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Arsenal & Football News 8 June 2012

June 8, 2012

Afternoon Gooners. Next time I take a week off, I must remember to book them in June.

Well what happened this week.

Monday RVP will he stay or will he go?… I attended the Emirates (my Church) to see Coldplay at their last night gig. It was terrific, well worth the two free tickets that got me in. I was standing on the pitch, halfway line, centre spot, looking around and for the first time I got a feel for how massive the stadium really is: Yours truly below.

Video’s I took of Coldplay singing Viva la Vida and Yellow

Got home late from the concert to find the news that Chelsea actually brought Eden Hazard and there he is, holding the kit. This is always the best notifier that a player has signed.

Tuesday RVP will he stay or will he go?… Ivan Gazidis comes out ahead of the meeting with AST on Weds to say that Arsenal are working towards having a real shot at the title. He also mentions that AFC are looking to sign quality players, not quantity of players this summer. Right now it’s early June, with the Euro’s about to start and still plenty of time yet for the right players to be brought and the wrong players to leave. The papers have tracked down Santos and he discusses RVP in that he is not sure he will stay. Domestic football news is thin on the ground as DB10 is linked with the Swansea job.

Weds RVP will he stay or will he go?…  is very quiet on AFC front only rumours to go on. The AST will meet and engage with IG. I avoided Twitter today as I could not be asked to log in and see about 20 of the Twitteratti all trying to be first to get the news out to the Twitter masses. Also knowing that even if IG had come out and said we’re signing Messi, there would still be a degree of complaints. I like what I hear that IG is looking to restructure the wages at Arsenal. More emphasis on giving the right players the right money. More for players that deserve it.

Football at times is what it is and right now there are a few big clubs with very deep pockets who can buy who they want, when they want with no fear about the club losing money or playing the game with fairness or sporting integrity. Does anyone believe that the current and last season FA Cup holders, the current League Champions and the current Champions League Holder would be as it is, if not for a couple of Multi-Billionaires? Frankly I find it all wrong. As IG mentions, it’s not right or good to have one man so dominant. He says:

‘We don’t think that is healthy or for the good of the game When I arrived three-and-a-half years ago there had been a lot of change of the board and some degree of conflict.

‘Since then we have worked hard to ensure the board is unified and has a common purpose. In terms of any further additions to the board it is important we don’t disturb unity and don’t create conflict.’

Thurs RVP will he stay or will he go?… Discussion still goes on about the IG/AST meeting. Why can we not have Usmanov on the board and helping out? Do we really want to follow in the footsteps on the City & Chelsea? No for me thanks. Keep football real.

I took the boy to the Emirates today for the kit launch. First stop the “Little Wonder Cafe” for full English. Then we went into the Armoury to supply IG/AFC with some more money to stash away.

Excuse me mate have you got the new Arsenal kit yet?

Brought full kit for my Son (see below) and got myself the new first team shirt. I don’t think it looks anywhere near as bad as people are making out. In fact I think it looks very good.

Then took the boy for tour of the stadium (already been on legends with Charlie George) took the self guided tour this time.

Took my chance to check out what it would be like to be manager at presser for a few minutes (see below)

No more questions!

Checking out the dugout

 Panoramic view of stadium yesterday. Pitch you see is plastic.

Fri RVP will he stay or will he go?… It’s still pissing down with rain. Chilling out today and waiting for the Euro’s to start in earnest later tonight. Three weeks of football and that can’t be a bad thing. I just hope that the football is good and not a let down with teams to scared to lose. I also hope that England do better than expected and give us something to smile about.



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  1. itsnotallaboutthearsenal permalink
    June 8, 2012 13:05

    get a life and forget about Arsenal on your weeks holiday !!!!!!

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