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It’s here.. It’s arrived…

August 31, 2012

Hello Gooners.

It’s here… It’s arrived… Transfer deadline day… 13 hours & 3 mins of madness left… Later Jim White and Bryan Swanson…

Will he or won’t he? Will Arsene Wenger go out and get the special players he always talks about that will strengthen the team?

Do I think he will?  Maybe, sadly loaners is all we’ll get, like Yossi last season. Last year though we did get Arteta for £10m at the last moment and he turned out alright.

I’m not going to go into what players the club could sign or spread the rumours doing the rounds on twitter by the ITK’s and the (sod) all-knowing media as we know 99% of it is total bullshine.  Also I can’t do anything about so I’m a wait and see type of guy. I’ll sit back and hope, maybe even pray that AFC will spring a surprise or two. If we don’t then so be it. Might as well just enjoy what we have and hope that the squad we have can cope and we stay reasonably injury free for a season for a change.

Arsene has many quotes at this time of the year and I feel the best way to take them is take no sodding notice. I would say they are just to feed media. Arsene does what he wants, when he wants and if he has players lined up, then we’ll get them, if not he won’t.

I do feel the club are still the secret society in football, give nothing away, all docs marked “top secret, for your eyes only” The Illuminati of the football world. This does not help with many fans today who need to and want to know everything and have no patience. However, it does seem strange that the club have money, that much is obvious and we do need a few players that why they may not guarantee AFC winning the titles or cups, they would surely give us a better chance and make the top three a lot easier than the last couple of seasons. If players of quality and could do a job are available, the club should be willing to take a few risks with £15m here and there, that could make the season a lot better and much more hope and enjoyment for the fans across the board.

As for loaners, what is it with paying £35m for Carroll and then loaning him out to WHU for the season. Surely this is cannot be right.  Just who runs the game in this country? That they allow these crazy loans to go ahead. I would imagine the very same people who have a transfer window that closes after the season has started.

There should ne NO loans between premiership football clubs, they have enough money thrown at them to sign players. If like Liverpool they have wasted money by having people in charge of purse strings, that allow crazy money to spent on players that are worth a 10th of what they are worth, then they have to suffer the losses.

Liverpool willing to sign Sahin for £7m fee and pay his wages for a season with no option to buy the guy at the end of the season. So glad AFC did not sign him on this sort of contract. It’s about time the clubs wrestled some of the power back from the players and agents or there is never going to be any loyalty in modern football. Football are the complete opposite, totally loyal to their clubs and it cannot help that there is such a divide. How can teams hope to produce a settled squad? Even the likes of City and Chelsea, though making big signings, can just offload players and purchase the new top players on the block as they feel like it.

It would seem that AFC’s hope is still dependant of the FFPR’s coming in and then being enforced if clubs do not abide. Time will tell out here as it is brought in gradually. The one thing I do find strange is that FFP is something the clubs want apparently, inc City, Chelsea, Real and Barca, so why would they not abide by it? The other thing is people who worry that UEFA will not enforce on clubs like Barca. Would they throw the likes of Messi & Co out of the Champions league for not abiding by the rules? Well what about the clubs who do abide by it, surely they have rights as well? Surely they have as much right to challenge the rules being broken by clubs who do not abide by the rules? Comments please…

I see Theo has mentioned that he will see out the last year of his contract. Oh great, this will just bring up another load of crap from the media next summer that we lose another player. If he does not sign new one, bloody well sell him today. Though for the life of me, why would anyone want him?

TodayI would also like to see the likes of Arshavin, Bendtner, Squillachi and Park move on, get them off the pay roll, they are our Liverpool mistakes.

For the life of me I don’t know why we don’t spend a few quid on Clint Dempsey up front. He is already used to the premiership and can be offered CL football, but could do a good job coming in for difficult league games and a good forward plan B.

UPDATE!!! Apparently Fulham have acceoted bid from Villa

The draw for the Whatever it is cup (Capital Cup) this season was made and we have drawn Coventry, so hopefully a young side can be out and progress. Always fun watching the young lads in the whatever cup it is.

The Champions league throws us in with Montpellier, Shalke 04 and once again Olympiacos who we play last away again. We should reach the knockout stages with that draw, though I would have preferred Man City’s group.




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  1. Dr mre permalink
    August 31, 2012 08:51

    Why wud u prefer man city’s group

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