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Ready! Aim!! FIRE!!!

December 15, 2012

Last weekend beating WBA 2-0 albeit with two penalties took Arsenal back up to sixth spot (dropped to seventh after all weekend matches finished) in the table. All set up for an away tie at Bradford in the COC. Arsene was actually playing a near full strength side. Semi’s here we come!!! Only nobody told Bradford about how the story was meant to go. The upshot Arsenal lost on penalties.

The rest of the week from Tuesday was like a nuclear reactor going into melt down. Supporters, TV media, Radio media, Newspaper media and Uncle Tom Cobley started to line Arsene/al up against the wall. Arsene/al had targets on their backs and were sitting ducks. The written media really are going for it.

John Cross: Arsene there’s a few chaps out here would like a bit of a chinwag.

Arsene: Oh, lovely. Always keen to meet new people.

John Cross: Olly Holt, Neil Ashton, Matt Law and Henry Winter

All: Hello

Arsene: Oh, nice of you to drop by. And what do you do?

Cross: We’re your “firing squad”, Arsene.

Arsene: Of course you are.

Holt: Good sized chest.

Cross: Shut up, Holt.

Holt: Sir!

Cross: You see, us firing squads are a bit like taxmen, Arsene, everyone hates us, but we’re just doin’ our job, ‘aven’t we, sir?

Arsene: My heart bleeds for you.

Cross: Well, Arsene, we aim to please. Just a little firing squad joke there, sir! You see, Arsene, we take pride in the termanatory service we supply. So, is there any particular area you’d like us to go for? We can aim anywhere.

Arsene: Well, in that case, just above my head might be a good spot.

Cross: You see, a laugh and a smile, and all of a sudden losing ones job doesn’t seem quite so bad after all, does it Arsene?

Holt: No, and a lovely roomy forehead, not as big as Gervinho’s but It’ll do

Ashton: A good pulse and jugular, there as well. Not very good eyesight though.

Arsene: Look, I’m sorry, I know you mean to be friendly, but I hope you won’t take it amiss if I ask you to sod off and die.

Cross: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, fair enough, ‘course not, Arsene. No one likes being shot first thing in the morning, do they? No, no, no, So, look forward to seeing you tomorrow, sir. You’ll have a blindfold on of course, Not that you would have seen it coming anyway, but you’ll recognize me. I’m the one that says, “Ready, aim, fire!”

Arsene: Can I ask you to leave a pause between the word “aim” and the word fire”? Thirty or forty years, perhaps?


Crawling out from under their rocks, always happy to get their names and faces out there came the ex-players to give their opinions. Alan Smith. Then under the Sun’s “Legends Stick the knife in” articles came Nigel Winterburn, Emmanuel Petit Even George Graham. Add Ian Wright and Arsenal’s all time favourite ex-Gooner Stewart Robson slagging off anything and everything about Arsenal and you have so many experts all with the right answers. Save George Graham, I never saw any of them successful as managers and makes me wonder why they never were, seeing as they know everything. Even Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith popped up on Twitter saying she got her handbag searched when entering the ground. The poor Lady. Now I’m not saying these ex-players don’t have some valid views, but for me, all they are doing is fueling the media bonfire. I see a lot of bandwagon jumping here. Add Tim Payton spokesman for AST and Arsenal muppets speaking on Talkshite or anywhere else he can get his face seen or voice heard, mix in the British School of Marching 🙂 and Arsene/al have been caught in a pincer movement, trapped with the vultures circling.

We’re prepared to scour the Earth for that motherfucker Wenger. If Wenger goes to Indochina, I want a Journo waiting in a bowl of rice ready to pop a cap in his ass.

Whose fault is it for Arsenal’s current situation? Arsene’s? Gazidis? Kroenke? Players? All of them combined? I suppose it’s all of them really. I would say many of current players are not that bad, in fact a lot of them quite good, some very good. so they must take some of the blame for results that should have been much better. There was no need to play like they did against Villa, Swansea, Norwich or Bradford. They should be good enough to beat these teams.

If the club are serious of making a challenge for honours then some of the players currently at the club are clearly not good enough to take Arsenal forward and haven’t been for a few years now which is letting the good and very good players down.

Now I don’t know what is going on behind the scenes at Arsenal, I’m just a supporter and like many other supporters I pick up on the news I read or hear. Doesn’t mean I have to believe what is being said. Half the time the journo’s are not even on the same page on what they are writing. Unlike the upsurge of supporters that are becoming increasingly annoyed at the current state of the club, I can (I think) wait till 2014, the date given for Arsenal’s rise again. Though what I think and others like me think is not going to do Arsene/al any good if the tide is going the way of those that can’t wait, making loud noises with the media waiting in the wings ready with huge story.

Arsene and Ivan do speak out about transfer funds, but it seems football clubs today like having secrets, no one at any club really comes out with the truth to their supporters, it’s all spin. Supporters are kept in the dark to a big degree, fed with what the club think we need to hear. yet should clubs really be telling anyone who their transfer targets are, if they have any? Though let me state right now. I like Ivan and Arsene.

