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Arsenal News 28 April 2012

April 28, 2012

Morning Gooners… Today we step forth to play the cavemen from the Potteries… Let battle commence…

Arsene Wenger on is quoted as saying “We’ll be better equipped for Stoke” . TV5 chips in with “were ready to do Battle with Stoke” footballs only Rugby club. Let’s hope that when push comes to shove and there will be a lot of pushing and shoving, we match Stoke for brute force as well as play our football.

Team news from the boss… TR7 is alright. He was sick last weekend. Abou Diaby…. Will not start. He was sick until yesterday and had a light session. He could be short again but he could be in the squad. Theo is out for Saturday. He has a little chance to catch the last game but not the next two. The BFG is doing well. He is hopeful he will make the Euros and I hope he does. He is doing all his work here and the next two weeks will be vital for him. He has started ball work and he looks quite good. Basically the squad should be similar to what we have seen in the last game. Yossi should be back because he could not play in the last game against Chelsea.

Since Chelsea played and won through on agg in the Nou Camp on Tuesday a lot of worried Gooner seem to be popping up. 4th spot could mean no Champions League if Chelsea beat Bayern in Munich on the 19th May. It also seems that this threat also open up the chance to have a dig at anything Arsenal related by their own fans.

I find that after a result whether it’s a poor one involving Arsenal or a result where another team wins that might affect Arsenal’s position, there seem to be a number of Arsenal fans on Forums, Twitter and blogs that like to wind each other down. Were third and six points clear of Spuds in 5th place. No need to worry about something that had not happened yet.

Chelsea reach the Final of the CL and suddenly we have the imminent release of the new kits for next season. Twitter feeds, Blogs and Arsenal forums guessing what the new kit will look like and rather than wait for the club to release it, there is the race to be the first one to say, Hey look! my mate has a friend down at the chip shop, who has a mate who works for Nike and tells me that it looks like this….. Then the Photoshop people get to work and differing versions of the kit are shown. “I’m not wearing that” “That God awful” “What idiot would think that kit up?” Why don’t they consult the fans” That’s a good point BTW. Seems only one kit that had the old, old badge got any good reviews, but they are NEVER going back to that badge so kit is an obvious fake.

Then Arsenal membership news comes out for season 2012/13 and prices have been hiked (I Understand it’s gone up by the price of a couple of beers), this is always a good chance to have a moan.  I’m not against people speaking their minds and having a decent bit of constructive criticism, but in today’s society, it much easier to speak about negative things than positive things and if you want your blog to be updated everyday, or keep your Twitter time line interesting then knocking things is the best way forward it would seem. Just look at the British media.

A classic was on Sky News website yesterday. A bloke unhappy with failing his HGV test, wanted a refund. Started throwing out PC’s and electrical equipment from a window. The Police arrived at the scene and shut of the surrounding area. Sky news got hold it… The police were giving out sensible information at the scene. Sky’s reporter had hostages, guy had home-made bombs strapped to him, anything could happen in the next 5 mins. Negotiators were called in including Geoff Shreeves, who was their to tell the man Police sharpshooters were going to kill him. In the end a 50-year-old bare-chested failed lorry driver who could not punch his way out of a wet papers bag was apprehended and led away.  Nothing like the Sky News hype machine…

News that at last Pat Rice may be stepping down as No.2 in the summer. The contenders look to be Adams, Bould or Keown. All great servants of the club and hopefully an aid to Arsenal and not just a sounding board.  The smart money I would imagine is on Stevie, Stevie Bould……..

Arsene has also been speaking the London Evening Standard about how he has no problem with Mr. Usmanov taking a seat on the board. Mr. Usmanov is seemingly the only person buying up any Arsenal shares right now and coming closer to the magic figure that would put pressure on the board. If Mr.Usmanov was invited onto the board, he would pay off the stadium debt, which I think would not fall foul of the FFPR’s, thus freeing up another £25/35m a season and maybe a one-off £100m gift to buy players in addition to what we already have stashed in the safe deep down in the Emirates Stadium, Mr.Wenger could have a very good summer in the transfer Market.

Pep Guardiola has decided to leave Barcelona citing that he needs a break from football. You’d think, OK! the guys done well, brought plenty of Silverware to the club. Many saying they are one of the best teams ever to play the game.  Thing is a break don’t mean a break to the English media who can turn any story on its head. No a break mean he would be going to Man City or Chelsea, Chelsea apparently offering him a Kings ransom and be allowed to do what every he wishes with no interference. Oh the joys of the hacks from Fleet Street, yeah I know Fleet Street is all coffee bars, restaurants, Freshfields  and Goldman Sachs nowadays.

This of course is supplemented by the Gooners that think or hope that a one year break would fall in nicely with Wenger leaving or going upstairs and the Mr. Pep taking over the reigns at Arsenal. But would Pep be able to recreate what he had at Barca and the style he created with DNA in the Barca laboratories hidden away in the mountains or deep underground.

Anyway back laters with match report


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