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A few thoughts on the Arsenal 0-2 Schalke 04 Champions League match

October 25, 2012

Well that was a good night…. Not!!!

Team :  Mannone, Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Santos, Coquelin, Arteta, Cazorla, Ramsey, Podolski, Gervinho… Subs  Shea, Koscielny, Djourou, Gnabry, Giroud, Arshavin, Chamakh… Giroud drops out and Coquelin comes in…

Quite frankly it’s not worth doing a match report as Arsenal did nothing to warrant one. The ref blew the whistle for the start of the match, the German’s heard it and Arsenal didn’t. Apart from one moment of play early in the second half and our only shot on target by Gnabry in the 90th there was nothing to write home about.

Now I’m a positive sort of guy, but after last night and Norwich on Saturday, I’m struggling to get what is happening at the club. Teams lose I get that, but how does a team that was playing alright, suddenly go into an International break and come back playing like a team that has not got a Scooby Doo?

The best team by far won on the night.

Now I have met Arsene Wenger a few times and been privileged to speak to him about football. With that and what I have read about the man, he loves football… I mean he loves being manager of Arsenal and likes a style of football. With what I heard him say and what I have read, is that even though he is a manager, he is also a fan of football. When he sits in the dugout, he watches the game as well and therefore he wants to see his sides play good football and hopefully win as well. Makes sense, I mean you run a business or are a manager of people, better to have a team that does it all well and makes you life easier, than have a bunch of people that make life difficult.

I am struggling to see how he can watch that last night or Norwich and like what he is seeing. Quite a few times the camera panned in on him and he looked far from satisfied. Arsene you have the power to change that, but persist with Gervinho, who quite frankly was awful last night, like a moth caught in the headlights of a car. Gervinho was basically playing for the other side. I’m glad though that when he was substituted the crowd did not boo him, showed class from the home fans who by then must have been tearing their hair out.

I accept that teams lose games, but I cannot accept the last two performances which have been shocking to say the least. Arsenal are better than this. No goals in two games and one or two shots on target in 180 mins of football. What’s that all about,? From a manager that wants to play free attacking football.

Mannone is a man shot to pieces on confidence, not that I’m saying he is a great keeper anyway. Jenkinson tries his best and has been one of the best players recently. The BFG saved us with great tackles quite a few times last night. TV5 seems to be on holiday. Arteta is well, just Arteta and never really lets you down. Santi has class written all over him, but cannot do all on his own. Ramsey was poor last night. Santos was all over the place, but mitigating him somewhat he had no help at all down the left side. Coquelin did his best and will be a good one for the future. Gervinho, waste of space and Podolski has gone missing.

Many times in the past when I have seems teams play like Arsenal have the last two matches is normally a prelude to a stand-off. Are the players now playing for the manager or against him??…

One or the other is going to win soon and if it is to be Arsene then he needs to kick ARSEnal and soon.

The AGM is today and maybe perfectly timed and could be a difficult day for the board that turn up.  What is going on? Like I said I’m pretty positive, but this cannot be allowed to continue as it stands. If people say Kroenke is in it the money, then I’m not sure how you make money with a failing football team. Success brings in the money and seven years without a trophy is fine of you can keep the team playing attractive and there or there abouts, with the hint of success round the corner, but the last two performances are making the natives restless.

So my match report today

Kick-off…. HT 0-0… 46 mins early chance for Arsenal down right where ball just did not reach Ramsey to have a shot at goal… 76 mins 0-1 Schalke good strike by Huntelaar after Arsenal failed to clear. 86 mins Farfan actually delivers cross  to one of his players and Affelay makes it 0-2 with the simplest of tap-ins… The crowd head for the exit. Not that they had done much to get behind the team. Also not that the team did much to inspire them… All you could hear was 3000 Germans in the crowd.

I’m not going to get all frustrated and medieval on Arsenal after two defeats even if they have played poorly, bloody poorly. I hope for everyone’s sake that today’s AGM throws up some answers and the club start to do something about how the club seem to being going up and down like a tarts knickers over the last few seasons..

Other teams went away for International breaks and did not come back shot to buggery. Right now though the African Nations Cup can’t come quick enough and take Gervinho away. I’m not one for digging players out, but if the guy wants to play for our opponents then please go and sign for them.

I’ll be at the game on Saturday. Hopefully a few players back and maybe a see a side that wants to play and gives QPR a backlash.

That’s all folks!!!


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