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A few thoughts on the Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea league match

September 30, 2012

Morning Gooners… Well, I have had better days on my travels to the Emirates. No one likes losing and more so to local rivals.

Here’s my take on yesterday, please feel free to comment after you have read the blog.

Nice to see Mo Farrah on pitch side before the game being paraded to the fans. Mo got a good reception from those inside at the time, also from the Chelsea fans to a Man, Woman and Child seeing as he was introduced as a massive Gooner. Also an award for Tomas Eisfeld for player of the far East Tour. Like that wasn’t ages ago.

Arsenal team to face Chelsea. Mannone; Jenkinson, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Gibbs; Arteta, Diaby; Ramsey, Cazorla, Podolski; Gervinho. Subs: Mertesacker, Santos, Giroud, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Djourou, Martinez.

Arsene left Mertesacker on the bench today and replaced him with TV5, not Kos. I would imagine that without the Drogba effect and Chelsea now being a more mobile team, Arsene went for the mobility of Kos and TV5 to counter the threat of Hazard, Oscar and Mata.

There can be little doubt that in this match Chelsea came and did a number on Arsenal. I accept that even though they are a club that can just spend. spend, spend, and they do, they have got some classy players in their side and right now the rules allow them to do this and Arsenal have to put up with it and try to counter it. Not an easy task.

The obvious chants from Arsenal supporters towards Cole and Terry ring round parts of the stadium.  Boo’s for Cole and “you know what you are” to Terry. Chelsea fans counter with “with know who we are” and He left ’cause you’re s**t, he left ’cause you’re shiiit, Robin van Persie, he left ’cause you’re shit” You give it out you take it back. Banter!!!

You know I read that today’s match was the most expensive in football history for a league game. Why then when paying a minimum £62 for a tickets are people still pouring into their seats 5 mins after kick off.

The first chance of the game falls to Cazorla when after Gervinho’s initial cross was blocked, Gervinho got a second chance and lays it back to Cazorla who fires well over. Next up Diaby does a feint, drops his shoulder and hit’s a shot from 25 yards straight at Cech who is not troubled, I could see Diaby feel his leg after the shot and straight away said Diaby looks injured.

Hazard and Oscar are being shot at by snipers from all parts of the grounds as they keep hitting the deck. Amazed that you cannot get a can of coke into the Emirates, but you can take Barrett .50 caliber in with ease. Apparently the world record kill for a sniper is from 1.2 miles away and was a British soldier that managed it.

If you do see one of these in the possession of the guy next to you in the stadium, please report it to the Police as they are a danger to certain footballers.

Diaby now leaves the pitch to be replaced by Oxo. “Activate the Cube”…  Then the best bit of football by Chelsea so far as a lovely one-two between Hazard and Torres results in a shot being fired from the Upper Tier, East Stand and down goes Hazard. The Police move into to remove said sniper and refs gives Chelsea a free kick. What’s the Matter takes free kick and it goes right across the area with no challenge, and there if Torres to volley Chelsea 1-0 up. There first attempt at goal.

Straight away Torres beat Kos and has a run in on goal for 2-0, however, Kos manages to get back and clear danger, was it a pen? I’ve seen them given, however, maybe the one Ref Atkinson had waved away on Cazorla only 15 seconds earlier made Atkinson decide to even things up. Cazorla’s would have been soft, Chelsea’s was more of a pen and as they say in China, two Wongs does not make a white.

Had to laugh when I saw one comic fan say Kos would not have been sent off as it was not a clear goalscoring opportunity as it was Torres.

A bit of frustration as the game is pretty dull and both teams can’t get anywhere near making too many chances, so TV5 decides it’s time for the verminator left foot and he shoots from 35 yards and sees his shot go high, wide and not so handsome.

Ramsey goes into Atkinson’s notepad after a shot was heard ringing out from the Upper Tier, North Bank and Oscar hit deck. A lovely piece of skill from Hazard as he beats pulls the back and leaves Gibbs (who was superb today)  on his backside and then does a back flick cross into the area. He may be an opponent but I can appreciate such skill. Mind you it came to nothing.

Oscar is now booked. Save Chelsea’s opener there has been a serious lack of goal-scoring chances in this game. Neither keeper has been really tested.

Gooooooooooooooal!!!! Arteta-Oxo-Gervinho and with his back to goal controls the ball nicely, swivels and smashed a shot into the roof of the Chelsea net for 1-1. Arsenal have been the better team for the last 10 mins and the goal was deserved.

Gervinho makes it 1-1

Arsenal are piling on the pressure and Jenkinson fires in a good cross which Chelsea clear, straight to Podolksi but Luiz just gets a block in. Chelsea finish the half with their second shot as  Oscar fires in from the edge of the area across goal and past the far post.

Arsenal finish the half on top and to be Frank, well I’m Steve, but just for the purpose of saying this, I’m Frank, half time has come to soon for Arsenal with the score 1-1.

