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A few thoughts on the First Set Reading 5-7 Arsenal League Cup match – Amazing!!

November 2, 2012

Hi Gooners…

Tuesday morning, match day… A week off work – school holidays, all packed with two days away at Alton Towers to look forward too. Arrived around 3pm quite nice lodging in a place called Cotton, right out in the sticks which is not to far from Middle Earth, inhabited by Orcs, or what we call in the football trade…. STOKE!!!

My lodgings being near middle Earth had no mobile signal, but it did have Wi-Fi… I don’t think the Orcs who owned the lodgings had heard of Sky Sports, so I had to make a trip with her-indoors and the dustbins to a local pub two mins down a dark Country lane, you know the sort, the one you walk into and everyone stares at you and stops eating with their fingers…  However the pub did have Sky Sports and the manager with two heads said Urrrggghhh which I translated to mean he was happy for me to put the Football on as he handed me the remote control…

I ordered food up as the Pig roasting on the fire looked good though handling the remote with greasy fingers is not easy. So food consumed and mead ordered, it was time to sit and watch The Arsenal away to Reading. having put six past Coventry in the last round, I fully expected a mixed team of first team and fringe players to take the tie and Arsenal to progress.

The team : Martinez; Jenkinson, Djourou, Miquel, Koscielny; Frimpong, Coquelin; Walcott, Arshavin, Gnabry; Chamakh. Subs: Shea, Yennaris, Squillaci, Bellerin, Eisfeld, Meade, Giroud.

The ref blows for the start of the match, about the only thing he did right 🙂 Some might the joke behind this… Arsenal are straight on the back foot and concede a couple of early corners, the second of which was headed onto the post by Morrison and as it came off the post, Martinez cleared with a great header he knew nothing about. Frimpong puts Theo away, Reading clear for a corner. What do Corners make for Arsenal?

Oh No!!! Goal!!! It had looked like coming.. Theo has the ball in the centre circle, tries a pass forward and gives the ball away cheaply – Reading pour forward. five seconds, two passes and a good cross from R-Kanu later sees the Arsenal defence on the back foot and nowhere as the cross reaches Roberts who fires into the roof of the net with a volley 1-0 Reading…

Oh Dear Goal!!! How did Arsenal’s defence let Reading get through there. Gunter is through – crosses and there is Koscielny to flick it past Martinez for 2-0 Reading and another OG to his collection… Felt a bit for Kos there as no way should Reading been allowed to get through three defenders that easily…

Oh B*****x Goal!!! Reading Corner is cleared by Miquel but no matter what Arsenal try they cannot get it far enough away and the ball falls to Ledgerwood who hits a left foot screamer from the edge of the area and Martinez flings out an arm as if posing for a photo and can only somehow palm the ball into his own net… 3-0 Reading…  20 mins gone..

Plenty of Agh! Ugh, Gr, Guh, Gah!Ug. Uh… Um, Er… And Bah! coming from the locals who are obviously enjoying Arsenal’s pain. Now OK we’re 3-0 down and playing awful, but I can’t stand anymore of the looks I am getting from 60 odd people and 180 eyes. What with the wife and kids in tow, I decide enough of this, there are too many of them, time to pay and leave.. So I gave them a box of matches, explained “FIRE!!!” Good bit of bartering and left…

I drove the two mins back down the dark Country lane to the lodgings and decided to take the rest of the match in on Twitter as we had Wi-Fi.

Oh S**t Goal!!! By the time Orc owner had lit up a fire to get the Electricity going and I had booted up the iPad I was informed by the Twitteratti that Reading had gone 4-0 up… The away fans were chanting “We Want out Arsenal back” also “We Love you Arsenal, we do” Even the away fans are confused by what was going on in front of them… “Cooooooome on Arsenal” the away fans still getting behind the team, as you do and should when they  team needs support…

The ball is taken from Chamakh far to easily, like candy from a baby, crossed into the area and there is *unt  to head Reading 4-0 to the good.. Not good reading (not Reading) on Twitter and forums… Embarrassing… W***ers… Add any more insults you might like here   “…………….”

Right I get it Arsene! You’re not interested in the Capital One Cup, however, come on my old French mucker, no need to embarrass us this much. Tony Adams sitting with Tom Watt and both looking un-impressed, get behind me in the queue lads and I’m not even watching it live… Sky show Gooners leaving (however, this was not quite true, just a couple going for a much-needed pint or twenty and a good story for Sky.. Still the guy is sort of Semi-Famous now. Mind you I’ve got a hat and it ain’t like that…

Arsenal fan on his way for an early pint. Fair play to the bloke he did tweet a picture from the stand in the second half to show he was still there supporting.

