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Arsenal News 25 February 2012

February 25, 2012

Morning All… Saturday “The Weekend” Glorious Sunny day here in Harlow and clear blue skies… Shortly off to watch my Son play for his Saturday team.

If I had the wings of a Sparrow

If I had the Arse of a Crow

I’d fly over Tottenham tomorrow

And shit on the B’stards below, below.

I’d shit on the B’stards below

Today’s news. Let me start with the news that broke last night. Andrei Arshavin in loan shock move to Zenith Double Glazing… Twitter meltdown… Funny most would not have him within a 1000 miles of an Arsenal side, yet when the rumour surfaced, suddenly, Oops, we might need him… I would just like to say good luck Andrei Arshavin, for a while you brought a smile too many Arsenal supporters faces. has found another couple of players who talk the talk, where I’d rather they walk the walk. Todays words of wisdom about what Arsenal need to do or are going to do, come from Robin Van Persie and Kieran Gibbs. Though to be fair to Robin Van (he scores when he wants) Persie, he can walk the walk as well.

The BBC Arsenal site runs with – “Arsenal v Tottenham derby ‘the most crucial’ in Arsene Wenger’s reign” In the article Lee Dixon claims:

There has definitely been a gradual shift of power over the last few seasons.

Yeah!!!  Right Lee. I’ve seen Spurs playing in the champions every season, NOT!!! Reaching Cup finals, top four regular NOT!!!. What total rubbish from an ex-Gooner. Look people, Spurs are 10 points above us, YippieKiYay MotherFucker!… The bloody laws of averages says they are bound to have  15 mins in the sun some time or another, but gradual shift… Talking for the papers and hype there I’m afraid Mr. Dixon.

When Spurs have

  • Champions league for 15 years running
  • top four for the same period (inc three titles)
  • win a title (Wenger has won more titles with Arsenal that Spurs have in their history)
  • can claim to have seen the best of the best
  • P38 W26 D12 L (a big fat zero)
  • go undefeated for a whole season (twice) away from home
  • Go 49 games unbeaten (a record) until we were right royally cheated/shafted at Old Trafford

And so on and so on, then Mr.Dixon, you may have a point. Until then stop hyping that mob up down the road for one bloody season’s form. The mob are having their best season since Coloured TV was introduced. Microsoft Windows was still 20 years away when Spurs last won the league. While Arsenal are having their worse season for years and all that separates us is 10 points.

What’s crazy with some of the media, is they say Arsenal might get 4th , due to Chelsea’s poor  form this season. Well how about trying this one on for size, have they tried putting two and two together and coming up with maybe Spurs are 3rd due to Arsenal’s, Chelsea’s and Liverpool’s poor form. No matter how good they may think Spurs are, if those three were on form, Spurs would be where they normally are, looking up at the rest. Still the English media does not work like that, it full of hype.

I doubt many of the Journalists on Twitter, John Cross, Matt Law, Ollie Holt do any research whatsoever. Get most of their info from Social Networking sites. Their are of course a few good ones.

Hello!!!! ……. Reality check… They have a manager who has been in the game of management for 30 years and has 48 trophies to show for it , Sorry typo, that should have read ONE trophy, though the way he is lauded I did wonder if he had 48. Yet he can also take credit for ruining three clubs.

Thing is ‘Arry is English, a Cockney wide boy.  He likes to look about…. He likes to walk about… He likes to talk our of car windows… The media love Old ‘Arry, the latter version of Arthur Daley… The media are desperate for an English saviour, so all reality about how good ‘Arry actually is just goes out of the window. Quite frankly as an Englishman, I am quite embarrassed by the whole thing.

Owen Gibson writes a short article in the Guardian Arsenal’s appeal is based on playing style & traditions. Not bad until you get to the last paragraph, where there is such a thing as a football cycle.

