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Arsenal talk.

April 20, 2013


Stoke Everton came to the Emirates on Tuesday. A win for Arsenal would have been perfect, however, Everton when not kicking lumps of shite out of Arsenal are not a bad side. Typically Everton manager Moyes said “Do you mean when we were a little bit rough with the tackling? Up north we do that quite often, that’s actually allowed in football” Little bit rough? Then why does Moyes also think differently when it comes to his players, see here.

Jack was almost being used as a punch bag for the first 30 mins.  For me it is quite clear Moysie had given instructions to his players to get stuck into Jack as well as others. As usual the ref takes him time to start waving yellows about and completely bottled it when failing to show Gibson a second yellow, thus sending him off.

Arsenal were not at the races for most of the first half save a great ball in from Ramsey which saw Giroud somehow get too much on the ball to put it wide. The second half was a lot a better. Giroud was the culprit on quite a few occasions when not making the best of chances set up for him or having no inclination to gamble and make things happen. I’m not a Giroud hater, far from it but do feel if the man sitting in the box with Sky had been playing, he’d have gambled and Arsenal would have won 3-0.

All-in-all though I really enjoyed the match, one of the best 0-0’s I have seen for a long time.

A lot has been said about Giroud this week. Is he good enough for Arsenal?  Well seventeen goals and thirteen assists is not a shabby return for a first season in the Premiership. Over this season Oliver has missed a lot of very good chances and he missed a couple of good ones that could have got Arsenal a win over Everton. However this is football in 2013. There is no such thing anymore as patience from many football supporters.

Look at Ramsey. Very good prospect, lot of clubs wanted him, we got him. Sadly at least twice a season you have to play Stoke under their little man syndrome of a manager Pullis. Ramsey gets his leg broke with an awful challenge from a player who “is not that type of player”. That player (Shawcross) was picked for an England squad right after that match. Now he is playing in a team that cannot win for toffee and could get relegated.

Many Arsenal fans felt for the Ramsey and slaughtered Shawcross all over the WWW, still do. Many sent good wishes to Ramsey. Anyway Aaron had a very long time out and worked hard to get back his fitness and back into the game. Finally Ramsey makes it back and spends most of the time being slagged off by the very same people who wished him well. Many would have been happy to see him leave the club. Well right now he is doing a great job for Arsenal and this is when I’m glad the people we have in charge of Arsenal take no sodding notice of football fans whose tactical knowledge and over knowledge of football comes from sitting in front of a TV playing FIFA13.

Giroud is struggling to take many of his chances and I like others feel frustrated with this, but let’s give the guy a chance, see what he delivers next season. That is not saying we don’t need another striker, we do, not in place of him, but to supplement the squad.

I think Giroud runs himself into the ground, sadly he does not have an Ian Wright’s goal poacher instinct and is often seen lurking on the fringe of attacks which ends up seeing balls flash across the area, while he is still on the edge of the area. This part of his game needs working on and if it comes off, I can easilt seem him scoring 30+ with the chances Arsenal make.

Chelsea beat Fulham 3-0 at the cottage in a pretty one-sided match. This put Chelsea back into third above us by a point with a game in hand. Fear not plenty of time for them to drop points. Mind you with an ex-spud as manager you can bet your bottom dollar Fulham will be up for playing against Arsenal on today. Berbatripe will make an effort, Sidwell will get stuck in and make as many fouls as he likes on Arsenal players and not get into trouble for it.

Man Utd got a 2-2 draw at West Ham with their equalising goal coming from RVP who was offside. After they way the media witch hunt went for Arsenal for beating Norwich with a couple of dodgy decisions, you’d think they’d be all over this one like a rash. Sorry, forgetting myself the decision when Man Utd’s way and let’s face it MUSkyTV and are not going to have a go at the club that are on their TV channel every week.

Soccer Saturday

I’m going for a 2-1 win at Fulham today. Sneaky feeling for Jack to score one.



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