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A few thoughts on the Hull City match.

October 18, 2014

I’m never one to expect a result in football as the Premiership can throw up all sorts of results, though I did think Arsenal would beat Hull today, even with all the injuries.

Up to the moment Hull equalised in the 17th minute, I thought there only looked one winner. Yes Hull’s equaliser was a bit of dodgy goal, allowed to stand by the referee. Yet the way Arsenal reacted to Hull’s equaliser meant they simply went off the boil and lost composure. From the start I watched Arsenal after Miss chance after chance by hitting the goalie, shooting wide or simply failing to shoot when the chance is on.

On thirteen Sanchez Arsenal’s best player took Hull’s defender to the cleaners, cleaned him, put him in a plastic sleeve and hung him up ready for collection before, hitting a nice hard, low shot into the far corner 1-0 and no more than Arsenal deserved. Arsenal for me should be 3-0 up by now.

Then another four minutes of Arsenal pressure, then wallop right on the jaw. Hull are welcomed into Arsenal’s half for the first time in the match when Diame strides past Monreal, appears to pull Flamini’s shirt, No! He DID pull Flamini’s shirt, yet East decided – nothing wrong in that. Issue! Arsenal players stopped instead of carrying on with play. Diame lofted the ball over Szczesny 1-1.

Arsenal plenty of chances one goal. Hull one foray into our half, one shot, one goal, one love – Oh dear!

To make matters worse Hull came out for the second half one minute before Arsenal did. A good break, a very good cross, the BFG napping and Hernández gets himself in front of our big f***ing German and with a very good header and a very well worked team goal and it’s 2-1 to Hull.

Arsenal simply kept to the now age old tried and not very trusted formula of, pass, pass, pass, play ball back, pass, pass, pass, play ball back, pass, lose ball, regain it, do the hokey pokey and turn around, and piss the fans off.

Why is it, when Arsenal pass, pass, pass, then a player lays the ball into the path of a team mate to shoot, he simply tries another pass and the chance is lost?

Do Arsenal have any actual goals at their training ground? Maybe in the upgrade costing millions a few will be installed.

Arsenal were simply playing into Hull’s hands and take nothing away from Hull, they were defending very, very, well, though Arsenal do make it easy for teams at times with their style of football. Did Arsenal have a shot in the first 35 minutes of the second half?

Then the referee who I thought was awful, failed to give a foul on Jack. Jack reacted by storming after the Hull player, fouling him, injuring himself in the process and collecting a yellow card. Jack really needs to learn to control himself in these situations.

Jack was then substituted for Campbell, who I thought livened Arsenal up a bit. Suddenly, Hello!!! 85th minute Monreal puts in a cross as Arsenal finally create something of note as a Sanchez header brought a save out of Jakupovic who tipped the header over the bar.

Six minutes goes up on the screens, the crowd (who I thought were poor from the start) finally find their voices and try to pull Arsenal through, then through a melee in the box, Welbeck side foots the ball into the net 2-2 some relief and maybe a tad harsh on Hull, but then I couldn’t give a Gareth Bale at that moment.

Arsenal pile forward, Hull look to be in panic mode, yet Jakupovic saves from both Cazorla and Gibbs, why, why, why could we not put this pressure on twenty minutes earlier? One time the ball fell to Campbell, his pass into the area only had to be one foot either way and it was a tap in I think for either Sanchez or Welbeck, but it went instead straight to a Hull defender.

For me Chamberlain had a poor game. Welbeck and Sanchez were my best players, the rest were simply average. Ramsey only came on because he had to. Campbell looked lively and maybe should be given more of a chance.

The ref blew for full time and a draw no more than Hull deserved.

Now I have to take issue with the officials.

Though not denied a penalty or one given to Hull or any other decision that gives or denies either side a goal. I would say I think Arsenal should have got a foul for the tug on Flamini by Diame, yet decisions did not really affect the final result.


My issue is not teams like Palace or Hull wasting time so much as we all know it’s part gamesmanship and they do it to break the game up, slow it down so if they can get away it, why not do it.

My issue is with officials who must surely see what is going on. A bit of leeway maybe, but they were letting Hull get away with murder. Diame went down pole axed, yet with Bruce and his players calling for the ball to put out of play, Arsenal refused, this occasion the ref played on. It was no surprise Diame got up, played on and one minute later scored their equaliser. Then when 2-1 up, Hull players were dropping like flies, simply to waste time, fair enough, but the officials should see through this.

One throw-on East spoke to Hull’s captain about time wasting, but that was it. The crowd were singing “You don’t know what you’re doing” and “You’re not fit to referee” and you know what, I could swear he took offence and simply got worse. East then booked Cazorla for a foul he did not even see, where the Hull defender jumped in the air and fell to the ground poleaxed.

The facts today though Arsenal were very poor after Hull scored their first. When the tippy-tappy works it’s a joy to behold, but when it doesn’t there is nothing, no one player to pull up sleeves, scream and shout, punch the air and get the team rolling again.

Even Arsene simply sits on his arse, expecting players he sees as intelligent to work it out for themselves. Arsene only gets up when he feels an injustice by the officials.

One win in four home games. No defeats – but three draws. Only two wins in eight games in league. yet one defeat. The draws are killing us.

We’re falling behind the leaders City & Chelsea big time and if we are not careful by early December we’ll only have a top four spot and the FACup to defend.

Now onto two away games. Not sure I am looking forward to Anderlecht and we’re playing a team that lost 8-0 today next weekend.

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