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Arsenal News 18 May 2012

May 18, 2012

Afternoon Gooners… It’s my 21st Anniversary today. This time 21 years ago, Spuds were about to play forest at Wembley and I was about to get married in Pardon Wood (Harlow) and have a bash at the Epping Post House.

Now onto Arsenal matters. We’ve ended the season in third place, keeping the Tiny Totts in their place and for the 17th Season running and celebrated St Tottering’s day, albeit the last day of the season. Does anyone know what the alternative day is called should Spuds ever 🙂 Finish above us? Mind the Gap!!!

Man City brought the title to add to last years FA Cup. Man Utd come second and go into the Champions League proper with Arsenal. Tiny Totts now have to wait and hope Bayern beat Chelsea to qualify for the Qualifiers of the Champions league. It’s  Munchen all the way for me. Would not like Chelsea to be the first London club to win the Champions League. So Spuds qualify, doubt they’ll get past early rounds for plebs.

The news now is all bout RVP. I am surprised that Arsenal fans are surprised by the latest transfer surrounding RVP. It’s as much an annual event as the Ewing barbecue.

There is no REAL loyalty in football today at the top, so what PV4 is doing putting his nose in and RVP is also doing is looking after themselves. RVP contract talks have apparently stalled.  How do we know this… Twitter and a few Journo’s that’s how. How much truth can be attached to this?…………… Who knows?…  Please let me know.  if you have the answer? Remember voting closes later today and if you vote after this your vote may note be entered and you might still be charged. However, Robin might just want to see what Arsenal are going to do in the transfer market before committing himself to the club.

Question… Just who would be in for him. England only City or United. But who do they get rid of to bring him in due to player quota’s?  Spain only Barca or Real. Do either of them need RVP? Barca will have Villa back soon. Madrid not sure they need him. Also Spain are in serious trouble and both clubs owe huge taxes to the Government. If the Government write it off and the clubs go out and buy players, surely that is not only sticking your middle finger up at the citizens of Spain but the rest of the Union, who have pumped money im to keep them afloat.

Italy? Do me a favour, why would anyone go there? Juventus…Massive backward step…

I do find it amazing though that in troubled times like the World is in, maybe even a collapse of the European Currency/Union. Businesses disappearing overnight. Jobs going. People struggling to pay bills. Sky/BBC News will cover all the stories on Financial meltdown and tell us all the gloomy outlook. Banks being downgraded as well as countries credits rating.. Yet switch on Sky Sports News And the revel in the news that a club is willing to pay a player £250k a week and yet  absolutely no discussion on the morality of it all in these times.  Huge sums are bounded about like Monopoly money.

£250k a week is madness for a player and I for one would rather Arsenal said look here “You score when you want” except Milan and Norwich and QPR away, here’s  £100k and that’s 10x more than you deserve, take it or leave.

RVP has been brilliant this season, but look at it, his goals never won us a trophy, though they did get us on the Champions League. 30 league goals. Would we miss him of Podolski scored 20, Arteta, Theo and maybe another forward brought with the RVP money scored 40 between them. The defence sharpened up a bit and let 10/12 goals less in?

Last season Nasri and Cesc left and almost ALL experts had us down to drop out of top four and Liverpool to be in top four yet we finished higher than the season before. Let’s not have discussion about Chelsea, Liverpool and Spurs letting us in as we did no more than do the same for them in previous years.

I don’t think much more than say four very good signing (they don’t have to be £30m plus) will give us a better shot next season.

I’d rather do it the Arsenal way, than the City way. FA Cup and now League, Brought. There was nothing organic about it. One mega rich Oil Sheikh your-money, One Russian multi Billionaire and football’s soul is sold to the highest bidder… Step forward the Devil.

Would you like to see Arsenal go down this route?

Roll on next season.

Cheers and please subscribe if you like the blog. I do try to keep it real and add the laughs.


3 Comments leave one →
  1. May 18, 2012 14:12

    Spot on…

  2. phil togwell permalink
    May 18, 2012 16:37

    yep, whatever you’re going to do, do it now!

  3. gooner paul permalink
    May 18, 2012 20:37

    well said mate totally agree with all you have said above and as for pv4 he needs to keep his own oil house in order !!

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