Gooooooooooooooal!!! Have a look would you! Arshavin right foot ball through the middle into the path of Theo who is to fast for the Reading defence – bears down on goal, Federici comes out to narrow the angle but Theo is too clever and chips the keeper superbly…

“We’re gonna win 5-4″…

Theo makes it 4-1

HT 4-1 to Reading… Now is the time for Arsene to earn some of the £7m he earns and so widely talked about. Cups of tea need to thrown. The hairdryer needs to be switched on. If you don’t want to play for Arsenal, there is the door and the M4 back to London is a that-a-way and it’s a long walk… Otherwise buck your idea’s up and get out there and show some pride in the shirt you wear.

Shocking first half. I put the saucepan on the logs and boil some water to make a cup of tea. I close Twitter for 15 mins, no need to add any undue pressure as I could have ended up boiling a bit more than the kettle was… They say a nice cup of tea sorts most problems. Well this one was extra nice. So here goes nothing..

Second half gets underway and that was almost 5-1 to Reading as Martinez saves well… From the Corner Reading fans scream for a penalty as Chamakh looks to have fouled *unt. Seen them given/not given Arsenal just can’t get the ball away though and Ledgerwood crosses from the left and Miquel concedes another corner…

“Coooooome on Arsenal”

Theo hits the Post that was close!!! Chamakh is away and brought down by Gunter, is that a Penalty? Close but no cigar, maybe the ref evened things up.  Remember I’m getting this from Twitter and a bit of having seen the match since on TV… Chamakh is ever so slighty peeved, complains too much and gets a yellow for his troubles… The ref does not want to see comments on my time line…

Frimpong and Gnabry off, Giroud and Eisfeld on.

Gooooooooooooooal!!!! Could this be the comeback?… Corner to Arsenal. Lots of tweets that if we score soon, the comeback could be on…

“We’re by far the greatest team the world has ever seen” Maybe not this team though.

Theo takes the Corner (right next to the away support which is still in good voice), right footed and we know what comes of Arsenal corners, don’t we? Ha! ha! So glad to be wrong… Giroud is on the other end of it. 4-2!!! Get in!!! It was a brilliant header with Giroud leaning back like good bacon and somehow direct his header into the far corner… Happy days!!! Arsenal at least making a fight of it. 4500 Arsenal fans still in full voice, the home crowd have been silenced, for now… Good to see plenty of tweets about how good the away fans are. We the fans sitting at home or in Middle Earth salute you…

Giroud makes it 4-2

Tweets saying sex Giroud is on Fire… Giroud fires in a shot from outside the box which is blocked but he fights for the rebound, gets it, shoots again hard and low across the box and there if Federici to save and palm it to safety and Shorey is there to shore things up!!! Are you watching Mannone?.. This is more like it Arsenal…

Oooooooo!!!  Great cross and there is Giroud again to head towards the goal and somehow Federici saves again down low at the near post… The away end is rocking and you get the feeling something could happen… Sadly it’s now been 24 mins since we scored our second and the tweets coming in are saying that this is now maybe a bridge to far for the Gunners and with eighty-eight minutes gone Reading still 4-2 to the good.

Hold the phone… What’s this another Gooooooooooooooal!!! OMG!!! Two minutes of Normal time left and my time line has gone bonkers… Arsenal corner, surely not twice in one evening… Arshavin takes and there is Bossielny to head into the net unmarked for 3-4 The away end is going bonkers and there is a belief that sometimes things happen in football and this could yet be one of those nights…  The Boss runs into the net, picks the ball up and rushes back to the half way line, no time to lose… Twitter is alive!!!

“Coooooome on you reds”

Had Readings bottle gone, they seem to be in all at sea like Arsenal were in the first 20 minutes…

Kos makes it 4-3

Another log chucked on the fire to keep electricity going it’s getting exciting…

Oh my giddy Aunt!!! Gooooooooooooooal!!!!! They thought it was all over… I thought it was all over…  Twitter seemed to think it was all over… Reading thought they had it won…

Arsenal throw-in. Miquel takes it to Coquelin who crosses it into the area. Up goes to Giroud gets his head to the cross and the ball falls to Theo who controls with his  left peg then quickly shoots also with his left peg across the goal, the ball handballed on the line and then kicked off the line “Over the line” Tweets say, however Jenkinson is there on hand to slam the ball into the net to make sure. The players, fans at the ground and the rest of Gooner world go mad, Arsenal have done it, come back from the dead,  4-0 down to grab an equaliser in the 95th minute.

