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International break – Ups and Downs

October 9, 2013

Since my last blog, Arsenal have played a five games, won four and drew one, meaning Arsenal have not lost a match since the opening day of the season in all competitions.

Personally I am bloody well enjoying this run, after all who doesn’t like seeing their team doing well? Of course things could go Pete Tong, but while it’s all going well, happy days!!! Bring it on…

It is also nice to see so many Arsenal supporters enjoying the teams form, and behind most of the players and manager, as it did look like parts of Arsenal’s support were losing faith. I was on the cusp, but said I would wait and make my decision after the transfer window closed. The so-called deadwood were letting the fans down and looking like they could not be asked or wanted to be at the club. During the summer they were shipped out , leaving Arsenal with a neat and tidy squad. Once we can over come injuries, I’m sure this side can take us far

This summer it was all about “spend some sodding money”. If I had a pound for every time it that line was mentioned, I could have brought Özil for Arsenal and a top £30m forward to boot. I actually said it once in one of my blogs. So who would have thought that Arsenal would get drawn in the Champions League group of death, win their first two matches and top the group? Who would have thought after losing to Aston Taylor, Arsenal would not lose again and top the league after seven games going into the last international break?

There can be no doubt Özil has had an influence on the team, also seeing Ramsey show what he is made of and looking like our Bryan Robson. I’d also give a shout out to Giroud who has improved a lot. Not only in his goal scoring, but his hold up play and distribution has been good and he has had quite a few assists. However, my biggest shout has to go out for Mathieu Flamini who has brought a steel in the side and take responsibility in getting the other players working. Some of Arsenal’s football has been superb, yet the team still drop off when winning and don’t go for the kill. The best Arsenal have played was against Napoli, where we went at them and scored two goals and could have got a few more, before dropping off and protecting lead in second half. More of this is needed to take team apart early on and get the game won.

Arsene Wenger and Aaron Ramsey won the Barclay’s manager of the month and Player of the month for September respectively, sort of irony there, considering what has been said in past.

Social media can have a big effect on supporters views as to what is happening at the club and it’s not always in tune with what is actually happening. A lack of winning trophies brings all sorts of issues to the fore, issues that should Arsenal have been picking up trophies I doubt they would even be debated.

Would many supporters really care what colour the kit is if Arsenal had won five titles in the last eight years?

I have heard complaints about Atmosphere, the new stadium, flags in ground, the crest, the kits, food, the list goes on. I understand the debate on high ticket prices, is the manager performing/need for change, players and results, but the rest is just padding for people to knock the club when things are not going well. It’s like some supporters have actually forgotten how to enjoy the game, the beautiful game.

Jack Wilshere was caught smoking!!! Yes, you read that right, he was smoking. When I first saw this article I did wonder if he had also killed someone while smoking a fag. Talk about go overboard? Yes! It’s not the best thing for a top professional sportsman to be doing, but Jack has said he does not smoke, still I suppose it’s a story. He has also apologised.

Still I suppose with Arsenal playing reasonably well, winning games, top of leagues, there is not really much for the media to get their teeth into.

Today the media and social networking is all about Jack Wilshere being asked what he thought of Adnan Januzaj playing for England and his reply which seems to have angered some people.  The crazies join in and suddenly Jack is the anti-Christ and even being called racist. I’ve seen a papers saying Jack waded into the debate about who can play for England, yet he was asked, he didn’t offer his view.

I have to ask why do football players want to play for England if not their place of birth? Surely they want to play for their Country of birth right. Maybe they think they won’t get in the country of their birth right and England is crying out for players so it’s like second best choice.

We all want better English players. We all want more technical English players, so simple let’s take a short cut and nick someone who should play for Belgium, after all they are a big super football power with a population of 11m. How embarrassing –  here we are with a population of 53m and we have to grab a player from Belgium, because the morons who run our football, haven’t a clue how to get the best out of youngsters while other countries can.

So long as we have 6.4″ footballers who can get stuck in and get in yer face and have teams run by dinosaur English managers whose only way to play football is to battle though 90 minutes, then that’s alright. Well it’s not if you want to win international tournaments.

You know back when I was a lad, you used to go to Wembley to see the world’s superstars when they played England. You really only got to see them on the International stage. Today I can watch German, Spanish, Italian, South American football live on TV. I can watch most of the World’s best players playing either for or against Arsenal in the Champions league, which for me is a big step up in standard from International football. It’s almost diluted International football.

I ask myself do I really need to fork out £2800 for my Son and I to see Arsenal play at home over a season, quite a bit more in away match tickets and add-ons, a subscription of £400 or more for live football on Sky and BT Sport and then pay Wembley prices to watch a poor international football, mainly against cannon fodder?

Don’t get me wrong I want England to do well, but then I have since I saw England win the world-cup in 1966 aged eight. Every two years since, there we are – hyped up/bigged up as one of the favourites of the next international competition, yet we haven’t even reached the European Championship finals, even when in our own Country.

90% of the time England qualify, the draw is made, we find out England have in the group, then the media hype England up to be favourites. England scrape through the group stage then get knocked out in the next round. The team fly home, the inquest starts, “Why are England not good enough?” questions are asked. Then the football season starts and then England’s problems are of no interest anymore until the group stages of the next tournament starts in September and then groundhog day starts all over again.

Hopefully England will beat Montenegro & Poland and then at least we can look forward to participating in Brazil. Winning the World Cup. My head says no! My heart hope to God we do.



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  1. October 22, 2013 16:25

    Good read, nice to hear from another Harlow Gooner as well.

  2. wazza97 permalink
    October 22, 2013 16:26

    Good read, also nice to see another Harlow Gooner!

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