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Arsenal News 26 February 2012

February 25, 2012

Morning all. Lazy Sunday… It’s NLD day.

What do you think of Tottenham? Shite! What do you think of Shite? Tottenham! Thank you. That’s alright!!

Some twitter rumours floating about yesterday that Arshavin said “He didn’t care anymore & wanted to leave” in front of the whole group at training this week. Staff/Players had enough. Shame if true, but if your hearts not in it, then it’s best to part company. Also with Social networking site, of which Andrei is part of, it’s not too hard for him to understand what the keyboard warriors think of him.

Saturday results saw Chelsea brush aside Bolton (Ryo and all) 3-0 and take back 4th spot from  us . Even a win now, unless by 3 or more will leave us in 5th spot for now. However, a win today is first and foremost all that matters. Newcastle slipped up with a 2-2 draw at home to Wolves, leaving Newcastle on same points as us with Arsenal having a game in hand a +13 better goal diff. Bar Man City beating Blackburn 3-0 with ease.

This in today’s Sun.  Nice bit of trouble stirring. I can’t for one minute imagine that if this was said, it was said recently, more like the beginning of the season. Still the comments below the article shows why they print it. Seems it works every time with some mugs who read these articles.

  • ARSENE WENGER insists he never thought about re-signing Emmanuel Adebayor at Arsenal. Adebayor, who left the Emirates in a £25million move to Manchester City in 2009, is set to star on-loan for Tottenham against his former club today. Many Gunners supporters would like to see the striker back.bBut boss Wenger said: “It does not make sense to sell a player and then get him back on loan. “Once you move forward, you move forward. We had strikers — Chamakh, Park and Van Persie.”

It would seem that even Amy Lawrence has caught the talk bollox bug that seems to be going round prior to the NLD. You know the one, the bug where everything is rosy and going brilliant for one harf of North London, and yet falling apart at the seams in the other harf. Amy article today Tottenham’s ascent leaves Arsenal with bitter lessons to learn You what? you what? you what, you what, you what??? Amy me old darling, you wait till spurs players agents knock on Levy’s door this summer, asking for a pay rise due to all this success you and the rest of the hyperbole media are talking about. Amy if you have nothing remotely interesting to say, the rules are simple, say nothing.

The Telegraph good ole Henry Winter is also jumping on the bandwagon. Looks to me that there must have been a sale of the words POWER SHIFT ALONG THE SEVEN SISTERS ROAD in the media this week, seven words for the price of one. Maybe those are just sexy words in the media right now, makes the journalists feel all nice warm inside and start playing down below, why else would they write such rubbish. Please read this, read it well, it’s a fucking joke of a piece of journalism. Quite frankly the guy should be ashamed.

Look people! Only  a mad man would disagree that Spuds are having a better season than us, playing some good football and have some good players, playing as a team. Their confidence is high and I’m sure a lot of the smart money would have them down a favourites for a result today. I’m not blind. However where does one three-quarter season make a shift in power, save mentioned to glam up a story.

Let’s see shall what happens when this team down the other end of the SSR finishes the season. They could lose their manager/coaching team to England, the irony is that the same team of journalists who champions the “The Shift” also champions the current manager supplying the mystical shift, to England.

In fact looking at the current situation, there could be a storm brewing for the Spuds. The current wankfest, only glossing over how they are going to keep it up this surge they are having.

  • What happens when their wage bill sky rockets as it surely will. These superstar players Spuds now have are not going to work for peanuts (save Bale)
  • Will said players stay at club
  • What about next season, when maybe Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool may become resurgent, along with Man Utd and City, can they keep up the form?
  • What about paying these salaries and also having to find £400 million to fund Emirates 2.0
  • What about playing two seasons in reduced capacity White Shite Lane.
  • The very success that creates the wankfest, may also be the very thing that destroys them and puts them back into mediocrity.

These are the things that the media overlook when having an agenda to fill.

Whatever happened to the Great British media?

Anyway more laters with match report. Breakfast is clalling

Have a great day and stay safe out there.

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  1. Mashed Spuds permalink
    March 4, 2012 01:36

    Well said Steve. Those two pre-NLD links are priceless, and your blog was daringly timed on a morning when we were a full 10 points behind the Spuds who were favourites on the day you wrote it to beat us and become uncatchable 13 points ahead of us. Mind the gap indeed!!! If we overtake them and end the season above them, I wonder who will be laughing last. Do journo’s ever admit they’re wrong? Perhaps the two of them need to lie low for a while, maybe commentate on other things and let matters take their course in the last 11-12 games of the Premiership season. I’d rather be a fan than a journo, that’s for sure, because as a fan I can chuck my bricks wherever I want, then change my mind just as easily when the going gets better. There is work to be done at Arsenal, that’s for sure, but let’s just hope we end the season 3rd and that we can all acknowledge that Wenger is still the right man for the job. Even some of the most ardent AOB’s would not begrudge him that if he pulls this one off, provided he does enough this summer to move us onto better things next season. Can we do better than 3rd this season? I guess it’s possible mathematically but I can’t see it somehow. Next season though we must be primed to compete at the very top again – it would make a refreshing change – and there should be no compromises or dumbing down of our mission, no discounting of the value of silverware by the board who should wake up to the desires and priorities of the fans who are their paymasters. Wich brings me to my final point. Anyone who runs Arsenal knows it’s the fans who are responsible for the wages there and it’s good of AW to pay tribute to us for this as he has recently been doing. However we’ve also got a billionaire owner who has much more money at his disposal than he’s letting on to us. Why won’t he therefore put his hand in his pocket to help us, and to join up with us so that we can all feel he’s part of our team as well?? Can Stan not at least pay off the debt?? It’s (Bale’s) peanuts for him. Why do we have to do everything except run the Club?? Er, for which we also pay. Answers on a postcard please

    • March 4, 2012 10:33

      Morning. Thanks for the reply. Hope you’re enjoying the blog? I do wonder at times why Journo’s make such crazy statements? It’s like they have to keep themselves in the limelight and have a job to do (of course) but just write any old rubbish and sod the consequences, they do not have to apologise or take any criticism. They are Journo’s and think they know it all, and that we, the fans, know nothing and should be in awe of them. Yet you could see by the comments made by fans at the bottom of the articles, that it’s the fan that knows best, well some of them.

      I have had my doubts on Wenger recently, but Arsene does seem to pull it round, somehow. What he is doing is amazing. You look at Liverpool and how much they spend and yet 10 pts behind us.
      I understand where you come from regarding player’s wages as ultimately the fan pays those salaries. A shake up of the way things are done is paramount in the summer. Players should be paid correctly and not too much paid to fringe players and young kids who have proved nothing yet. Save maybe the special ones who look like the real future deal.
      I found it a shame with Lady Nina being made Hon member this week and yet she took a fortune out of the club selling shares and put nothing back in.

      I think the club are wise with their money, yet should loosen the purse strings for the right players.
      You would no more about finances than me and paying off stadium debt. I hear about early repayment penalties, but when you’re talking about the money these guys have an early repayment penalty is nothing. Not sure why between them the board, those that took money from shares have not paid off the stadium debt.

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