Also Jason Burt in the Telegraph come out with this classic load of bollox. Harry Redknapp’s team turn up the heat in north London power struggle. Some fair points but written in cloud cuckoo land… Spurs are struggling to fund money to keep Adebayor. Where are they going to get the money the to fund Bale, Modric and Van Der Vaart, when right on cue their agents knock on ‘Arry’s door in the summer for the large increase in salaries and the £400m for the new Stadium the guy mentions.  If it’s true Arsenal’s wage bill is £70m a season higher than Spurs, then this reflects Arsenal’s success over the years, so if Spurs are to be this successful, sure Spurs will soon have a similar wage bill, where is the £70m coming from?

Maybe getting a new state of the art training ground with medical centre will do wonders for Spurs, just like it did for Arsenal. After all, our medical centre is packed every week since it opened.

Also Henry Winter in the Telegraph, who has taken it upon himself to play the classic pub game Who would get into a Spurs/Arsenal team. Surprise!! Surprise, old Henry makes the case that only Robin van (he scores when he wants) Persie will make it from the Arsenal side. Basing most of it on stats so far. I noticed that Henry only gives the stats from the players his puts in and not a sideways look at a players by player in each position with both sets of stats.  If ever there was an article written to knock a particular club, then is shows the way Journalists work in modern football. Their is not research done, there is no real knowledge of football, it’s all about right now, this very moment, courting controversy, getting your name in lights, no matter what. I’ve forgotten more about football, than Henry Winter will ever know.

The Daily Mail has a classic… Ex-Footballer Mickey Hazard (FA Cup and UEFA Winner) in his time with Spurs, now cabbie says Taxi for Arsenal! Spurs are miles ahead, says London cabbie Hazard. Old Mickey says

“When I look at the two teams and two squads I find it hard to believe that, without massive investment, Arsenal can surpass what Spurs have. Building the Emirates has had an impact on them”

So when he is sitting in the Hotspur cafe, did Mickey or the interviewer even consider what will happen to Spurs when they have to massively invest in a new stadium, course not, he’s a Cockney Spurs fan, right now his head is firmly up his own arse. Wake up and smell the coffee. It might well be 2004 since Arsenal won their last trophy, yet it was 1961 since Spurs last won theirs. You read shite like this and wonder if they are mistaking Spurs for Barcelona. Spurs have won F**k all, don’t they get it. All they are is 10 points ahead of us, that don’t win you NOTHING…

All this rubbish written in the media about Arsenal’s lack of success in recent times and hype of building up Spurs by the media, had clouded everybody’s judgement.  Surely if we’re going down the pan, then Spurs are still there with us..

WIN something Spurs, stop talking a good game and WIN something.

Anyway time to get ready and watch the boy play football.

Stay safe out there.

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  1. KnysnaGunner permalink
    February 25, 2012 10:43

    Steve, you make an interesting point about the media not doing research but finding their information on social media sites. The very sad thing is that these are sites that profess to be Arsenal fans.

    Take a very popular one. Le-Grove. This site is run by a 20 something social media expert. As far as I can tell he started his first paying job during the course of last year. I could not establish from publicly available sources whether this young man has any experience in football as a player coach or manager. His only claim to fame is the fact that he has followed Arsenal for 17 years. Now this kid never has anything positive to say about Arsenal. In his eagerness to run the manager and officials down he often makes contradictory statements. For example – On Monday night AST had a meeting to discuss the finances of Arsenal (this is all they ever seem to discuss). During the meeting he tweeted “71 paid professionals on wage bill… Shocking” [This implies that we have too many playing and coaching staff at the club and fits in with often repeated statements to the effect that “Arsenal’s wage bill is too high” – as if the people making the claim are qualified to make this call.] Anyway -a stick to beat Arsenal with.

    Last night when news broke that Arshavin was leaving the club, Pete Wood aka legrove, tweeted “It is dim to let AA go because our squad is too small.” Another stick to beat the club with, but totally contradicting his previous assertion that we have too many professionals on our books.

    There are many similar examples. Always negative, always running our club, manager, board members and players down.

    Now this kid is very popular amongst a section of the fans – in my opinion the plastic ones, who do not see Arsenal as a family, but merely as an extension of their own egos, the only thing in their lives that gives them any status amongst their friends and colleagues, allowing them bragging rights and when Arsenal fails on the field, they loose that status.