Since 2006 what I have seen is Arsenal buying quite a few players from Lidl and trying to bring players through youth system due to the costs of moving to the new stadium. I doubt anyone at Arsenal could foresee at the time what impact the Oil and Gas money would have on Arsenal’s ambition to move to the new stadium and try to grow organically. But I can understand some supporters frustrations when they have been fed the line many times that moving to the Emirates would propel the club forward – make Arsenal one of the worlds biggest clubs able to challenge at the top table. This has clearly not happened. as quick as many would have liked. It even looks as if things are going backwards, or just drifting along.

It’s also clear money has been wasted on players that are fringe at best, some not even getting picked unless the situation is desperate and yet getting paid 30k-60k a week for making no real contribution to the teams efforts. Even when they are called into the team, none of them, save Arshavin are game changers. Most are players who should not be anywhere near a club that are looking on going forward. These players are currently passengers along for the ride – collecting a tidy sum in return for what? I said once before players used to want to play football first, now some seem happy to just sit it out, pick up the cash till their contract run out.

As the transfer window approaches we hear the same old, same old about Arsene having money to spend. £30m-£40m-£50m depending on what source you read, but apparently Arsene has money to enter the transfer market.

“We will only want super quality” says Arsene. Yeah right!

If ever there was a time over the last two/three seasons when the January transfer window could be seen as managers and a clubs lifeline, then the January 2013 window is just that. Arsenal should be doing the sort of transfer business that would keep Jim White and Brian Swanson running to the toilet to knock one out. It’s obvious to everyone, even Arsene must realise that Arsenal need some very good players brought in and NOW to save our season. When I say now, I mean ready to start playing on Jan 1st 2013 Arsene, now waiting till Jan 31st 2013 to try to get a deal.

No more excuses. It cannot be that hard to find better players than some of those we have. Bringing in two or three quality players will supplement the already good and very good players we have, so we do not fall short when injuries/suspensions occur.

For a couple of season’s I’ve said goalscoring in the main problem with the team/squad, so I think we need two top goalscoring forwards. If we had a couple of top goalscorers in the side against Bradford we would not have lost, those we had instead were awful in front of goal, none more so than Gervinho. Had a top scorer been in place against Fulham, Villa, Sunderland, Norwich, we might have won these games and done better in others. Sometimes it’s so easy to knock the defence as a reason for defeat and fair enough we have given away some silly goals, but our failure to score puts pressure on the defence to keep clean sheets. Man Utd are letting in goals for fun and yet scoring more than their opposition for fun, which keeps them winning. They won their Champions League group and currently top the table. It’s no good scoring five against Spurs, six against Coventry/Southampton and seven against Reading if you can’t score against Stoke, Sunderland, Villa and Swansea.

Also we need a player to replace Diaby, who turns up for work for a couple of weeks every 8 months or so and then goes off sick again. We looked better with Diaby’s strength playing in the side earlier this season and were doing well till the interlull. We have some great little midfielders, however, that’s the problem, they’re little and a bit to alike. Ramsey would maybe suit better box to box for now, getting stuck in breaking up opponents play, rather than stuck out of the wing, so long as he stops his showboating. Arsenal need a new signing a strong PV4, Petit, Ya Ya sort of player. Someone who the opposition do not like playing against and can cause problems as well.

Come on Arsene. This week the media have had a field day at your and us the supporters expense, don’t give them any more reason to aim for those targets stuck to your back. Sort out the obvious problems in the side. You brought two attacking players in Podolski and Giroud and good players they are, but still adjusting. So maybe bring in two more. One already playing in the Premier League (Holt of Norwich – Shoot me) he’s a battler a plan B player. He’ll get stuck in to any defence we play against, cause problems and score goals as proved; you would think he would score more goals with the chances he would get at Arsenal. Maybe sign Ba from Newcastle if not Holt. Then go get (Huntelaar), to supplement Giroud and Podolski. Schalke are said to be in a mess. Rid us of Arshavin and Chamakh. Not sure what you can do about Gervinho right now. Theo well I’m either way with him. If he stays, I’ll support him. If he goes then so be it.

It’s not right that Arsenal are playing Reading on Monday and I’m not entirely sure what Arsenal are going to turn up and no doubt Reading are licking their lips at facing Arsenal right now. One thing is for sure, I will not be watching the build up to the game.

Arsenal FC, a club that is trying to be self-sustaining is getting it big time from the media and yet another club that are the current League Champions with a £200m wage bill, still showing a £97m loss in their accounts even with another £190 odd of oil money pumped into the club and already out of the Champions league, sail along nicely.



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  1. Peter permalink
    December 15, 2012 17:58

    Could’ve at least given Blackadder some recognition

  2. Cannon Balls permalink
    December 16, 2012 22:48

    Wenger out!

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