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January 25, 2014

Hi all! Well the rain poured down on Friday night football at the Emirates,  thankfully after Son & I had already entered the stadium.  It was not the best football match you’ll ever see yet Arsenal are through to the 5th round of the FA Cup at a counter, and hopefully with no injuries and some players due back for Southampton.

Two good finishes from Podolski killed the game, well the first did really, in fact we were through as soon as the players lined up. No cup upsets were on the cards here.

On Thirty-five minutes Arsenal supporters stood and applauded in solidarity with the Coventry supporters as they raised their “Why?” cards and sung. Apparently this because they have to travel 35 miles Northampton where they now play their home matches and the club are getting royally stuffed by owners. The Coventry supporters also did this on sixty-one minutes for the song written by Jimmy Hill for Coventry in 1961, coincidently the same year Spurs last won the league in Black & While.

In the below link Coventry players and fans sing the Jimmy Hill song in 1967.

Good old Bobby Gould singing his heart out in the middle of video?

This show of support of Coventry is great but somewhat ironic as some Arsenal supporters think that the people who run Arsenal are not fit to do so, yet would Arsenal ever end up like Coventry?

The lights dimmed just before half-time and the Arsenal/Coventry supporters got there smart phones out jokingly as if to make the lighting better, it looked pretty impressive. Maybe it was Arsenal’s way of giving a vigil to Coventry’s plight. 🙂

I felt it was painful watching that first half. Arsenal’s second goal was produced in Germany, with a Gnabry corner headed on by the BFG and finished by Podolski, in fact the first was Özil to Podolski. Vorsprung durch Technik

Coventry made a spirited fight of it in the second half and had quite a few chances, either saved by Fabianski, hit the woodwork or just poor finishing, really poor finishing. Arsenal ended the game with two late goals from subs Giroud and Cazorla which was maybe a little unfair on Coventry, but at least they didn’t lose 6-1 as on their last visit.

So that’s five-out-of-five wins for Arsenal in 2014. Seven wins on the bounce and 25 wins out of 34 matches played in all comps this season.  Pretty impressive I’d say and not many bad weekends so far this season to moan about.

However some will moan and boy do they moan. Every day another branch is broken off the tree to be used as a stick to beat the club with. Anything Arsene says to press or in article, if another club sells a player, or if media link us to a player and then the same media tell us it seems we’re not interested some supporters go into one. Why not just wait till window ends?

Then there’s the ticket pricing – its non-stop. I get Arsenal charge high-prices. Like everyone who goes to football who wants to pay such high prices, I don’t that’s for sure!! There is a time and a place people, time and a place. Let the people you charge (if you’re a member) to run supporters groups, get on with it. Tell them you grievances and let them plan and meet the club to put your grievances over. Right now do we really need to non-stop 3% protests? Let BSM or AST do that at the right time. Hopefully they’ll come up with the goods.

Also I wish some supporters would stop taking the piss out of the clubs owners and board. Yes, it’s frustrating if you feel they will not listen right now, but taking the piss all over twitter and photo-shopping I feel is hardly helping these groups with their efforts.

Whatever I think, this is 2014 and sadly, it is, modern football. It’s a world-wide game nowadays, so Arsenal supporters from all over the world are having an opinion on the club and social networking gives them a voice to reach many. These supporters from around the world might go to some or only one match; however, if they do it normally costs them for one game what a season ticket costs some of us for a season. If they don’t go, then they are probably up in the middle of the night or early morning watching Arsenal on TV. Maybe this world-wide support brings in money to the club, maybe small change now, but may be big in years to come.

I don’t follow @Arsenal nor do I follow the players, hardly see the point. It’s the supporter’s views I look for. Players come and go, supporters stay a lifetime. I don’t get annoyed at what @Arsenal put out on its social networking feeds. I hardly ever look at the Arsenal website either as all you get is the party line. I go to matches and can see what’s going on. I only use it for fixtures and ticket details.

I’m old skool supporter, yet though liked the way football used to be, loved Highbury, loved standing, I’ve moved on. Isn’t this how it works? Things improve. I can appreciate the bloody magnificent stadium we have now, it awesome. Imagine how those Coventry supporters feel, their playing at Northampton and here they are standing outside the Emirates, the sheer size of it. I bet they’d give their right arm for their club to be like Arsenal. In fact if people miss Highbury so much they could go and watch Fleetwood Town 🙂

I also like the fact that if I can’t get to watch Arsenal live, I can more than likely watch it live on TV, even though I don’t like the most experts and rubbish that surrounds saturation football. There’s good and bad in most things, but I’m not a dinosaur, I can accept change, I could still be standing on a freezing cold North Bank or Clock End unable to feel my toes with someone pissing down my leg and blowing smoke in my face. I remember those days when we were away and no live TV, you had to follow games on Radio or wait for wrestling with Jackie Pallo (at least he was from Islington) to finish before BBC showed the results. Then pop out to get the Saturday night London Evening News for report on match.

Memories play on us. It was great those days, but were they really that great? The camaraderie with mates back then, both home and away was brilliant but as I got older, I wanted comfort. Is that so bad? I feel the club/authorities/Government could help by giving go ahead for safe standing area’s therefore giving all sorts of area’s within stadiums for all sorts of supporters. Maybe one day they will.

Right now Arsenal are back in the mix challenging for trophies. We’re top of the league, through to play Bayern, in the next round of FA Cup. This squad of players are certainly no bottlers this term. We’re coming up to a hard run of games, yet for me this is what it’s all about, big games. Will we win anything, who knows? I don’t. I just hope we can come up with the goods. However, so long as we keep battling as well as playing some sublime football at times I’ll be happy and not getting all medieval on the clubs arse this season.

Yet if we squander this chance to seriously challenge when we’re in such a good position, maybe even win some silverware by not getting players in and then injuries and suspension take that away, then questions will need to be asked of the manager/board on that issue at the end of the season. Today Arsenal no longer needs to watch the purse strings, so the old paying for stadium ploy cannot be used as an excuse. We have the money in place and should use if we can get the right player. Of course it’s not worth just buying any player to fill a gap, but I think we all know we could use a top forward who could make good use of one of the best creative midfields in world football today.

Here’s hoping for some big news early next week.

Please feel free to comment good or bad.



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