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Show some bloody respect to Arsene Wenger

November 25, 2012

Two blogs in one day. However, with the mother of all bad backs (over a week now) not got much else to do.

Since the game last night I have read so many tweets/comments about our performance against Villa and also about Wenger’s performance as a manager in the game.

Also now having seen the after match press conference, I’m minded to speak out.

What do some fans bloody want from football today? We drew away to Aston Villa, not the greatest of results, granted! Not the best of matches either, still we grabbed a point from one of the dullest matches I’ve seen for ages from two teams.

So much anger shown towards Arsene Wenger from some supporters. So many questioning him in an unfair manner. I have no issue with fans that have a genuine gripe and want to put that gripe across, either in a few tweets, blog or even comments pages attached to national newspapers. and give their reasons. It’s more eye-opening than calling him a c**t or saying you wish the board would die in an air crash. What is the problem with these people?

It’s the crazies that annoy me. They feed of a media that are just looking for headlines and sensationalism. They listen to Talk Sport and think that Durham and Co have an idea what they are talking about. I stopped listening to that rubbish years ago.  In turn these frustrated fans, I won’t call them supporters, feed off the new breed of journalists that suck the life out of football today. These journalists are not that interested in the game, it’s a job and most hardly give a decent match report, they hook onto one or two incidents and run with them and at the end you’ll find a paragraph about the match.

I think many of these fans take everything as a personal insult to them. If we don’t win, then their lives are ruined until we do win. The sort of people that are only too happy to spend years taking the piss out of Spurs fans but should the situation reverse they can’t take it. Even before the kick-off the amount of people saying “no more than a win is good enough” talk about heap pressure.

They media try to make news. They troll managers and players looking to get them out, force a story. Then the new manager comes in, hey presto, two lots of news made. Take AVB, welcomed like the new “special one” and the slaughtered at Chelsea and outed. Then he joins Spurs and there they are circling like vultures to make his job so much harder.

The media have been trying for years to rid Arsenal of Wenger. How many reported over the years this is the year Arsenal will drop out of the top four, yet each season Arsene takes us to top four. Yes like many of you reading this, I want to win things, who wants to go years with no trophies? Don’t think for one minute most of the journalists give a Gareth Bale about Arsenal winning, they don’t, it’s just a story to them.

These frustrated fans listen to Soccer Saturday and the so-called experts giving their opinion on the weekends matches. Has anyone noticed that they don’t have any successful managers on the show. No! just a bunch of ex-footballers and because they are ex-footballers we should all bow down to their greater knowledge.

The after match press conference yesterday was a joke. I felt Arsene gave as good as he got. How many of them are managers? What success have they had? All they do is try to kill managers of with  a keyboard. Like Wenger said, they only remember what they want to. They forget about what they have written in the past and been found wanting. I wonder how many actually played the game themselves.

Everyone thinks they can do better and no more than Journalists. I find it sickening that a few can sit round a table on Sunday morning, with coffee and croissants and talk about football as if they are the sole arbiters of the game. They don’t even agree with each other. Hardly any get it right in the long run. They feed of any old  sources for their stories, with no doubt very little investigative journalism.

Arsenal charge the highest prices in football, I get that. However, it’s like, because we do, trophies should be in the bag each season. Fans who won’t accept that there are two financially doped clubs who are making it difficult for not just Arsenal, but United, Liverpool and Spurs as well. That’s no excuse, but it’s there for all to see.

Everyone has an opinion and I’m not one to stop them having that opinion, but for the love of Christ, give something thought to your criticism. You can’t just slag Ramsey off as a scapegoat each week. He did not hide yesterday, had some of our best chances, and was in the better half of players that played. OK maybe not the greatest performance you’ll see from a central midfielder, but not the worse that he gets as much stick as he does.

I don’t have all the answers as to what is going on at Arsenal as I am not and have never been a top football manager and understand the workings of the game at professional level. I’m a football fan who has an idea about the game, but no way would I ever consider I know more than Ferguson, Wenger or Redknapp.

None of this will stop me having a view on games or how the team played, but at the same time, I’m not going to knock people in football just for the sake of it.  I’m going to try to be fair and only criticise when I feel it is needed. I’m not going to act like a fan whose thoughts go up and down like a tarts knickers depending on if we win or lose a few games.