That’ll teach Reading for time-wasting. The referee blows normal time is over… 4-4 and we are still alive in the competition that apparently we couldn’t give a Gareth Bale about. A game of two halves if ever there was one. Just wonder what would have happened if Jenko had not followed up and scored. Handball and over the line and I’m still not convinced the Lino or Ref would have given the goal, had Jenkinson got them out of the stickiest situation, since sticky the stick insect got stuck to a sticky bun.

Walcott makes it 4-4

Extra time to be played. Giroud thought it was all over and he threw hsi shirt into the crowd, they don’t get the League Cup in France, he didn’t realise there are no replays and there must be a result on the night. Giroud had to get his shirt back from the crowd.

Reading early extra-time chance and good save by Martinez. A bit of a lull in proceedings  as both teams cath their breath in an amazing match..

Gooooooooooooool!! We’re in front for the first time… Kosielny-Miquel-Chamakh-Giroud-Arshavin back to Chamakh who lines up a shot, Row “Z” ducks, but blimey the Gods are with Arsenal tonight as Chamakh hits a low rocket past Federici to make it 4-5 to the Arsenal. What a game… What a turnaround for the books..

Chamakh makes it 4-5

HT in extra time 4-5

Chance for Theo as he runs with the ball, tries a pass which is cut out yet manages to win the ball back and with only the goalie to beat, hits it straight at Federici, should have been 4-6… However, Theo is doing well tonight.

Martinez wasting time and rightly booked. Also makes a good a save from a free kick.

Oh Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!  5-5 Pogrebnyakyakyakyakyak… Unbelievable!!! A cross from the left goes right over everyone and the ball falls for Gunter whose shot is deflected by Arshavin to Pogrebnyakyakyakyakyak who head in from six yards out. It looks like penalties now. What a crazy game.

Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!!  No the kids have not gone to bed… Gooooooooooooooal!!! It’s not going to penalties now as Kos-Eisfeld to Arshavin who drives down the left and in on goal – his low hard shot is cleared off the line but Theo is on hand to slam the ball into the net 5-6. Bloody amazing…

Theo scores Arsenal’s sixth

Blow the sodding whistle!!! Blow the sodding whistle!!!

Come on Ref it must be over… Reading throwing the kitchen sink now in last gasp chance to make it 6-6 and Arsenal struggling to clear, however, Theo just whacks the ball up field at last to clear and the ball goes over the Reading defenders head leaving Chamakh clear and the Moroccan chips the ball over Federici’s head to make it 5-7. Lot of old nick-nacks in this room so I have to be careful how I jump around it…

Chamakh bags his second and Arsenal’s seventh

Finally FT 5-7 and first set to Arsenal. That’s 6 v Coventry… 7 v Reading… 8 v Bradford anyone?

Amazing game of football. Not the best advert for defensive football, but then who cares? To come back from 4-0 in any game is brilliant but to come back from 4-0 down to score 7 (Seven) is amazing… One part of me wishes I had stayed in the pub with the Orcs, but the other was happy to follow this game on twitter as the ups and downs of Gooners was laid bare. Down and out then top of the world, all in 75 mins after half-time.

A first half where the Arsenal players looked like they had just been introduced to each other and football. Then a second half where they looked like they had been a 103 date world-tour with each other and could give a damn. All this mixed in with great football, mistakes, saves and goals galore… None of us are going to witness many nights like Tuesday night too often, so though it could be said it was more akin to a schoolboys match, I’m happy enough to have won in the way we did…

Saw this video and hope the guy who made it does not mind me sharing with those of you who may have not seen it… Brilliant and shows how mad it all was… Reading 5-7 Arsenal for those that weren’t there

What with Spurs, Liverpool out!!! and Man Utd losing a 5-3 thriller to Chelsea if Arsene takes this cup a bit more seriously from here on in, then we could be at Wembley in February. That’ll do nicely…



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  1. madge permalink
    November 2, 2012 13:16

    Brilliant, Steve. you are a very funny man. You have described Tuesday night just as I remember it. As you say we do not experience many nights like that, for those with heart problems, it’s just as well. Hope the wife & children were not traumatised by your enthusiasm.
    Thanks very much.

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