want from the supporters. The supporters are not silly and they are the lifeblood of the club. The fact is 60k Supporters have either brought Season Tickets or Match day tickets for most matches at the Emirates. Every away match is sold out and the away support in nothing short of terrific. The supporters have been doing the above ever since Arsenal moved to the Emirates and in that time they have stuck by the team and the club and in return¬†the supporters¬†saw Arsenal win the FACup last season.

The supporters have always been behind the team on¬†match day, the¬†issue for me is has the manager and team been thinking of the supporters in quite a few of the seriously poor performances that have been dished up over the last eight years or Arsenal’s failure to go the whole way in a number of seasons which cannot be blamed in any way on the support the club receives?

If you break down seasons into three parts¬† – beginning, middle and end then Arsenal seem to slip up in one of those areas. It’s fair enough Arsene and the players to ask for more support and¬†ask the crowd to make the Emirates a fortress but NEVER blame the support for the teams failings. Also it might help if instead of discussing what the supporters can do to make the Emirates a fortress, the club might try to help the situation by¬†allowing the fans to get behind the team a bit more and stop putting obstacles in the way. Put the home and away fans behind the goal at each end, make the areas for supporters who want to sing, bigger and noisier. Stop playing loud music and announcements¬†right up till kick-off and encourage the fans onto the terraces well before the match starts, instead of onto the concourse to spend money at food and drink outlets. Stop getting stewards¬†in amongst a crowd to stop them getting behind the team.

Onto the match.

Arsenal with¬†plenty of¬†injuries played really well yesterday, yet¬†at times you could be forgiven for thinking¬†Arsenal were¬†almost playing¬†fifteen¬†players as the officials were shocking. Continuous fouls from Newcastle that the officials simply let go. How Tiote never got a red for his kick in the chest on Sanchez, I don’t know, just like Cahill at Chelsea against Arsenal, allowed to get away with it.

Mertesacker hit the bar from a corner, then Giroud scored a really good header from a Sanchez cross 1-0 Arsenal!

Then the¬†officials took centre stage as¬†Danny Welbeck shrugged off Janmaat who¬†went down and Welbeck did really well to lift the ball over the keeper for 2-0! Wait! No! The goal has been disallowed in what is simply a shocking decision and people say referee’s do not influence matches. After passing the fouls around by Newcastle and then Lee Mason letting them off, it was a sure thing that the first booking was going to be a player wearing red, so Bellerin is the first in the referee’s notebook.

“Did you see me on the TV last night Son?”¬† But Dad they think you’re a twat for getting decisions wrong. “But Son they are talking about me”

A good half by Arsenal who should be 3-0 up, but at least Arsenal are winning.

Szczesny does well making two saves in very quick succession during a melee in the penalty area.Ten minutes into the second half Cazorla with a one-two past Coloccini, then chips the ball past the keeper into the far corner and on his birthday as well 2-0!¬†Bellerin then¬†provided a¬†cross¬†that was¬†turned in well by Giroud, 3-0 Arsenal! Rampant! Newcastle reduced the arrears as Perez’s slight touch took the ball past Szczesny from a Newcastle free kick.

Arsenal broke РSanchez and Welbeck two-on-one yet Welbeck fails to control and the chance is wasted.  Arsenal break again and this time Welbeck is brought down in the area Penalty!!! Santi steps up to take it and chips the ball sweetly into the net for 4-1! Some people even took issue that Santi was disrespectful in the way he took the penalty. What the hell is up with people?

If you want to moan, then moan about the bloody disgraceful officials that are in charge of game today. Moan about the officials in most games that are played not just Arsenal. Moan to the FA to get something done about it. Make¬†referee’s come out and explain themselves after the matches, maybe then, knowing they may be called by the TV station showing the game, they might think a little bit more about the decisions they make during a match. How they are allowed to simply walk out the back door and not questioned? I mean who has that type of protection in their jobs. In the real world, most of us would be sacked from our jobs if we were so incompetent. We would be questioned at the very least. The Prime Minister is questioned. MP’s are questioned. everyone can be questioned, except the men in black. It has to stop.

Full time 4-1. Three points and goal difference increased by three.

Whatever you stance on the manager, first and foremost you want Arsenal to win. Today Arsenal did and also played well. The football was good, the passing was much better, crisp and concise.  Arsenal went at the game from the off and put pressure on Newcastle, thus not letting them get a foothold. This was a Newcastle side that have been doing very well recently and even beat Chelsea 2-1 to stop their unbeaten run and Alain Parduex picking up the manager of the month award. Having young Bellerin at right back and moving Debuchy into the centre back position worked because Arsenal pressured Newcastle and kept the pressure off the defence.

Flamini played really well again, patrolling a thirty yard area of the pitch and doing nothing spectacular just picking the ball up, passing it simple, making challenges, winning the ball when needed and simply keeping Newcastle at bay. Welbeck did not stop running and battling all game and deserved a goal for his efforts. Debuchy played really well a good solid player. Giroud took his goals well. Sanchez once again showed what an excellent player he is, the things he does is worth the entrance fee alone. Santi was on really good form. Oxlade is getting better each game and his powerful running at players scares the life out of opponents.

I have made my position clear regarding the manager for a number of reasons, however, it was nice to hear his name sung out twice during the second half. The good footballing, good passing Arsenal turned up today and showed what they can do, yet the issue for me is what Arsenal will turn up next week at Anfield? Liverpool are not playing well, they have lost Suarez and Sturridge is out injured, so I would not expect the opening twenty-minute onslaught like last season at Anfield, but we need to make a statement next week and then, should we win, maybe can say, at last the tide might actually be turning.



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