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What is going on? Olympiacos 2-1 Arsenal Champions League match

December 5, 2012

Afternoon Gooner. Are we all well today?

So – There I was Tuesday evening sitting comfortably. ITV mine host for the evening to watch Arsenal finish their group stage away to Olympiacos. ITV? Oh dear I thought, this is not going to be good. Chiles – Tyldesley – Townsend. I choose the simple solution. Mute button – yay. I watched the screen, the room is silent and I could guess what they are talking about and it was not about how Arsenal are such a great football team, rather the opposite. I accept that everything is not all apple pie with lashings of cream and ginger beer at Arsenal right now but this is ITV, they have knocking Arsenal down to an art form

I take to twitter and my time line is full of tweets regarding the studio guests discussing that Arsenal have no players from way back anymore to show the current players how to win. Yes that’s right, it’s all down to not having a Pires, Vieira, Henry or Eddie Hapgood at the club. It’s amazing how simple football is when an expert tells you. Though I am puzzled as to why the Dixon’s, Townsend’s and Robson’s of this world are not currently managing teams that are challenging for the League title and preparing their sides for the last 16 of the Champions League, When they know so much about how to put it right and if Arsene took their advice how Arsenal would get out of their current predicament.

Anyway the old timers chat got a big thumbs up, from the WOB’s… Then apparently and this is only from my twitter feed as my TV mute button was still in operation, Lee was now saying Arsene is still the best man for the job… Thumbs down from the WOB’s. So in the matter of a couple of Earth minutes, Lee had gone from hero to zero. The WOB’s who one minute had Lee down as talking sense about oldies and goldies being able to teach new players how to win, suddenly it’s Lee does not talk so much sense as Arsene’s the best man for the job. . “It’s a funny old game”

Anyway Arsene as expected picks a weakened team. Szczesny, Jenkinson, Squillaci, Vermaelen, Meade (Angha 83), Coquelin, Rosicky (Arshavin 46), Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Chamakh, Gervinho

Only Szczesny, TV5 and Jenkinson still keep their place from the team that lost to Swansea so easy last Saturday, the others getting a rest to be fresh and less jaded for the match against WBA this coming Saturday.

The match kicks off apparently with Mannone in-goal for Arsenal or so Mr. Tyldesley informs me. Also saying Arsenal have put out quite a strong side, I wonder why he would say that? The man truly is amateurish with his commentary and talks far too much b****x for my liking.

Anyway and early attack sees Chamakh and Oxo, fashion a chance for Gervinho to smack his effort wide. There really was no effort to make that shot count. It was an open game with both teams having nothing to play for. Yeah I know AFC could finish top of their group, but the side Arsene picked told you that finishing top was not a priority. The next chance for Arsenal fell to Arron Ramsey a couple of yards from goal and somehow Rambo managed to get it all wrong a completely bugger the chance up. Is Arron starting to believe that if he scores, someone will die?

Then a ball finds it way to Chamakh, who only needs to round Christmas for a good chance to make it 1-0. You know the score, trap ball – round goalie who is on floor, aim at goal, shoot, score, turn and celebrate, but not in Chamakh’s world. Easier to just fall arse-over-tit and let chance go to waste. Ramsey and Chamakh are not gonna be on the list of Europe’s best finisher any time soon. Also what’s with the hair product Mr. Chamakh, blimey you need to earn £50k a week to pay for that much gel/putty/wax on your Barnet.

Hold the phone, Put tea down, choke on chocolate digestive. Did I just see Gervinho, do something? Taking on players, looking like he actually has control of a football, cutting back and laying a lovely ball into the path of Little Mozart, who strikes it sweetly into the net to put the Gunners 1-0 up. A quick headbutt of the wall and ask Son to pitch me and yes it was all true. Love a duck, well-played Gervinho.

HT 1-0 to Arsenal, though The Greeks did have their chances. Pretty open first and with no pressure I quite enjoyed that half in a funny sadistic sort of way. Rosicky was playing well and making things happen, missed him. Young Meade was doing alright. 5.3’ and should be in bed at this hour. We could buy Fellaini and have Jack, Santi and Meade all hidden in his hair to pop out whenever needed.

Teams came out for second half. Where’s Rosicky?

Arsenal for 10 mins of the second half looked alright. I could see us getting something out of the game. Then came the planned hand brake moment. 55 mins and it’s time to hold fire, let your opponents back into the game.

Machado’s header hits the post though the ref thinks Szczesny pushed it round the post. It’s moments like these when you fear the worst. The corner is taken and after a scramble the ball hit’s Ramsey’s chest and the ball falls invitingly for paying mantis to hit the ball past Szczesny to make it 1-1.

Five minutes later and the hand brake has done it’s job as Superglu turns and hits a very good past the sprawling dive if Szczesny in-goal. 2-1 Olympiacos and Arsenal heads have totally dropped. No fight, no spirit, no passion in the side. From the touch-line the Arsene/Steve combo can hardly raise a voice and just look resigned to yet another defeat from a promising position.

Arsenal really were shocking for the last 35 mins. There was nothing in their play that could give you any hope that somehow they could come away with a result. Summed up for me later on by a ball passed to Gervinho, who somehow manages to handball it with his right and then flick it with his hand onto his other hand, I mean what’s that all about. I like a laugh, but that’s stretching it a bit far.

So Schalke drew 1-1 with Montpellier and Arsenal threw it away and come second in the group, to play away in the first leg of the last 16.

It’s not like I am that bothered by the result. I was thinking top! Second! What’s does it matter, plenty of good teams in the Champions League and I’d rather play the big boys anyway. I was more a tad upset that what looked after 55 mins a game that we would win, we just messed it up.

So another defeat. A defeat that keeps the battle of the AKB’s and WOB’s raging on… How will it all end? Will Arsene turn it around? Will it all end in tears? Where does ot go from here? Is it down to the lake I fear? Ay ah ah ah ah ah! Ay ah ah ah ah ah!

Stay tuned for more exciting instalments of what will happen next in the life of Arsenal Football Club.



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