The list of managers some fans have come up with over the last few years as their idea of replacement for Wenger is almost laughable… Rodgers, O’Neill, Coyle, even Redknapp from exiled Piers Morgan and I won’t even go into the list of crazy player names that have been put forward.

There are some great bloggers out there who give good detail about what’s right or wrong at the club, not saying I agree, but none the less, worth reading and eye-opening and thought provoking.

This battle amongst Arsenal fans does not do the club any good. No one should just put up with second best or sub-standard football. The sub-standard football is what bugs me the most. But I also thought (maybe just me being pie in the sky) that during the bad times is when the club needs support and proper debate on the issues.

Whatever you may think of the club – the team/manager right now, show Arsene Wenger some bloody respect.

So if your reading this and you are one of the fans that just abuse, you’re welcome to un-follow me on Twitter.



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  1. Gary Jones permalink
    November 25, 2012 15:38

    You Obviously do not go to games is all I can say.

    Buy a ticket and pay £90 to watch dross, then let’s chat

    • November 25, 2012 15:46

      Read my bio… Over 1500 games in 50 years… Seasin ticket holder x2. Been to over 70 grounds in England. You do the math.. Tickets not that dear. grade A matches only.

      • korihikage permalink
        November 26, 2012 11:35

        stop saying ‘you obviously do not go to games, pay X amount and then we can chat’

        you can give up your ticket if you want to. last i heard, there are thousands on the waiting list.

  2. November 25, 2012 15:44

    Good article mate. Wenger may be a bit under pressure at the moment, but sacking him is not the option. Look at Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs and the rest of the Prem teams. A manager a season. No thanks.

  3. gooner-girl permalink
    November 25, 2012 15:46

    When did frustration turn to hatred? Some of our fellow fans seem to have crossed that line.surely anti-Wenger chants should come from the opposition not ourselves. We are embarrassing ourselves in front of our rivals and the media.

    It was truly sickening to see Wenger amongst wolf-pack journos trying to break him and using our so called supporters chants to do it. He didn’t break but one day he might do just when we are on the cusp of success.

    Let’s get back to respecting ourselves, our club, our players, our manager and see what the emirates new money can do.


    • November 25, 2012 16:15

      I agree with you. It is shocking at times. It’s more for me to do with the media using the away fans chant as a stick to beat him with. Also how people who call themselves Arsenal fans abuse our manager worse than our rivals.

      “Let’s get back to respecting ourselves, our club, our players, our manager and see what the emirates new money can do” well said.


  4. REDgoon permalink
    November 25, 2012 15:47

    Be quiet

  5. November 25, 2012 15:54

    If Wenger stays its a fight for 4th place every season.For a club the size and stature of Arsenal that is just not good enough.Yet Wenger see’s it as success.Wenger will not admit he has got it badly wrong for the last 7 years.A once great manager but he has gone stale.Time to go
    Wenger should show respect to fans and resign

    • November 25, 2012 16:12

      I understand other peoples views differ from my owm. I am shocked at some of the decisions he makes and some of his comments. However, my point is if a fan has a gripe, do it right, not abuse. You made you points well in that reply, respect for that. Personally I don’t think Arsene see’s it as success in the way think he does. Our time is coming. Though I think it’s going to take a little more patience. AW could help himself in January transfer window.

      • Hascim permalink
        November 26, 2012 09:19

        Just out of curiousity how many times have you said that statement in the last 7 trophiless yrs?And btw I condemn all forms of abuse directed at AW,it’s wrong.Anyway,AW is past it and the sooner we admit it the better coz that moment the idiot in class starts correcting the teacher then know that something is terribly wrong!The same mistakes since 2006,every1 can see that yet are NEVER addressed but one lame excuse after another.At what point does enough becomes enough really?

      • November 26, 2012 10:48

        The blog was about showing respect. Also fans showing their critcism constructively, no with simple abuse. I welcome proper debate on issues. I think Arsene still has some legs left. However, he can also be his own worse enemy. January transfer window will be interesting.

