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Football seasons almost here!!!

August 10, 2013

It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog. In fact there are so many blogs (many good) that all I would have been doing is repeating what others have been saying. So I’ve enjoyed my break from blogging and mainly kept it to 140 characters on Twitter to air my views.

I watched Arsenal finish the 2012-13 well. Not in style it has to be said, but quite a number of those last ten games the team ground out victories. In many people eyes this is what supporters wanted to see the team fighting for the cause, showing they care and not just playing tiki-taka football. The defence that took a lot of stick was pretty much solid during that ten game period and they even ended up with the second best goals against column in the league behind Man City (so much for all those so-called experts on TV that spent a lot of time highlighting our defensive frailties). Arsenal even ended up the third highest scorers. My only issue with being the third highest scorers is Arsenal scored seventy-two goals and yet thirty-six of those goals were scored in seven games, meaning the other thirty-six were scored in thirty-one games and this for me is where the problem lies. We need forwards who can finish, this in turn will take pressure off the rest of the team.

What with no World Cup or European Championships the summer it was looking like a long summer break. The thing with football in general for me is, while at the time I’m pretty much over the season when it ends and looking forward to a break, two weeks after it finishes, I miss it. So it was welcome that the Confederations Cup was actually a pretty decent tournament, with some good games, ending with Brazil trouncing Spain in the final.

Then it was good again to see the Arsenal on tour in the Far East. Football was back and yet what could I expect from the 2013-14 season?

Well in the past eight years I was happy to give Arsenal/Arsene/Board the benefit of the doubt. The move from Highbury cost a lot of money and we did pay for it all ourselves and not go begging to local government for hand-outs and then asking £100m for our best player. If they get this then Boris should tell Spurs where to go and that no taxpayers money will be used on re-building the shit-hole.

So the club looking at youth and bargain players to be part of the first team was something I was happy to go along with for a time and in fairness we did produce a couple of good sides that were just not good enough in the end to get silverware. Like many others I was fed the line that the move from Highbury to the Emirates would bring in the money that was needed to take us to the very top-level of football and compete with the best of the best. A few seasons to get the money being paid on the stadium down and takings of £3m per match day it was only a matter of time  The new stadium rights, kit sponsorships deals to come on-line and with new huge sums of money coming in from TV tights the good days were apparently on the way back. Arsenal would be one of the biggest clubs in the world. I understand it’s something like £1b over the next three years the club will earn.

The last two summers have seen our best players and captains leave and not being replaced with like for like. So with the good ending to last season and those battling performances that saw us grab a top four spot on the last day of the season, keeping our North London rivals in the Europa Cup it was surely all about how we could add the quality needed to push on for the season ahead.

There could be no excuses this summer, the club, Ivan even Wenger had come out and said money is not a problem, financially we are secure. We can compete; we can pay £250k a week and £50m transfer fees for players. So like many others before the end of May I renewed my season ticket, sat back and waited for Arsenal/Ivan/Arsene to sign these top players that would add super quality to the team/squad.

Rooney/Huguain/Jovetic/Suarez as well as about eighty other players were linked, some more highly than others. The transfer windows shuts on September 2nd so there is time to get these top quality players in, but the smart money would always be on clubs getting their players in as soon as possible, if the situation allows.

It’s always seemed strange to me that a transfer window closes after the season starts, I think it should close the day before the season starts so everyone knows where they stand. Still for me that’s too much common sense for the authorities in football to handle.

I’m pretty calm on Arsenal 99.9% of the time and only really get annoyed when I fell Arsenal have been cheated (United and Rooney 0-2 – Newcastle 4-4). The fact that we have not signed anyone as of today is not going to keep me awake at night, but as the clock ticks down to Sept 2nd and more importantly seven days away from our first game at home to Villa it seems we have cleared out most of the so-called deadwood and released/sold a lot of the younger squad players, thus leaving the squad pretty thin on the ground.

This week we have had the Suarez saga. Apparently he wants out of Liverpool. Clauses in his contract apparently. Yet as it is, Liverpool are standing firm and this may be just bluster on their part to get a higher fee. For our part I suppose with Suarez, it doesn’t really matter as he can’t play in the league until October, but he could play in our CL qualifier against Fenerbache.

My issue right now is where are the other players we need? It’s all about Suarez. Even if we do sign him, without other players coming in, we’re not going to do any better than last season. Suspensions bite or we get a few injuries and we’re in the shitter. Why is buying players always a problem with Arsenal? We show respect, yet it some other clubs don’t give a flying fuck. Rodgers talks about the Liverpool way, how the fuck would he know what the Liverpool way is, he’s only been there one season and he shat on Swansea.

Through my blog you can see over the years that I have been a big, big Arsene Wenger supporter like many other people backing him in the face of criticism from sections of our support. Well today I can say that should Arsene cock-up this window and not sign the players we need when we clearly have the money, then I will no longer put up with his excuses or the clubs excuses. Right now they have a timetable. Two days to sign players that can play against Fenerbache. Six days to sign players that can play for the start of the new season and 22 days to sign players before window shuts, If they don’t then I have to agree with many others that have been talking about lies coming out of the club.

I’m hoping to be proved wrong and that Arsene will keep my support, but boy it’s becoming hard to keep the faith.



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  1. Alan Pickrell permalink
    August 10, 2013 11:29

    A great read and I could not agree more, like you I have defended Arsene and the club through the move, I understand the financial issues around the club. But like you say it’s all been building for now and the future seasons which sees our finances on a truly different level but should we cock this up there will be no hidding place for Arsene. To be fair Ivan has put the commercial deals into place and made it clear its their to be spent. Hopefully AW knows what he is doing !!!

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