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Arsenal News 23 February 2012

February 23, 2012

Morning Everybody… Gonna be a nice day today here in London. Weather on BBC says it could be up to 18c and the feeling that spring is just around the corner.

My old Man said be Tottnum fan, I said F**k off, Bo***x you’re a C**t

  • Today 2008 – 10 mins before kick off in a dressing before the Birmingham v Arsenal match Alex McLeish was giving out his team talk… Waving his fist about and giving the cry “Get stuck into them lads” and make sure the Eduardo bloke knows he is in a game, one of his players acting like the neanderthal his is, takes it all literally and steams into Eduardo and breaks his leg after 2 mins. Followed by some more crap refereeing due to having to send Taylor off and even things up a bit. Adebayor not passing when he should to without doubt see us go 3-1, but then the pass would have been to a certain NIcky Bender. The ref giving a Birmingham a penalty in the last-minute, this was one of my worst memories of watching Arsenal in recent times, save for the Newcastle away debacle.

Well who would have though that after selling two shares to Glasgow Rangers 102 years ago and then as a way of saying thank you, giving them another 14  twenty years later. that Rangers would enter Administration all those years later.

Having got themselves into an unholy mess and now having to sell the family jewels, it seems those 16 shares have fell into the hands of Red & White Holdings for the princely sum of £230k all in,  The two original shares were sold to Rangers for £2, today that would be worth £187.34. So lets say by the time they got all 16 they were worth a fiver each (£80) that would be worth £7,493.60 in today’s money, so a cool £222,506.40 profit. Nice little earner if you can get it.

The game in the article at Highbury

While on the subject of Mr. Usmanov. I am pretty easy to either idea of him taking over/board member, or not taking over/board member at the club. I have read plenty that has been said about the man, yet can’t seem to find anything to read myself about Usmanov. I have had it mentioned to me that Mr. Usmanov’s  lawyers have seen fit to make sure anything that might look bad on him has been removed from the internet, so seeing as I can’t find anything, I can’t  say he would be a good thing or bad thing for Arsenal on reputation.

What I would say is if the FFPR’s rules come in then realistically we won’t need Mr. Usmanov, but if they are challenged in any way in the courts and watered down, then why should Arsenal be the club that plays by rules.  Under these circumstances I would happily take the mans money to keep us in touch with the clubs that are not happy playing by the rules.

David Dein – I met him a few times and really, really nice bloke. When push come to shove (and he was shoved) he took the money and ran for the hills. £75m wasn’t it? Chucked his hat in with Red & White who apparently he does not work for anymore, yet never like Lady Nina and others put any of the huge sums they made back into the club as far as I am aware. He made mistakes as well back then, but we have to also remember he brought in DB10 and AW1. This changed the club, I used to support from early 60’s to 1995. Changed for the better by a mile. Therefore DD will always be one of the good guys for me. Would I like to see him back? well he is 69 in Sept, so maybe he is a bit old for the job.  But hey if he feels he can do a job, then yes, I’ll see him back for a few years to oversea a change.

Memory can play tricks on people sometimes. People look back and see what they want to see. Example: If Arsenal were winning a few trophies over the last 7 years then no one would question that Arsene inherited a back 5. Today it would be he honed them to perfection, just like the FB5 used to say. Arsenal could play in a pink kit if they had won the title/champs league the last three years. Dein had his good points and bad points. Should Arsenal over the next 20 years go down the pan, the very same fans who have a go at Arsene Wenger would be saying I wish we had a manager like our best ever.

  • Just stepping back in time to 12th February 1977. I went to Delancy Street in Camden Tone to have my ear pierced. What’s that got to do with the price of eggs I hear you say? Well I had the old Lords & Peers done and later that day we lost 1-2 away to Man City. Now I know things can seem bad today, but after this match this was our next 6 game :-
  • Middlesbrough League (a) lost 0-1
  • West Ham League (h) lost 2-3
  • Middlesbrough FA Cup lost 1-4
  • Everton League (a) lost 1-2
  • Ipswich League (h) lost 1-4
  • West Brom League (h) lost 1-2
  • QPR League (a) lost 1-2

Yes 7 defeats on the bounce and my God it was not good times. Being part of the football ritual society I looked hard at myself and thought it must be the bloody earrings, so I vowed to take them off if we lost our next match, we drew 0-0 away to Stoke RFC.  Things are not always as bad as they look. A run like that today and local hospitals would be overwhelmed with Arsenal fans causing self harm.

Early teams news rumours. It looks like Maid Marion who went off injured v Norwich Reserves is a doubt, along with Ramsey.  Who will join long-term absentee’s  Wilshere, Diaby, Santos, Mertersaker at the Arsenal Medical Care Centre for broken footballers.

Lot’s of talk still about finances (yaaaawn) however, it seems that Spurs pay their players a lot less than Arsenal. Shocked!!! Not really… You see over the last 20 years “The Arsenal have been dining at the TOP table, while Spurs  have been eating down in the scullery where they have belonged.  This has meant that their wage bill, would be significantly lower than ours! and Arsenal have significantly richer than yow.

The thing is, the wide boys from down the lane that time forgot, will if they continue this success, have a shock coming. Van Der Vaart, Modric and Bale are not going to work for peanuts (well Bale might) are they. No! The wide boys are going to have to raise some extra cash & I doubt the taxman is going to be helping them out anytime soon to pay for the increased salaries these boys agents are going to be looking for. Also they have to build an Emirates 2.0 s let’s face it anything Arsenal do, Spurs have to copy the blue print. So that’s about £400m in today’s money and a reduced capacity dump up the SSR for a couple of seasons. Money is going to be too tight to mention, even for ‘Arry to qualify for his pension.

The wide boys flirtation with success is going to send the bills soaring and I for one am not sure how they are going to pay the bills.

Three upcoming games have had date changes meaning Man City and Chelsea matches are now being screened live, both on Sky Sports which is the lesser of the two Evils and I cannot stand ESPN . Not that it matters I will be attendance. I feel for Gareth Bales Uncle Keown having to be a co-commentator with Robbie Savage the long-haired blonde who obviously dislikes “The Arsenal”

Other news. I see Carlos the Jackal has made his apologies to Man City and it looks like he is going to be around the business end of the season. I see this more a money no object City are getting worried about winning title and needed him back.

Finally from Mr Whyte… Amazing football fact. Danny Wellbeck’s Dad served as a bomb disposal expert in Belfast. He was called ….. Stan Wellbeck…

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  1. Miss Black permalink
    February 23, 2012 09:20

    Eating in the scullery, heh! I wants ’em on bread and water in the basement.

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