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A few thoughts on the Arsenal 0-2 Swansea league match. What is going on?

December 2, 2012

Hi Gooners.

I’m an Arsenal supporter. Get that! An Arsenal supporter. I support Arsenal Football Club. I don’t support Arsene Wenger. I do like him though, I like him a lot. I respect him as a man and well as Arsenal’s manager since Arsenal signed him on 30th Sept 1996.

I given my backing to every manager that ever managed Arsenal though their long or short careers in charge of the Arsenal football team while I have supported Arsenal. I saw no point in getting on their backs, as for me that solves nothing. If and when the next manager comes in as he will one day, I’ll back him as well. But managers, like players come and go, so my real support will always be for Arsenal Football Club.

Arsenal is not MY football club, it’s ALL Arsenal supporters football club. The thing is, we as Supporters all have different opinions on what is best for the club.

  • Who should run the club?
  • Who should manage?
  • Who should we sign?
  • Who shouldn’t we sign?
  • Who should leave?
  • Who shouldn’t leave?
  • What formation we should play?
  • Who should play?
  • Who shouldn’t play?

Can you imagine if we the supporters run the club, it’ll be a bloody nightmare. Just another room where you’d have a faction in each corner. One side of the room chanting to the other “You don’t know what you’re doing” It’ll take about two weeks and a march to pick the team.

However, football is and always is about opinions and Supporters will always have their say, but at the end of the day for me, the professionals do tend to know best.

As a supporter of Arsenal and I would hope many others feel the same here, the main priority would be that the team the manager (whoever it is at the time) picks, plays with passion, fight and some skill. If we win then great, but if we lose then at least as supporters we can see that the team has given it’s all. That for me is all I can ask. Winning trophies is the icing on the cake.

What we are seeing recently is a team that is far too up and down. They are walking on the pitch waiting for something to happen, not making it happen. If after two minutes there is no pace in the side, then you know we’re going struggle. Then when things are not going well, heads drop far too quickly. It’s alright Arsene Wenger giving us a ton of spin about no creativity, no sharpness, injuries and tiredness/jaded, but he is the manager, it’s his job to sort it. It’s his job to make the right substitutions as the right time, not what looks like pre-arranged substitutions before the game starts and only changing that ploy if a player gets injured. Has he taken a player off after 30 mins like Fergie did yesterday? I don’t like digging out players, but as I said a short time ago, what does Gervinho offer? Another shocking performance.

I’m not going to slag Arsene off,  say he should leave, or even get sacked. I am going to have a view though. It’s his team and right now, his to fix it and the sooner the better. We have some very good players, better than Swansea man-for-man that’s for sure, but they are not playing for each other or it seems Arsene right now. We’ve had some good results this season and played well at times. Why then are we suddenly playing like we don’t know each other? This can be taken back to beating West Ham 3-1 just before the International break. There can be no hiding place from 21 points on the old scoreboard and only five league wins.

  • Have we got money to spend?
  • Have we got it, yet board won’t spend it?
  • Have we got it, the board make it available, but Arsene won’t spend it?

The accounts are supposed to be transparent and seem to show we have money, so what’s going on? I don’t have the answers. maybe AST and BSM will find out.

Now far from me to be telling a professional football manager what he should be doing, but if I were asked.

The frustration amongst the supporters is growing fast. That much is evident and Arsene needs to start making some serious decisions. He needs to start throwing some tea cups about. Start asking his players why they are not performing? Arsene needs to stop just sitting on the bench and only getting up when it’s time to speak to the 4th official. Arsene needs to get off his backside walk to the touch-line and scream at players, show us he is as annoyed as we, the supporters are. He needs help and not do it all on his own. He needs to get back some powerful players into the side and forget about trying be Barcalite.

If it’s the board stopping Arsene spending money then if they think so highly of him maybe he should threaten to quit. I don’t think any of us want Arsene’s Arsenal career to be tarnished. Better to have gone out at the top. However, if it is down to board not backing him, maybe he should show some respect for himself and tell the board where to go.

I want Arsene to have one last hurrah and win some trophies. Get us playing like he wants football to be played. His style of football.

Somewhere along the line I think the supporters need to know what is going on behind the scenes as there looks to be much smoke and many mirrors (I hate that saying, someone I used to joust with on a football forum said it a lot). Maybe one day when Arsene leaves and surely writes a book about his time at Arsenal, we’ll find out.

We have got Olympiacos this week. Arsene should rest ALL the players that have anything to do with the first team. So what about finishing top of the group, knowing our luck we’d get a harder team if we ended up topping the group. Play the players who would normally play against Bradford in the side against Olympiacos.