Chelsea on the break, Torres on the half-way line and as he cuts in the balls hits Gervinho, how is back covering and somehow Torres wins a corner from the half way line.

Another shot rings out, this time from the area above where the Chelsea fans are situated and down goes Luiz, only this time Atkinson does not take kindly and books the diver.

Podolski beats two, yet his cross is stopped by Cole, who only puts it into the path of Cazorla, but he fires to high, chance gone.

Torres is put away on the half way line and bears down on goal. Still 35 yards out, for some reason, unbeknown to me, Tv5 fouls Torres, why? Torres always loses the ball in those situations, even beats himself.

That foul is punished to the full as what’s the matter floats on another free, this time no one in the Arsenal defence takes responsibility to clear. It’s a difficult one these type of free kicks, I’ve seem Spunky beat by both Zola at the Bridge and Ronaldhino in the World Cup by similar free kicks. Chelsea 2-1 up and for me, they do not deserve to be winning the game. However, that’s football for you. Two shots or one shot and one cross on and two goals.

Now there’s a shock Ivanovic and Luiz mess up throw-in and Gibbs is able to cross and Podolski gets in  a great header that loops towards the far post and I’m already half up out of my seat – 2-2!!! However, Cech rises to get one of his big hands to the ball to palm it away. I fall back into my seat.

Ramsey then thinks he is playing for Chelsea and makes three passes in quick succession straight to Chelsea players. Someone give Arron some smelling salts.  Wake him out of his trance.

Jenkinson is playing well, very well in fact and gets fouled on the edge of the area, a couple of more feet and that’s a penalty…

Chelsea are keeping it tight. Arsenal are having to push for an equaliser, thus the two things allow for Chelsea to break and they break well until the reach they edge of the area and then really don’t know what to do next. Gibbs crosses into the area and Luiz puts the ball out for a corner, that could have easily been an OG.  Arsenal bring on, Giroud and Walcott for Ramsey and Podolski.

Giroud’s first touch brings a shot that takes a Lampard of Luiz and with Cech going the wrong way, I’m out of my seat about to celebrate 2-2 when Cech gets a hand to the ball and even then, with time almost standing still, I thought it was going to drop into the net, but it went wide of the post, sat down gutted. Gibbs take a chance and shoots from 30 yards, but it’s high and wide.

Mata and Torres with a nice one-two and Mata fouled by Gibbs. Fully expecting a Luiz thunderbolt and yet Mata takes and straight into the wall. Kos is down due to a clash of heads. Kos hits the posts from an Arteta free-kick, but assistant flags for offside.

Gervinho puts in Cazorla for a shot but it sails over the bar from the edge of the area. The Oxo puts in Giroud and I thought he should have taken it first time, but he decides to go round Cech and can only put his shot into the side netting. Should have done better there.

Full time 1-2

Gibbs and Jenkinson could hold their heads high. Ramsey run his socks off… Gervinho at least scored. Arteta was solid as usual and apart from the two goals the defence were not really worked. The rest, did they play that poorly? Or did they just have average games? Let’s face it the game was not a classic by any means and Chelsea did not want a classic. Under RDM they have found a way of playing that can null opponents and they use it when it suits. Did Kos play that poorly? Ok! I grant that maybe he should have done better on Torres first, but what about Credit to Torres for the goal. The second the ball went a long way and ended up in the net. People call for Mertersacker as he has started the season on fire, but many were saying the bleeding opposite last season when he was slipping against Norwich and Sunderland and that he is not Arsenal class.

Consistency is a key to establishing a footballers ability, not the odd game here and there. S**t happens and the S**t hit the fan yesterday twice. I feel some fans think a player is great, good, bad or awful depending on what game they watch. So two good games and a player is a world beater, two poor games and his deadwood.

What the team now need to do is learn from this defeat and go forward, a wake up call early in the season.  I think this Arsenal team will beat most sides that stand before them, but there are four-five that could give us trouble if the team do not learn to break down opponents, stop giving silly free kicks away where teams can damage us in the league and also quite a few more in the Champions League.

Fair play to the Ref today who I thought did well. I always say the mark of a good display from a ref is one that goes un-noticed and to be fair we’ve had a few of them this season. We lost yesterday due to our own shortcomings and not some dodgy decision.

I like the fact the there is a respect campaign for Referee’s and Linesman, but for me respect has to be earned, not as a matter of right. If Refs are wrong then they should be questioned by fans and rightly so. However, not abused and threatened by people crazy enough to do so on social networking sites. How can anyone improve if they are not questioned. If refs are the sole topic of football matches after a game then surely that is not good for the game.

Now I look forward and not back and on to Wednesday when we play Olympiakos.



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  1. teddy permalink
    September 30, 2012 17:09

    loosing is good only if we learn from it.

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