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He leaves when he wants, RVP, he leaves when he wants

July 7, 2012

Afternoon Gooners…

Many have had their say. Here’s my take…

Way back, A long, long time ago. Tuesday in fact. All seemed right in AFC world. Sagna said on his Twitter account he was back running. Podilski had officially signed for Arsenal along with Giroud.

For all the world it looked like the club and Wenger were looking to do things right this summer and slowly the fans were coming onside, cautious maybe, but coming round that this summer was going to be different. Wenger had come out and said that Arsenal must keep RVP “at all costs” and this could involve keeping RVP for the last year of his contract, if he did not sign a new one  if need be. Wenger had ruled out the French National manager’s job and talk of Hugo Lloris coming on board to keep tabs with S13.

Suddenly on Weds evening a statement out of the blue from RVP, his agent or Uncle Tom Cobbly said that RVP would not be renewing his contract at AFC. Parts of his statement were about the different views both he and Arsenal/Arsene had on the way forward for the club. Robin of course loves the club, he loves the fans… Yeah right!!! Why leave then? I could straight away give you about 250.000 reasons each week. No! That would not be correct. Would it? Robin wants trophies and success and he feels he cannot get this at Arsenal. Oh Pleeeeeease!!! Behave….

Maybe if RVP had not had glass ankles and being out injured for the best part of his time at Arsenal, he might actually be in the possession of a few medals to show his children when they grow up. However, more likely he’ll show them his bank statements instead.

So this summers event at AFC finds Robin on the cusp of leaving, not the end of the world maybe. Many expected it might be the case. Suddenly, Twitter and Arsenal’s 1.5m tweeters went into overdrive. Many were saying sell him now, how he has s**t on the club. Others were saying the club and board haven’t a clue. Somewhere in the middle of all these tweets were a good number of journalists who use twitter and like nothing better than a good story coming falling right into their lap and making the best of it… Remember last summer Gooners? The start of the start of the season, about seven games? They, the media were banging us right up the ARSEnal…

Well why look a gift horse in the mouth, just add water and Robin’s comments grew and took on a life of its own.

At this stage it was just a comment, he has not left AFC yet, remember Rooney wanting to leave United.

Arsenal then made a statement about respecting RVP’s decision, saying they “hoped he would be professional enough to fulfil his contract” My big fat arse he will unless forced. His comments were engineered to get away as soon as. RVP is 28 and if he stays for one more year, he may not have the chance for a cool £1m a month to be offered this time next year.

The thing with AFC news is it never stops there. Oh no!!! there’s more, there’s always more…… Add a few more logs to the fire the media are building. Pouring over the news on RVP, suddenly Barca had made an offer for TV5, £32m if you please, nice and where did they suddenly find that money?

Theo apparently is of the same mind as RVP and may be looking to leave. £80k a week is not enough for a footballer who spends most of his time, telling us what he/Arsenal are going to do and then walking on the pitch and playing like a ten-year old. I’m mot sure I have ever seen a player have the ball taken from him so easily in games. Easy to talk the talk Theo, not so easy to walk the walk. Shut up for once and let your feet and not mouth do the talking.

Songhino we find is only two years into his contract, he’s not going to sign either. R&W write an open letter to Arsenal FC telling the club what it is doing wrong. The Journo’s must think Christmas has come early..

With Gooners at each others throats on Twitter it gave the media a chance to wind it all up. Chuck in some cracked crests, broken club, in-fighting and the world has collapsed around the Emirates Stadium. Last one out please turn off the lights…

I though this was maybe it’s a load of old rubbish, No it is rubbish and in reality things are not so bad. Two new players purchased and brought in with maybe more to come.  Stevie Bould, Terry Burton on coaching side for first team and reserves.

One very good season from RVP and let’s face he was bloody good, World Class in fact. However, RVP is 28 and if AFC were looking to sign a player of that age, who was injured for the best part of the last seven-years, playing before last season an average of 20 games-a-season and pay him £1m a month with a £25m transfer fee, most Gooners would be saying the club is bonkers.

What I really don’t understand is this… Look at the front pages of most newspapers or just inside, No! Not page 3… You’ll see articles about companies struggling, going into administration, going bust. People losing their jobs and Financial meltdown in Europe… Bankers being blamed (rightly so) for all sorts of things inc rate fixing.

Yet flip to the back pages of the same papers, different journo’s seem to have no problem with a club willing to just flash the cash and pay a footballer £250k a week. A club or two that have so much money they can just buy players at will or carry on paying a player £90k a week while they loan him out. Not even a hint of any of them saying is this right? Is this a bit immoral in today’s world? Wonder how many City fans have lost their jobs in the last two years. Must be nice struggling to keep afloat while your team pays a footballer £1m a month.

