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Can we play you every week????

December 19, 2012

Caaaaan-we-play-you-every-week. caaaaan we play yo………………………………….

Well that’s two league wins on the bounce after win at Reading sandwiched either side of defeat at Bradford. Suddenly we’re only two points off Chelsea and Spuds. What was it Gary Neville said “Arse-nal two points behind Chelsea and look how much they have spent” I also understand Wigan is the last match Arsenal will play in the North West this season. All things considered we’ve played United, City, Stoke, Liverpool, Everton, some hard games out-of-the-way.

Mounting pressure from papers like the Sun’s “Legends stick the knife in” articles looking for anyone they can get to knock Arsene/al yesterday Reading the Sun online, after Arsenal’s 5-2 win – I see “REPORTS of Arsene Wenger’s demise have been grossly exaggerated then”  By whom? That would be the very same newspaper of course.

Arsene went with Szczesny; Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Gibbs; Arteta, Wilshere, Cazorla; Oxlade-Chamberlain, Walcott, Podolski. Subs: Mannone, Koscielny, Rosicky, Giroud, Ramsey, Coquelin, Gervinho.

I really enjoyed this match, it’s been a while since we beat the old and needy 5-2. Right from the off Arsenal took the game to Reading and save a little scramble around the Arsenal box involving some geezer whose name I can’t be bothered to spell, Arsenal did a right number on Reading in the first half.

Plenty of good football with the players finding each other with their passing for a change. Arsenal looked threatening as they came forward and Arsenal went in 3-0 to the good at halftime.

Classic control of a football for the first goal from Podolski after a good cross from Gibbs and dispatched clinically. The second was more good football this time involving MOTM Cazorla who was on the end of a Podolski cross to make 2-0. Nice to see Podolski had decided to turn up for a game, after having a few weeks off. Say what you like about defending, but a good cross means no matter what height the player is, goals can be headed in by the smallest of players. In this case I understand Santi became the smallest player to score a header in Premier League history. The third Theo had time to cross from right to Gibbs and he in turn heads it back across goal for Cazorla to pull away from his marker and stick the ball it in the onion bag for 3-0…

Podolski No 1Thump!!!! 1-0

Cazorla No 2Thud!!! 2-0

Cazorla No 3Whack!!! 3-0

Oooo!! Santi Cazorla… Oooo!! Santi Cazorla…  Oooo!! Santi Cazorla… Oooo!! Santi Cazorla… Oooo!! Santi Cazorla…

McAnuff had enough and floored Jack, sudden hearts in mouth but the Arsenal faithful happy to see Jack back up and playing.

Half time: Reading 0-3 Arsenal. That was as good football as we have played all season. It’s only Reading, but you beat what is out in front of you.

Second half and Reading looked a little more solid at the back for a while until Santi went close for his hat-trick, Walcott shot, Federici saved and Jesus Santi almost got the rebound.

Cazorla bagged his hat-trick and what a team goal it was. Oxo-Jack-Podolski a low pinpoint cross. across the area and Santi only needs tap in for 4-0. They don’t come much better.

Cazorla No 4Slide…..  4-0

4-0 and you fucked it up!!!  4-0 and you fucked it up!!! 4-0 and you fucked it up!!! 4-0 and you fucked it up!!!

Bradford and you fucked it up!!! Bradford and you fucked it up!!! Bradford and you fucked it up!!! Bradford and you fucked it up!!!

It’s Christmas!!! Time for Arsenal to ease off the throttle. Put on the hand brake. Take some time as they were 4-0 up. Not like United who you feel would go for the kill and be pushed on by SAF. Not Arsenal, another game Saturday, save some energy. Then it all went from Santi Claus to Santa Claus. First Gibb decides to gift Reading a goal for le Flambe and made it 1-4. Oh well 1-4  still easy, though a clean sheet would have been good. Szczesny did not look happy with those in front of him. The Christmas gifts keep on coming as the defence just stood and watched as Reading stroll through and Kebe makes it 2-4. Again daggers from Szczesny at his defenders. Why do Arsenal have to switch off, as if job done when in charge?

Arsenal trying to up the tempo again,  finally kill the game off when Cazorla finds Theo in the area, Theo steps past Gorkss and hits a left footer past the hapless Federici for 2-5. Not sure why I like that score?

Theo No 5

Place….. 5-2

Arsenal should have kicked on and maybe scored another two at least, but always seem to rush the last ball. Still a 5-2 away win is always good and we climb to 5th in the table.

Full time: Reading 2-5 Arsenal.

Twenty-five shots with seventeen on target, following some thirty-four shots with six on target against Bradford, maybe our attacking play is starting to click. We’re making chances again.

