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January Deadline Day

February 1, 2014

So after all the talk, all the rumours, all the names thrown into the hat. After all of Arsene’s hints. The window closed with the only Arsenal signing being Kim Kallstrom, a Swedish international aged 31 with over 100 caps for his Country. A deal done to provide cover for injuries.

When this man does this

Arsene 1

Be careful, he is good at Poker.

The club have money, there’s the new Puma kit deal, The Emirates deal, both worth £300m over five years. Arsenal are slowly getting more smaller sponsorship deals as well , the latest being with Huawei the Chinese technologies company. A company with a $37 billion revenue and made $3.7 billion profit last year. Not sure how much the Arsenal deal with Hauwei was worth though all very hush hush.

January – Thirty-one days in which Arsenal could have been active in the transfer market. Thirty-one days where Arsenal played six games won five and drew one.  If Arsenal were going to be active then the smart money would have gone on Arsenal bringing in a forward, after all Theo is now out injured until next season at least.

The days passed by one-by-one and nothing, not a sign of a player being brought in. Name after name linked to Arsenal. Some sections of Arsenal supporters were growing visibly frustrated with each passing day. Big games coming up, very big games in February & March, the current squad is not strong enough is the mantra.

Friday 31st January 2013. Transfer Deadline Day arrived. This was to be the last chance saloon if we’re to compete for honours. Right from the start of Deadline Day the Draxler deal looks dead, it’s not going to happen. Who else is there? Well for some, no one. For others anyone – just get anyone – just sign someone, we need a forward – pleeeease!!!

I was at work all day, so when the chance arose I just followed any news on twitter, which is a laugh and half if the truth be known. You know, those people that are “in the know” and the other people that get the right nark with those that are “in the know”. Let me say now, I’m not sure who actually knows anything. Arsenal run a tight ship and very little information is leaked out. Maybe that’s why so much rumour surrounds the club?

What I do find interesting is with so little information given out by Arsenal, why do so many, who profess to know so much between them, know so much? Or so little in the end. Yet for all the abuse ITK’s get from anti-ITK’s it’s strange how when an apparent deal (made up or real) goes wrong, you then get the very people who dig out ITK’s saying the deal went wrong because Arsenal wouldn’t pay the money etc. How do they now though this if their not ITK’s themselves?

Anyway I got home after tiring day at work and with nothing else to do and just wanting to laze about, I thought I’ll  watch the evening part of Sky Sports News transfer Deadline Day show for the last four hours or so before I crash out. I mean you never know, something might happen of interest, even if not at Arsenal.

Not much was happening. A few supporters standing outside Stokes Ground/Training Ground, but then the people of Stoke do normally only come out after dark. In fact the only real news was Brian McDermott being sacked as manager of Dirty Leeds. Brian didn’t take it so well as seem here :


Suddenly just before 8pm – kerfuffle!!! There he is! Walking into the studio like the Messiah, yellow tie, flanked by his female cohort for the night in bright yellow dress looking like a canary. yes Ladies & Gentlemen, it’s the one and only (thank God) Jim White about to steal a living for three hours or so. Jim takes his throne and for him and Sky it’s now like here so every manager in England can and will start doing business.

Twat alert!!

White 1

Jim proceeded to make the rest of his time on the show seem like hundreds of deals were going through. The panel was made up of Charlie Nicholas, John Collins and Simon Jordan. Charlie disappeared early on, lucky him, the other two looked like they could have done with leaving with Charlie as White droned on incessantly, like a demented monkey on cocaine with bullshit news after bullshit news.

One time Jim went over to reporter outside Shite Hart Lane. I kid you not SHL it was in the dark, gates were locked, no one about (which is like normal), though I do wonder if security guards were keeping out of sight in case pounced on for an interview.

Another time Jim went over to Nick Collins who was inside the Emirates all night, it was just after 11pm, the window had closed. Again I kid you not, Nick was falling asleep, you even heard laughter from inside the studio.

The show was a total shambles with Swanson and White trying to makes it sound like 300 deals were going through. Sky should be embarrassed by what happened on Friday night (they won’t of course). However, the flip side was it was like watching an episode of the Office only this one was unintentionally funny, as Jim and his cronies were trying to tell its audience things were happening, when they were clearly not.

I got this tweet from @gold_gooner31 – “I expected White to take his iPhone out saying “Hello, uh huh, ok, uh huh, unbelievable!”.. Then it will ring for real exposing him”.

The rumour mill that surrounds Deadline Day makes you do wonder if it’s just made up by Sky themselves – Here John!!! Yeah Jim? Chuck us another name to link with Arsenal would you John? Kalou do Jim? Great John! Oi! Swanson, stick Kalou on the screen?

If it were down to me I’d end this farce, get rid of January window, just have the one in Summer. The squad you start the season with, you finish with. Make rules so teams cannot buy players and then loan them out. If you buy a player you keep him (and also make sure he is not injured 🙂 . Make it so no team can loan out more than five players and can have no more than say three loaners themselves. Finally you cannot loan to clubs in the same division and if you meet player you loaned out in domestic cup competition then he can play against you.

Please feel free to comment good or bad.



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