        Cheers for taking time to comment


  6. TDT permalink
    November 25, 2012 16:03

    The bit about ‘I wonder how many games they’ve managed’ What? xD The ‘journalists’ were asking about the substitution because they believed the fans would want a proper answer!

    And the bit about us paying the highest ticket prices, ‘So we expect a trophy every season’. Not every season, But none in 7 years?

    I’m not Anti-Wenger, I’m Anti-Board, But come on, Wenger is not blameless.

  7. SW Taylor permalink
    November 25, 2012 16:40

    Wenger is arguably the best manager of all time.
    Because he is doing exactly what his employers tell him to. Get the club as high as possible with the resources he is given.
    No argument!

    His (and our) day will come!

    In Wenger we trust.

  8. November 25, 2012 16:52

    Wat wenger has done in the past 7 years has been brill with the lack of economic freedom… each year he has had to build a team around new players and hats off for him to keep pulling off champ league qualification… would seriously like to see him when there is no need to sell our top players every year hopefully that time comes soon

  9. moka permalink
    November 25, 2012 19:12

    wenger time is finished come on guys the man the most of his dream to finish number 4 !! for how long we will wait to win any thing ! look at ramsey girvinho omg its like pain in the ass , is this the kind of players who can lead Arsenal to win any thing , cheap cheap cheap,

  10. Madge permalink
    November 25, 2012 20:20

    Completely agree Steve. I’m fed up with the constant negativity from AFC fans not supporters. There are so many level headed AFC supporters leaving twitter because they are fed up to the teeth with the constant blah blah from fans. When are they going to learn that being an AFC supporter should be all encompassing, you take everything on the chin.

  11. November 26, 2012 04:39

    Wonderful article… I do wish piers morgan could read this…I believe if wenger gets faustrated and retires then that spells the beginning of our woes… We may go two or three seasons without any trophy and may not even qualify for the champions league every season again. Some hope would be good for wenger right now

  12. November 26, 2012 07:51

    I haven’t read anything better than that for while, I mean, true, Arsenal has not seen any trophies for years, true, sometimes players are in an abysmal form but what the players and the manager have done since 2005 compared to some “spendalot” clubs is just amazing, actually, Arsenal is the only club in Europe who has achieved such goals, Always finishing in top 4, so always qualify for Champions League, financially great and getting even better year after year. What was the club goals really? do many fans know about it? I really doubt but whatever it was, it will come to an end, end of trophyless years and the beginning of a new era for Arsenal. For sure you can be disapointed, after all, it’s human, but calling for heads is just as stupid as being a spur’s fan 😉

  13. NiceChappie permalink
    November 26, 2012 10:23

    Excellent article. Couldn’t agree more.

  14. Peter Nelson permalink
    November 26, 2012 10:38

    Many thanks for what you wrote. I do agree with you entirely. Regards. Peter

  15. ACM permalink
    November 26, 2012 11:43

    Excellent article. Agree with you 100%. Over the past few months I’ve had more arguments with our own fans than with rival fans. The things that some have to say about him are absolutely horrible and all of them go about on how we should sign this player and that player and he’s failed for 8 years. In my opinion, given the budget we’ve had, Wenger has done wonders for us. Of course he might have made mistakes but that’s no excuse for the kind of abuse some of our fans give him.

  16. abdul permalink
    November 26, 2012 14:15

    Some of the decisions Arsene takes makes my blood boil, esp in transfer window, selling that Dutch bloke to united is a Crime. But i think he has no choice but to sell, Board always makes final decision. As for change of Manager, I don’t know who can deliver success while making 20mil profit every transfer, we have done it for past 2or3 summers. I don’t know why we are selling players every season, but clearly that’s Board’s decision. Find a manager who can make profit every summer, play attractive football and win trophies then we can talk abt sacking Wenger.

  17. November 27, 2012 22:27

    Well written bro. I’d never swap Wenger FOR ANYONE! He sure knows what he is doing! We should all support him and let the team some time to Gel together. That would certainly help.
    Lets hope Walcott signs a contract. We have to give the guys, New-Comers a chance at least. Hoping no one’s leave this summer.
    Although I am surely disappointed by his choice of handing captaincy to Varmaelen. Pressure is clearly getting to him.

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