Personally I think you get great excitement in the Premiership, but maybe not as much quality all round. Maybe it’s down to all the teams being a bit stronger and no side is that easy on their day. Reading have scored five goals at home to United and Arsenal in the last couple of weeks and yet conceded nine.

Arsenal are now nine points behind second placed City and just two adrift of Chelsea and the mob from the Lane that time forgot. Suddenly not looking so bad. The thing is now to kick on and not let it slip. The players keeping their mouths shut and let their feet do talking. Though I’m sure Szczesny or Theo will have something to say in the coming days about Wigan and beyond.

Now I’m not expecting too much as we could just as easily slip up against Wigan as win, but two wins and from tenth to fifth shows anything can happen, if you get a run of wins together.

Roll on Saturday.

I read this morning how the premiership clubs are looking to financial controls designed to prevent a new influx of television money from being spent on higher wages. 20 clubs who met in London yesterday asked the Premier League to work on two proposals to ensure that the world’s richest league remains financially stable.

The first would be modelled on Uefa’s financial fair play system and would require clubs to move towards break-even.

The second would place an annual limit on the how much salaries could increase. The support of 14 clubs is needed for any proposal to be adopted. The Premier League is set for a big increase in television revenues from next season when BSkyB and BT will pay £1bn per season for domestic TV rights in a three-year deal worth 70% more than the current one. Sales of overseas rights are expected to bring in up to £2bn over the next three years. Wages account for 70% of revenues at many Premier League clubs.

£2 Billion… Huge sums of money for the clubs… Fans might not like it but today’s football is a million miles from the old pay at the turnstiles days. These sums of money mean professional people need to run the clubs. Everything has to be in black & white, transparent for all to see.

One the one hand people voice opinions on the state of some clubs like Rangers and Portsmouth and yet on the other also voice opinions about greed in football.  Arsenal are paying Ivan some £1.5m a year, but that might be the going rate for someone in his position, doing his sort of job in many large companies. I don’t know this of course, as I’m no financial guru and I’m sure there are many that will be happy to correct me and I’m happy to be corrected if I barking up the wrong tree.

I also don’t see why Arsenal cannot spend some money they have stashed away to improve the team, after all that’s the point isn’t it? Keeping the team improved.

Again it might be just me, but I hear so many things from so many different people/sources I read on Twitter, Arsenal/football forums, Journo’s, SSN’s and TS that Arsenal have money spend. Then they have not got money to spend. Then they do have money, but not as much as expected… Getting the picture? Just who does have the right answers?

I know someone who works at Arsenal and they are told nothing of what goes on at the club. Why would the club inform staff? Leaks happen. All these supposed ex-players who know it all. What does go on behind the scenes that us ordinary fans are not entitled to know about but somehow these so-called experts do.

I heard the other day (not sure if true, just heard) that Charlie George does not speak out in case he loses his job at Arsenal. True/False?? Who knows? If true might go someway in answering why people I know don’t hear anything, or maybe won’t say anything. Makes sense. If false then maybe it’s the usual b****x to get their name and face on TV or in the papers.

It’s like a game being played out… Look at or listen to me, I’m the ITK of all ITK’s… You can trust me. How many Journo’s do you know that get many things right? Most of the time they base articles and write stuff based on law’s of averages. Mention enough players linked to Arsenal, you’re bound to get one or maybe two right. If correct, they are ITK’s, not withstanding the other 48 players linked that was a load of b****x. Many talk a good game. Make up a few stories as they know there are enough gullible people out there to believe what they say. I lost interest years ago with what many Journo’s and the gossip say and I only follow a few Journo’s on Twitter for a laugh nowadays to see what stories they are making up. Talk about fly with whatever way the wind is blowing.

Well, played London Transport and Bob Crow. Arsenal v West Ham postponed due to tube strike. You couldn’t make this stuff up. £45/50k a year, 48 days or so holiday, good pensions and all the other trimmings and every year strikes. What a class-less bunch they are. Save of course for the many decent tube-drivers that will turn up for work during the strike or those bullied into strike action, wouldn’t it be lovely of a striking tube worker got injured and turned up at the hospital and asked for treatment only to be told, “Sorry, we’re on strike for tube workers”

Good news that British based carbon life forms that play for Arsenal have signed new contracts, Jack, Corporal, Oxo, Rambo and Gibbs… Get in Lads!!!! Just awaiting news of Theo. Now all we need is a couple of early transfer window signings so they can start playing ASAP and we could be on for a cracking second half of the season.


My last words for Stewart Robson. Go do one mate!!!



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