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Arsenal News 20 May Champions League

May 20, 2012

Evening Gooners.

So there we have it, Chelsea after an 8 year history have won the Champions League. Though a small crumb of comfort was that at one stage Spuds were looking at going 13 pts ahead of us and last night Chelsea’s win saw them enter the Europa Cup and Channel 5 on Thursdays. 🙂

Congratulations I suppose are in order to Chelsea. However, I find it hard on a footballing level as well as an Arsenal fan level to take that this club who 10 years ago were basically nothing and have come from that nowhere with the aid of £1b to win the biggest trophy for domestic football clubs.

Having watched their progress through the competition this season, it has been filled with good fortune and yes! Clubs do need a bit of good fortune, but Chelsea got it in spades. They were out played for almost 300 mins of the Semi-Final v Barcelona and the final with Bayern, where they parked the fleet of buses and to be fair kept both teams out as best as they could and when needed grabbed the goals that count.

Final Score Bayern 1-1 Transport for London. TFL won 4-3 on Penalties.

Messi and Robben both missed penalties. The woodwork was almost their best player in Semi’s and the last penalty Bayern took by Schweinsteiger hit the post.

Anyway on the Champions League I think as each passing year goes by it’s another nail in the coffin for football as I know it, (maybe you feel that way too).

For me it’s not a league, it’s a Cup. Also, as for the Champions part, the two clubs involved last night were not Champions of their country last season or this. Now before people start thinking well, what did you say when we got to the final? well I have always stated this. We we’re not champions and if it was the winners of domestic league then we would never have got there.

It was a bad day I think when they changed the format of European Football. UEFA threw all their eggs into one basket and that was the Champions League. Out went the Cup Winners Cup and the UEFA Cup was basically demoted to an also ran and changed to the Europa Cup and a similar system as the champions league, but on Thursday nights shoved out-of-the-way.

I feel UEFA could have made more use by allowing a bigger share of the monies to be spread around between the three trophies instead of changing them. Only allow Champions of their Country as it was into the European Cup to enter the Champions League and rename it The Champions Cup. Keep the Europa Cup as it now and FA Cup Winners go into the Cup Winners Cup.

Let’s face it the Europa Cup is mainly an also ran due to the teams that qualify for it. The best of the rest after the top three/four of each Country are entered into the Champions League. No wonder the sponsors and advertising is poor.

If it were Champions only in the Champions Cup then next season Man Utd, Arsenal and Spurs would be in the Europa Cup.  as would Barcelona, Valencia, from Spain. AC Milan, Udinese, Lazio, from Italy.  France PSG, Lille… Good clubs that would make any competition exciting and sponsors and advertisers willing to pay money.

Play Europa Cup Tuesday Nights. Champions League Weds nights and CWC Thursday nights.

Maybe I am an old stick in the mud being 54 and like the way football used to be before money became such a huge part of the game. I also understand that under the current system Arsenal got into a Champions League Final (and yes I went), but I still would have preferred us not to be in it, if it meant things were the same as they were, with the money more evenly spread around. We may not have been 15 years in the Champions League, but would have been in the Europa Cup for 12 of hem and Champions League for Three and Chelsea would not have won last night. Maybe won in Europe a few times.

I also understand I am flogging a dead horse as there is no way it is going to change while clubs and UEFA are looking at sums of something like £20m just for qualifying for the Champions League. and UEFA earn a fortune from selling advertising.

I loved our runs in the Cup Winners Cup in 1980 1994 and 1995…

There is all sorts of chatter on Arsenal forums, blogs and Twitter about Chelsea’s win. Is it good that money can buy trophies?… Some saying so what, Arsenal have money and won’t spend it? I suppose the fact that Chelsea have won makes having a go at the club you support that much easier for not spending.

City brought the league. Chelsea brought another two cups. Quite frankly I am amazed that anyone can see it differently apart from their fans right now. I don’t blame their fans though, why should they not lap it up, it’s not their fault. I blame the money men and the FA/UEFA for letting the system get out hand and for what I feel reduces competition.

I’m a football man as well as an Arsenal supporting season ticket holder. If we don’t win, then we don’t win. I can accept that. What I don’t like is a distorted premiership where money is the king and teams can just buy up the best players. Players go to City now as they know there are huge sums to be earned and again you cannot blame them.

You could say it’s worse in Spain where two clubs get the majority of the TV money while the rest just pick up the scraps. Surely it cannot be good for Spanish football to see two clubs dominate (look what it’s like in Scotland) and see players like Messi and Ronaldo score 100 goals between them each season and both clubs score 100 goals with +70/80 GD’s.

There has to be a system where clubs just spend what they earn and if you want to spend more you grow organically, to increase your supporter base.

Right now there is nothing anyone can do about it, save watching and hoping for the sake of football, that the FFPR’s somehow work and clubs abide by them.

However for Arsenal the time has now come to put their hands in their pockets and at least spend what they have on the right players and give it as good a shot as they can from now on.

They need to give Wenger the money and Wenger needs to spend it. Change the structure and stop paying young players big money for not even being the finished article yet, just being potential. There are only Jack Wilshere’s once in a while. Stop buying players that are not good enough for Arsenal. Time to start brining in players that even though they may not be the best of the best £30m type players, there are still good enough players at £10/15m out there, so go pick them up. Clubs do have a quota and clubs can only buy so many players. As one of the top eight clubs in Europe there must be enough players for Arsenal get in and make a good fist of it next season.

Anyway that’s how I roll.



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  1. Tom permalink
    May 29, 2012 19:23

    Funny view of history from the myopic arsenal fans as usual. As a Chelsea supporter of 40 years I’ve been through everything with the blues often singing the blues for most of those 40 years. We have always had a large fan base and have always been an underachieving “big club” so I don’t take much note of the history rubbish. All roman did was level the playing field. Arsenal are probably still doing better than us financially so I don’t quite understand why you whine so much. I think you should persuade arsene to take his blinkers off and invest more.

    • May 29, 2012 19:32

      Thanks for taking the time to comment Tom. Fair enough you entitled to your view and I’m more likely to accept a view from a Cheslea fan of 40 years. I too used to go to Chelsea a lot in the 70’s whenever Arsenal were not playing in London and Chelsea were. We used to get beat 3-0 quite a lot by your mob. I’m not sure that Roman levelled the playing field, more he blew it away. I wonder how you would have felt if he had brought either Arsenal or Spurs the two clubs that were his first choice? Personally I’m not into all the sugar Daddy football money. I prefer clubs to live off their own means and looking at the bigger picture for football. Anyway thanks againh for taking the trouble to read. Congrats BTW on beating Bayern, how you won it I’ll never know, but you did.


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