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The Faux Top Four Trophy

May 18, 2013

The battle for the faux forth placed trophy.

Saturday – One day away from finding out if we play in the Champions League proper by coming third in the table or having to pre-qualify on coming fourth.  Maybe we will end up fifth with the Europa Cup beckoning, thus Thursday becoming Arsenal day and having to put up with  Spurs fans sticking  it to us Gooners BIG time, saying we’ll be watching Coronation Street while they play Champions League football. Of course they would still have to pre-qualify so Spurs may still end up in the Europa Cup with us.

Should all go well tomorrow, then Everton will beat Chelsea, Arsenal will beat the Barcodes, Di-Canio will be true to his word with Sunderland battling, taking points off Spurs, there is a God with AFC third. I think I can safely say many of us would have taken that before Christmas.

Since 2005, as each passing year went by,  the faux fourth place trophy has become a nice tool for media and fans alike to play with.

Arsene once said we COULD go a whole season unbeaten, not WOULD. However, this did not stop the media from seeing t it as if Arsene had said we WOULD go unbeaten and made a big thing about it when Arsenal did not.  Yet is was only a year later that we did go unbeaten.

Wenger said:

“For me, there are five ‘trophies’ – the first is to win the Premier League the second is to win the Champions League the third is to qualify for the Champions League, the fourth is to win the FA Cup and the fifth is to win the League Cup. “I say that because if you want to attract the best players, they do not ask ‘did you win the League Cup?’, they ask you ‘do you play in the Champions League?’.”

I doubt very much Arsene actually meant fourth place is a TROPHY, rather just an analogy as to what is important in today’s money orientated football.

Make no mistake, I would rather Arsenal win trophies, yet the sad truth is the money from participating in the Champions League is vital and has meant that winning the two domestic trophies, while a good day out in Feb or May, will not keep a club dining at the top table.

Alex Ferguson and his aura has departed from Man Utd.  Man City have moved out Mancini


and Chelsea are about to bin Benitez.  Three of our biggest rival all starting the 2013-14 with new managers in place. Only one of those can win the league. Maybe two between them can with the League or Champions League, or one win both. Which with these clubs, mainly CFC and MCFC you would bank on two of those managers not being in place for 2014-15 season, if they win nothing?

Since Christmas Arsenal have turned things around and our league form is as good as anybody’s, in fact title-winning form. There looks to be a new culture where the players are battling to win games as well as trying to play tippy, tappy football.

It does make me wonder why there are still a minority of fans who want Arsene OUT!! After all the board are not going to sack him, I know it, they know it. Arsene is not going to resign either. So whatever way you cut it, Arsene is around for at least one more season until his contract ends. I would agree though with those that say, he should NOT be given a new contract, unless he comes up with the goods by the end of next season.

So why if you are an Arsenal supporter are you slagging off the manager? Why not just get behind him and the team. I listened to the latest, excellent Steve Bald collective blog yesterday and it was mentioned that Perry Groves said that the fans getting on the teams back does affect the players and at times our fans are far to quick to jump on the players backs. When inside the Emirates, it should be full on support for the team. After the very definition is that we are SUPPORTERS inside the ground not moaners. We’re there to support the team which we attached ourselves too. Arsenal are not like local Councillors or MP’s, they do not come canvassing for our support, we chose Arsenal through family, friends, locality, whatever.

As supporters we have our part to play and if we played to the max, then the Emirates would be a cauldron of noise. The moaning about the team can be left for in the pub afterwards or at school, home or work.

Arsene isn’t going to go on forever. However,  my opinion is, right now, Arsene

iPad photo's 008

is the best man for the job and has been for the last eight years while the club have gone through the transition of moving from Highbury to the Emirates and having that huge debt over their heads.

As I understand it, since 2005 every other one of the ninety-one clubs have changed their manager during this time.

For those that say we don’t spend money, well £350m on a new stadium is not BUTTONS in my book. Spurs and Liverpool have spent enough money on players, far more than Arsenal and up to now have not finished above Arsenal in the league, though Liverpool have won a couple of trophies (may have finished one season above us in league) and yet both still have to find the money to either new build or upgrade stadia.

Whatever the outcome on Sunday (and I fully expect us to win as we need to) this summer is going to see the biggest change in playing staff since we moved from Highbury.

Arsenal have the new Emirates stadium kit naming deal and the new kit deal with Puma both coming on-line at the end of next season. There is the massive increase in TV revenue which will give us more cash to play with. The debt on the stadium has been significantly reduced and I can see many more smaller sponsorship deals with companies will come online that will add up, making us well self-sufficient and able to compete.

Then supporters can then be happy that when Arsene is interviewed after matches at the Emirates, that board behind him, will have as many company names as that SAF used to stand in front of.

Players will leave, players will come in and I for one am excited by the future of Arsenal. It’s easy for some to knock the board, Silent Stan’s hair, Ivan Gazidis “what the  f**k do you do” and anyone else some can lay the blame at.

Yet as far as big sponsorship deals are concerned, the board/directors hands have been tied by previous long-term deals needed to finance the build of the Emirates. Now as these deals are coming to and end the board/directors are showing their worth.

So I say let’s see the club finally give Arsene the money to spend. Let’s see Arsene spend it. Let’s see the club/manager bring in the right players, not necessarily the big £30m type but the square peg players to fit the square peg holes and making sure we have good back up within the squad.

Then all I can ask is that we make a better fist of a challenge for the title first, then Champions League and giving the domestic cups a better go with a bigger more talented squad. If we end up in Europa Cup then for me I would still rather we took the title more seriously to make sure we get back in the Champions League for the 2014-15 season and then the two domestic cups ahead of the Europa.

If none of these things happen, then maybe by the end of his contract with Arsenal next season, it would be in the best interests of  club, Arsene and supporters to cut ties and the club to move on with another man at the helm.



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