    LeGrove is often quoted by the media as representing the fans. He has even been interviewed by journalists, and would you believe it, the other day he played golf with Nigel Mansell.

    It really saddens me that someone so empty in himself and his own accomplishments in life, whose only claim to fame is a blog, is being presented as a representative of Arsenal fans when indeed he is playing into the hands of the enemies of Arsenal. Yes, I believe Arsenal has enemies who do not want this great club to succeed. That makes Mr Peter Wood a friend of our enemies and you know the saying ….

    Unfortunately there are quite a few other bloggers, claiming to support Arsenal, who do nothing of the sort. They play into the hands of the anti-arsenal media who loves nothing more than to quote Arsenal fans slagging off the manager, board members and players at The Arsenal. I have my suspicions about their motives. Perhaps you can tell us your thoughts on these in a future blog.

    Something else I find difficult to comprehend is that people whom I see as true gooners, lifelong supporters of our club and everything it stands for, recommend that I follow some of these “enemies” of Arsenal on Twitter. Your thoughts?

  2. Geoff Platt permalink
    February 25, 2012 11:16

    Absouloutly spot on as usual!!
    Listening to spud surporters and those of lesser clubs ( I work with stoke, newcastle and villa fans) you would have thought that 3rd place was the be all and end of the premiership, it’s funny how Arsenal finishing at least 4th every season is now seen as a sort of failure! Still we know the truth!
    Keep up the good work and keep fighting the fight!

  3. KnysnaGunner permalink
    February 25, 2012 17:31

    May I take my rant a little further. Today LeGrove recounts a rumour about how well Arshavin has performed in training – not something he witnessed, not a fact recorded for all to see, but an admitted rumour. He then uses that rumour to accuse Arsene Wenger mismanaging the team. “For me, it’s another example of poor management from Arsene Wenger. ” “This move is yet another example of a club who don’t seem to have a clue what they’re doing. Yet another example of a manager who lies to regularly these days.

    Now are these the words of a disillusioned fan, expressing a personal opinion as we are all entitled to, or someone with an agenda. Perhaps even with the backing of other parties with a very specific agenda with regards to Arsenal. Far fetched? I suggest you read the latest blogs on Untold Arsenal.

    • February 25, 2012 17:55

      To be honest I find Le Grove a little strange. For me he is the type of person who makes his bed and finds he now has to lay in it. This is regardless of what may be happening. The social media network has thrown up this situation where you can have an opinion on no matter what. Many will do this, but if proved wrong can admit to mistakes or maybe even admit to be shown a different view and accepting that view may be more nearer the truth, than their own. However, on the flip side, there are people who will give and opinion and yet do not want to be proved wrong, hence they would rather things carried on going tits up, rather than going alright as this fits in with their agenda.

      Le Grove had been outspoken with his rants on all things Arsenal, if things were to improve, I feel he personally would lose a lot of credibility and as I mentioned when push comes to shove in social media circles credibility is everything to some people.

      Me I live on perspective and maybe being 55 this year, I can do that as I’ve lived through the crap as well. Le Grove on TV only looks like mid-20’s and not sure he can really know much about Arsenal pre-Wenger save what he had read or been told.

      I have no problem with fans not being happy with what is currently going on at Arsenal, if they feel there are problems, but surely it’s better to discuss and be constructive in any comments being, therefore not make the bed so to speak.

      Things are somewhere in the middle right now and a lot of mitigating circumstances also conspired against Arsenal when we moved from Highbury to Emirates.


  4. Phil Togwell permalink
    February 25, 2012 21:45

    I think what sp*rs don’t seem to realise is, for the first time in a generation they are likely to finish above Arsenal – the worst Arsenal team we’ve seen for years now – but they are not threatening to actually win the league – what they are is adequate, they have achieved adequacy, after many years of trying. This does not represent a shift in the balance of power, it is a blip. Now if they can’t take advantage of the worst Arsenal, Man utd and Chelsea teams in recent history, do you think they will get a chance like this again?
    No way pedro!

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