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Arsenal News 7 March 2012

March 7, 2012

Morning Gooners… Wet and very windy day here in Cheapside, London, but cheered by the lads performance at the Emirates last night.

Arsene Wenger accused of Four Letter rant In the Sun… From where I sit, I reckon Arsene had every right to feel hard done by. That ref last was the worse kind of ref. Yes he gave us a penalty, but only after a bloody good long think about it and realised it would look seriously dodgy not too. The thing is though apart from the penalty he gave, he did not do much wrong in the way of game changes decisions like sending someone off, or giving away decisions that could costs a game in an instant, no! This refs was just niggly in that he was giving Milan everything when it came to fouls. Arsenal were not allowed to go near them, like the ref had stuck a self-imposed exclusion zone around their players.

If UEFA want to take this further then this only amounts to them being ignorant of the overall situation. If a referee is poor then managers have a bloody right to make their feeling known and that ref last night was an absolute joke and for me let himself down and UEFA down. If the powers that be did their jobs right, they would administer punishment today on said referee as he is an employee of sorts doing a job like the rest of us. If the rest of us were to do our jobs to that level, then I doubt our bosses would be so lenient on us.

Refs have it too cushy, make a mistake, even five mistakes in a game and it’s the get out of jail free card brought out that says “He is only human and doing the job to the best of his ability” Crock of S***e if you ask me.

Milan sensed this and played to it, hitting the deck on every occasion they looked in danger on the ball. Yet when Arsenal players got fouled, he just waved play on.  This resulted in a stop start game and played into Milan’s hands.

After the event, I have no doubt now looking back that the Milan pitch had a lot to do with out current form and the loss. The only three games recently where our form has been poor overall, has been two matches at Sunderland and the one in Mila, both on terrible football pitches, compared to Emirates and Anfield. Clubs should be forced to produce top quality pitches or face sanctions, such as elimination or docked points.

Now this may be seen as some as looking for an excuse, well it’s NOT!! sometimes there are justifiable reasons for losing apart from playing poorly. I know there are people who live in this British world of Corinthian spirit who feel that teams do not take advantages or players cheat (inc Arsenal) or that ref have a tough job to do, but there is the rub, sometimes people are just rubbish at what they do and they DO cheat.

I suppose over the next few days we’ll see what the injury account adds up too. Oxo and Walcott off, but hopefully the 6 days break in-between now and Newcastle match will allow recovery time. We know Arteta should be back. Defence seemed Ok as the teams went off, RVP looked Ok as well.

S13 – What a keeper this lad is turning out to be. Did very well last night save one poor kick out that could have costs us. Playing well enough that he seems to be creating his own luck right now.

Sagna – Another injured player back and now starting to perform to level before injury. So solid in defence and also provides the attacking impetus that we have been lacking with full backs out injured

Vermaelen – Top quality centre back who gave his all for the cause last night and can play a bit as well. They say we have no leaders, but you would go to war with this bloke.

Koscielny – My player of the season so far behind RVP. Speed, strong, reads the game well, tackle and scores the odd goal (at both ends) becoming a top defender.

Gibbs – Not back to top-level yet and being a young lad still need to work on positioning. Like Sagna though he makes out attacking game better  and in the last two matches I don’t think Benayoun or Gervinho have helped him out.

Song – Top player for me. Ok he gets himself into trouble sometimes and can give away annoying free kicks, but he gets into players and can pass through the eye of a needle. Like others last night ran out of steam, but had a storming match for me.

Oxlade-Chamberlain – (Chamakh 75); Oxo was causing Milan problems and had he not picked up that injury early second half, it could have been different. Real live wire and showing good confidence for a lad so young.

Walcott – (Park 84) Theo, the most frustrating footballer on the planet.

Rosicky – What a game Little Mozart had. He was everywhere and driving us on. Sometimes the rest are not on his wave level when he makes forward passes. This is more like the TR7 we knew a few years back. Hope he stays fit and keeps form up

Gervinho – See Walcott above, though had good run that led to RVP’s miss.

Van Persie – Brilliant player, though I thought very quiet for first 30 mins. You just can’t stop or knock him right now. Currently without doubt in the top three best players in the world, you could argue that the other two play Cannon fodder each week in Spain, which means RVP is the BEST in world.

Finally this form John Cross in the Mirror 29 August 2011 and a link to my match report here

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