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Arsenal and football news as I saw it this week.

September 22, 2012

Morning Gooners. Lovely bright skies in Harlow this morning and it’s gonna be a good day.


I saw news that Szczesny was apparently injured in the warm up before the game with Southampton, some sort of ankle injury. This could explain his poor kicking and failure to catch the ball that led to Southampton’s goal. Though it could be as far as the cynics go, just an attempt to over shadow the fact that he has been dropped… You choose?

Vito Mannone is getting fast getting support from the sections of fans for keeping two clean sheets. Maybe Szczesny will not be missed, they say. Let’s hope so. In the instant success football world we live in today, two good games means a player is worth £20m and two poor games mean a player is deadwood. Mannone is one of the DEADWOOD from last season and let’s face it many fans would have had him well gone by now.

I’m not saying Mannone is the answer, however, he now been given a chance. Some players just don’t get a chance due to other players being in their way. If players can’t get a chance to shiiiiiiiine how will we ever know what they can do?

Loan spells are good, but can be mis-leading with players, playing in lesser sides and looking better than they are. Jack did well at Bolton as Owen Coyle plays the sort of football that fitted Jack, though not Bolton.  Mannone has got lucky this season, like Szczesny last season now needs to take that chance at the top-level. It’s said, If you’re good enough, you’re old enough.

Theo scored against Southampton, so it was just about right that a few snippets of news surface about his contract situation.  Arsene says he is going to give Oliver Giroud some time and be patient with him… Patient/Patience dodgy words in today’s world of football. No doubt this will run and run until he starts scoring.


RIP Brian Woolnough the sports journo for the Daily Star and front man of the Sunday Supplement, who passed away today. My thoughts with his family. I always thought he was a bit anti-Arsenal, but none the less he was one of the old guard and much better than the journo’s of today who follow Twitter to get their news.

Stevie Bould is standing in for the suspended Arsene Wenger who starts the first of his three match suspension somewhere up in the Gods at the Stade de la Mosson no doubt surrounded by armed guards. Good luck Stevie Bould.

Arsenal v Montpellier covered here by me.

Manchester City played Real Madrid and after twice being in front lose 3-2 to a last-minute strike by Ronaldo. I do wonder what the reaction would have been had Szczesny he let that third goal in. Harts flavour of the moment though. Was I the only one that thought that City got better media coverage in defeat than Arsenal got in victory?


Manchester United scraped a 1-0 home win over Galatasaray. The Turkish side having two penalties turned down and hitting the woodwork twice. Also United missed their third penalty of the season. Still they can be sure of at least another 20 this season, from soft referees at some at some stage.

Chelsea were 2-0 up against Juventus with two goals from Oscar, the first a Lampard and the second a beauty. Then they let it slip and two second half goals from Juventus levelled things up against the luckiest team to ever win the Champions League.


Europa Cup night and that lot down the road were playing Lazio at the Lane that time forgot on ITV4 and not even in HD :-). There were a couple of dodgy disallowed goals that went against the Spuds and the game ended in a 0-0 draw. My over-riding memory of the match was listening to Andy Townsend talk so much tripe, trying to tell me what a brilliant squad Spuds have (WHAT!!!) and 12,ooo Spurs fans turning up dressed as blue seats.

I also watched the video doing the rounds with Ian Wright, here. Superb video it was as well. A footballer talking honestly about his life around football. This is one video that is a must watch for ANY football fan.

I thought part of the video summed up some sections of football supporters today. It was around the 24 min mark, where Ian was talking about an incident he had with Peter Schmichael at Highbury, where he jumped in on Schmichael as the ball was there to be won.  Wrighty felt the media slaughtered him. Wrighty said “the press continuously harked upon the negative side of what happened. The people who have the power, they can say and do what they want and it will, it will turn the opinions of the masses”

I do believe this is what happens with many supporters today. What the media say is sacrosanct, fans believe and go with it. So the more the media knock Arsenal, the more some sections of Arsenal fans knock Arsenal. Then the media see and hear their reaction on social networking sites, national newspaper comments pages and on phone-in shows and in turn dig the knife deeper and it’s a downward spiral. Things have not been brilliant at the club since we last a won a trophy, but have they been that bad? Has there not been some football mitigating circumstances? We’ve started the season well, but there is still a lot of work do.

I also have to say, Ian Wright talks about how the media work, but he also needs to look at his own column in the Sun he writes. Is he not doing the same thing?

I’m sick of ex-footballers opinions. They are basically being paid to write controversy, not honest opinions. Spreading hype at some clubs and creating doom and gloom at others. Let’s face it five years ago, if you mentioned Manchester and football, most of the Manchester City team today would have thought you were talking about Man Utd. They do not play for the shirt, they play for the money, they went there due to the money. It’s not the City fans fault and why should they not enjoy the success they are having. However, for me it’s wrong, clubs should be built on organic growth. It’s sport after all.

The media want sexy and Arsenal have not been sexy. Man City and Chelsea both formed in the last eight years have been sexy, spending all that money which creates headlines. Compared to this Arsenal are boring and only sell players. I have seen Arsenal written off by the media for getting in the top four for the last six seasons, where Liverpool and Spurs, maybe even Newcastle are mentioned as the clubs going to overtake us. But the reality is different. I want Arsenal to get back amongst the trophies as much as the next Gooner, only I think there are other reasons we are not succeeding right now and not just because we won’t spend money. Hopefully the playing field will level out over the next few years, then I’ll know more about if Chelsea and City were buying trophies.


Got off the coach at Bank and walked along Cheapside to work. Suddenly I saw them!! Hundreds of them all queuing up outside the O2 store and down Bow Lane for the new iPhone5…The must have the latest gadget… NOW!!!

Jack Wilshere was back in training yesterday. Softly. softly approach will be taken and hopefully all will go well and he’ll be back playing for the first team by the end of October. Arsenal are going to have some midfield when Jack and Frimpong are back and hopefully the rest steer clear of any long-term injury.

Arsenal have announced that they have sold out of tickets for the home Capital Cup match with Coventry City.  That’s 60k tickets and this is not even a match where season tickets count. This while Spuds down the road got 25.030 against Lazio at home in the Europa Cup. Bigger stadium? Yeah right… It’s also amazing that with all the negativity that surrounds Arsenal that they still sell out matches like this. Yes! the tickets prices are a factor £20 and £10 for adults and £10 and £5 for children, but it is still impressive.

More sad news here. Thoughts go out to Chris and his family.


It looks like Robin van Persie has made Arsene think hard. I heard that Robin wanted out as the money was too tempting elsewhere. The problem for RVP arose when Barca and Real did not want him, leaving City, Juventus as the front-runners and Man Utd in third spot for his signature. Juventus then pulled the plug due to cost for a 29-year-old. Then Man City had trouble off loading players to be able to sign RVP, leaving United in the cat-bird seat. I heard that RVP actually asked to say, but Wenger said no. RVP had burnt his britches, he was out and the rest is history, he now plays for United. The same for Song. Messed about too much, did not do as he was told. Song was shown the door. Why am I highlighting this. because the same is happening to Theo. The manager and club look to have had enough. They look like they are getting tough on players and saying play or go. Leaving only players who want to play and getting rid of trouble makers.

Theo signs or he goes, maybe in January. Watch this space for Sagna

So now it’s onto the Middle Eastlands for the big game with City. I think we can do well there and have a good feeling about this match.

More later, till then hope you all have a great weekend and three points for the Arsenal tomorrow..



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