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Arsenal/Arsene! You’re heaping pressure on yourselves

August 18, 2013

Morning all.

After a week of looking forward to the start of the new season, Arsenal certainly brought a few of us down to Earth with a bump.

I knew the score. I had paid £2800 on two season tickets for my Son and I. Not everything will be alright on the night.

Most of the players that were either sold or loaned out I doubt would have made much difference to what happened yesterday. I’m not sure how any of them could have come off the bench and helped. The upside here is a stack of money has been saved in salaries, which should now be put to good use.

I’m not a knee jerk supporter who wants to go on and on about things that may or may not be wrong with the club, but there is a tipping point for everyone. Yesterday we lost 3-1 and in football sometimes you lose matches, but it’s not so much the result as what actually changed yesterday for me.

The defeat showed how lacking we are in playing staff both first team, squad back-up and even though the club has a stack of money to improve the team/squad as yet the club have refused to spend any of it.

Who is at fault for this? Well it’s anyone’s guess and I am not sure the anyone at club even know. Those with the power inside the club seem to be playing some kind of game,  passing the buck making excuses as to why the money is not spent. Ivan goes on record to say the money is there. Wenger says we have money to spend. Stan never says anything and yet no one is willing to part with the money and make deals happen.

Now for me the referee had a lot to answer for yesterday but he was no way he the reason we lost, just part of it. One of my real bug-bears in football today is the officials. It’s ironic that on the day that goal-line technology was brought in the match official Taylor was blind in so many ways. He was awful for both sides and how anyone can back this guy is beyond me. The fact that people will shows everything that is wrong in football for me. Every year referee’s just get poorer and poorer and for a multi-billion pound industry it’s just not good enough.

The team were all over the place yesterday ten minutes after we scored. I have seen it so many times over the last few years, we get in front and a sort big-head mentality arises where the players think this is easy just stroking the ball about and wait for goals to come rather than force them. We lost the advantage and let Villa back in the game. Sloppyness gave them the penalty to equalise.

Then Villa kept falling over every time an Arsenal player tackled them, they were taking gamesmanship to the max, yet being clever with it. They could see the ref was being taken in by it and why not continue if working. Arsenal players instead of being clever themselves started getting wound up as the ref was not giving anything our way. Look at Lambert during this time, kept getting out of his seat screaming at his player, giving them advice.

What was Arsene doing? Sitting down, his philosophy being the players are clever enough and should be able to work it out. Well they couldn’t and they lost their head, shape and balance and fell right into Villa’s trap.

Yes we had a few chances mainly TR7 who missed a couple, but he played well. No for me the manager did very little to raise the teams performance. At half time they interviewed Pat Rice, who was asked what Arsene would be saying in the dressing room. Pat said “it would all be positive, nothing negative”. Well there were a lot of negatives and maybe the players should be told what to do instead of being left to work it out for themselves

Arsenal did not get the goal Pat Rice and the supporters hoped for, but Villa got two. Once the third goal went in the crowd started chanting “Spend some fucking money” and make no mistake it echoed round the ground loudly. It was started again a few minutes later but by them about 35 thousand had left and it didn’t have same effect.

When the excuse for a referee finally blew the whistle, many left inside the ground and  booed  (not me). It was not against the players but for the frustration some are feeling. There was some more boo’s as the officials left the pitch.

I made my way home with my Son and we were both wondering how it had come to this. I heard many others walking away from the ground upset and frustrated and make no mistake I had not heard this level of anger/frustration for decades. There were video’s on twitter last night with fans being interviewed and showing their frustration, but it was frustration with their passion for the club shining through, wondering what is happening to Arsenal.

Then to cap it all, Arsene apologises. This is not a sit-com with Ronnie Corbett, no point in saying sorry when you have had the power to change the situation, but flatly refuse to do so. I, and I hear it from so many others are getting sick and tired of the excuses.

“What hurts me is to disappoint people who love the club,” said Arsene. Well you don’t have to hurt the supporters. Players have been there to buy, yet you refuse to make any deals and make excuses as to why you are not able to tie up deals. Special quality you want Arsene, well look at the players you have just got rid of Arsene, 26 players, were any of them special quality?  You brought them to the club. You are hurting the fans Arsene, BIG TIME!!!

Arsene goes on “I’m there to buy players, if we find them we’ll do it,” he explained. “I’m not  the only one working on that – it’s not my money, it’s the money of club and we’re ready to spend it if we find the right players”  Arsene, They are not hiding – you don’t have to go on an expedition right in to the Amazon jungle to find them, though it would not surprise me if part of your team is out there right now looking for French colonials who may be hiding there.

Arsene we supporters can all see who the best players are in the world and if they are available or not. We can also see non-world class players but players who would improve the team/squad, not every player is of top quality. Of course there is the possibility that players are happy where they are. It could be there clubs are not making them available as they want them where they are. It could be they don’t want to play for Arsenal or play in the Premiership. Yet other clubs are finding players, yet for Arsenal it looks impossible, why?

I think most people know, it can only come down to money. The simple answer would be you have this value attached to what a player is worth and you will not go outside your value to make the deal work, so player after player falls through the net. Everyone knows how much Arsenal have in the bank and will of course try to squeeze as much out of Arsenal as they can, it’s natural they have to replace the player/players we are purchasing off them.

I had a feeling leading up to the match yesterday we were going to have problems, why? Well I thought Sagna, Theo and Ramsey were not going to be fit. Arteta was already out, so the side was much weaker than that one that finished last season so well. This for me presented a dilemma for the club. With not bringing in players and suddenly our current players dropping like flies from mid-week internationals. What would be the outcome on Thursday/Friday be if the club had said we go into the game v Villa minus Arteta, Theo, Sagna and Ramsey. Add onto that the Cazorla was in no way ready to play after just getting off the plane from Ecuador.

Thursday and Friday would have been a media free-for-all on Arsenal/Arsene leading up to the game. The press conference would have had all sorts of awkward questions being thrown at Arsene. That’s why I feel those three played yesterday, even though injured. Started well but all dropped off. Secrets & Lies.

Now it looks like we’ll struggle to put a decent squad out for the game on Wednesday against Fenerbache with Oxo added to the list of injuries.

Right now I don’t give a Gareth Bale who is in charge of transfers at the club, what I and many others are looking for is for the club to act and whoever’s job it is whether individually or collectively make the deals and make them work. I cannot believe players would not want to play for one of the top football clubs in the world. The people min charge right now are making themselves and the club a laughing stock.

I still have a little more patience, but it is steadily being eroded and there is only fifthteen days before my mind is made up completely as what needs to be done.

Arsenal Football Club and Arsene Wenger this problem is of your own making, you have the power to change and make things happen. Yesterday against Villa is but one game and to be fair there are thirty-seven matches, one-hundred-and-eleven points to play for, so it’s not all over yet and a long way to go.


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  1. Odongo ajock permalink
    August 18, 2013 09:48

    You’v just summed the frustrations arsenal fans are feeling. I had to stop watching the match when the 3rd goal was scored. As a Kenyan, i might just switch my support to southampon, at least for the 1st time we have our own Victor Wanyama playing for them at Epl.

  2. Tolu permalink
    August 18, 2013 12:14

    Brilliant post

  3. August 18, 2013 13:31

    brilliant, Steve. We’ve had enough of this circumstances. What a way for a legend to end his managing career.

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