Then Arsene should then make sure the team are fired up, ready to battle against WBA at home next week. Make no mistake we need to be fired up. Do what others have done to us, get in amongst them, in their faces and then let the skill take over. Did anyone watch West ham do this to Chelsea in the second half of their match yesterday. Just a short-term fix, until the confidence floods back.

Also we need to make sure we beat Bradford, by playing our best team and go onto try to win the Capital One Cup as we have a good chance of winning it this season with our first team playing. What could be better for the players confidence than winning a trophy, even if it is the COC. Also keeping the fans onside.

I understand Arsene will not give details out about our interest in getting players in during January transfer window, but he must go into the market for a few players this time round, he cannot keep thinking we can just get by. I think Diaby is a superb player, when he plays, but Diaby doesn’t play any decent amount of games to be relied upon. I worry that Diaby will suddenly appear towards the end of this month and play in games during January and then get injured in February and we’re knackered again. Just buy someone to fill his position and make him fight to get it back. Always best to have a standby. Then we need some very good back up, so we do not have to play the life out of the current players.

I don’t get how he says “I believe the support from the board is there to spend the money if we find the players” If we find the players? They are out there so stop being stubborn and go out and get them signed up.

Also try to get rid of the players he won’t use, such as Squillaci, Denilson, Bendtner and Chamakh etc… Maybe a few others as well.

Get players in who can make a difference. I would have thought Arshavin would have been better than Rosicky just coming back. It was as if he was thrown into the lion’s den.

Come on Arsene, I, like many others have had a belief in you for many years that you are the right man for the job, show us you can make us rise again. Arsene once said he is a fan and likes to watch good football from the sidelines, well you cannot be enjoying what you are watching right now Arsene. You can fix it, go do it.

If you can’t change things around by the end of the season, then maybe we should all look at this again.

I thought the crowd that left 10 mins before the end of the game and the rest that streamed out when Swansea got their first, said more than any March/walk can. Empty seats, speak loudest in football. It tells the owners that they have a problem and it is coming knocking on their door to kick arse. How do I as a season ticket holder make my point? I have already paid up front so if it’s about money, the club already have mine. Also, if I don’t buy my season ticket then I go to back of queue. I’m not prepared to take that chance or make my son suffer to make a point.

I was not at the match yesterday, it was one of those days, like WBA will be next week when family matters intervene again,  so I can’t really comment on match, suffice to say it’s obvious we did not play well.

I love doing my match report blogs, but if the players can’t even be bothered to show some fight, I can’t really be bothered to make up a report for a match that I am hearing was a poor as it gets.

I sounds like Szczseny kept the score down. Cazorla battled as always. Too many mistakes, not enough craft and playing a team who also like to play football. I understand the team battled better in the second half, but just could not find the killer pass or threaten Swansea’s defence.Swansea scored two very good late goals and the simple fact is we got out-footballed and the best team on the day won and won comfortably. That should not be happening at the Emirates and that is no dis-respect to Swansea. We lost to Norwich and Swansea because they wanted it more.

Swansea in FA Cup away. Don’t you just know that if we beat Bradford we’ll get them in Semi’s of Capital One Cup.

Finally on hearing PHW has had a heart attack, I wish him all the best. Maybe this would be a good time to call it day and just watch Arsenal from now on and have nothing to do with day-to-day running of the club. Health comes first.

Agree or disagree, please feel free to comment.



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  1. Madge permalink
    December 2, 2012 18:16

    Thanks very much Steve.
    I agree this is no time to be worrying about our board, wages etc. everything has to focus
    on what isn’t happening in our games. As you have said it is up to AW to sort out & I hope he goes to great lenghts to do just that. I do believe that he needs to get a couple of players in January & I think proper money will
    Have to be spent. I will of course still be supporting my team, this is when it counts, not when we are winning.

  2. December 2, 2012 19:25

    I no no longer need to blog as You Steve speak for me. Superb again. I only differ on Chamakh and TR7

  3. GillyRoman permalink
    December 2, 2012 19:53

    Brilliantly put mate. Exactly my own feelings.
    I want Wenger to win us trophies again, to see our way can still stand up against the Sheikhs and crazy Russians.

    I loved that you didn’t join the WengerOut bandwagon, which seems to be the general trend. Going down like that without any fight is more frustrating than when we used to be the better team on the pitch and still lost.

    Lets hope things turn around.
    Gooner Forever.

  4. timmilew permalink
    December 3, 2012 12:18

    Excellent stuff, Steve. Found myself agreeing with pretty much everything you said. Well done.

  5. Peter Norton permalink
    December 3, 2012 21:08

    Chamakh, Eisfeld and Arshavin all played well at Reading but don’t get a look in when we need something at Villa or Swansea. Great piece Steve.

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