The simple thing to do is to stick it to the one club that is actually trying to do it the right way, many others are beginning to copy and survive on what it earns. You see for the media, this is just not SEXY enough, it’s boring, whereas Man City and Chelsea are a Journo’s dream ticket, they make news for them. They can link those clubs to all manner of players.

Arsenal in crisis… Are they? Seems to me and right now and it’s 15.14 on Saturday afternoon, not much has changed. RVP is still currently with AFC and may still be for one more season (though I think he should leave now).

I would think if there is a club or two in crisis the media might do well to look down the Seven Sisters Road or take a trip up the M1/M6/M62 and take a good look at Liverpool FC.

Two clubs who have a shed load of things to get right before they can be contenders again. Both need to build new stadia and that in today’s money is around £400m a pop.

What is going on is that for a number of years while Arsenal have not been winning, the press (not all, but most) have tried to hound Wenger out of his job… Not winning in today’s football is not winning, it does not matter about circumstances changing the face of the game. Not winning means to many members of the press, total failure and they cannot comprehend how a club can keep someone in charge for so long with no success. What they have not planned for is AFC’s board will NOT panic and will take little or no notice of certain parts of the media that try to force issues on the club.

As each season passes they try harder and harder to make things happen and for many Wenger out would be a huge story… It would run for weeks… Then you would also have who would be the new manager? more pages filled.

If City wants to spend money, along with Chelsea and let’s face it they have the means to do it, good luck to them. I personally don’t think it is right, but right now football dictates that they are not doing anything wrong as far as rules are concerned. However, the media should stop sticking it to the clubs that cannot afford to buy players for stupid money or in fact keep their players when these teams come knocking with the fat cheque books that are making RVP’s head turn and eyes bulge at the incredible sums on offer. Instead turn the tables and make them think about the buying trophies route these clubs are taking.

I don’t like to swear so apologies but I’m going to, FUCK RVP and Theo if that’s what they want and be honest here, It all about the money, money money, and very little to do with trophies, unless you’re kidding yourself.

Yachts, Casino’s, fast cars, fast women, planes, sprawling country estates and now the latest toys, football clubs, all the playboy billionaires could ask for.

If people and Gooners want to lay blame to the club/board/manager, then they have that right, but for me the blame should be aimed more at the people who are causing the current problem. If Arsenal drop down the pecking order then so does every club behind us, while a few clubs just grow stronger. I doubt there are a finite amount of billionaires in the world to keep taking over football clubs. I read that there are about 1210 Billionaires in the world. However I would imagine today you have to be a Multi-billionaire with at least £5b maybe £10b to buy a football club. Roman and Mansoor have spent about £1b each, so if you had a billion, you’d be skint now.

How many of the 1210 are multi-billionaires ? Then how many of them are interested in football and of those that are, how many want to buy into a football club anyway… Many of them that might think of getting involved may see the two already in place and think is it worth the time and effort… I wonder what would happen if City dominates for 5 years or so. Would Roman stay around seeing his club out-gunned year in year out? Or maybe the other way round.

Like all Gooners I want to see AFC win trophies, yet not sure I would want to win them the Chelsea/City way.

As each season goes by football loses a bit more of its soul. It’s becoming about a few clubs with the riches to get what they want. Not only in England, but Spain, Italy, maybe even France shortly with PSG…

I hope and pray that football’s efforts to stem this rising tide of rich owners with FFPR’s works and that if clubs end up richer than others, its organic growth, due to fan base, location, history. That if smaller clubs get a run of success they can grow and get bigger and maybe challenge the big boys. Many right now just seem happy to survive and take Sky’s money. Finishing mid-table a success, but they get £50m to fight another year.

For many clubs success for fans seems to be based on managing to beat one of the big clubs during the season. What is the point of that? Stoke City did not lose to any of the top five at home last season. However they scored 36 goals in 38 games and had 96 shots on target. How can football fans like Stoke RFC’s bonkers lot watch that every week. They have to because they have to survive and play a form of football to suit 6’8 footballers and cavemen due the managers style that will keep them in the Premiership and keep the money rolling in. I’m not blaming Stoke, just the system that sort of dictates that they have to reach 40 pts to survive and this is their best option.

Right to End. It’s Saturday, three days after RVP’s comments and I still can’t see Arsenal a club in crisis. I predict we’re going to do well next season.

Anyone with me?



3 Comments leave one →
  1. Leigh permalink
    July 7, 2012 17:01

    Great article Harlowgooner….. I’m with you all the way!!!

  2. garry williams blog permalink
    July 7, 2012 18:13

    great article nice to see some logic being applied rather than us gooners having a go at each other

  3. Tunnesky permalink
    July 7, 2012 20:34

    Well said!

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