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Arsenal News 21 February – Post AST Meeting

February 21, 2012

Morning all. Bright and breezy are we?..

Kicking off today with the AST meeting held last night.  I got my news of the meeting from various attendees who were twittering away like good-uns all trying to be the first to get the news out! Fair play to @1walid1 who got in first and proceeded to keep the news flowing, well done you.. Turns out though that I did not learn much about anything that I had not already heard or knew anyway.

The sad thing for me is this is what has become of football. Meeting held by groups who only talk about money, money, money. Nothing at all to do with the team, players what happens on the field of play. Amortisation!!! is that a new French midfield player were gonna sign? Money is of course part of what goes on in football today, but it has gone sky-high. I have never known finances in football to take such a high-profile in the game. It looks to some people it’s more important than what happens on the pitch.

These supporters group people have invented a way of promoting themselves and now feel that everyone wants to hear what they have to say. So it’s a monthly meeting get together, pretend for a couple of hours that they are (self) important and through the medium of twitter get their views across.

What joy to see Tim Payton’s face on Sky Sports again telling how I should support my club for the rest of the season. Tim I’ve news for you, I’ve been doing it for years through good times and bad and will always continue to do so, why? Because I’m a lifer Gooner. I do not run for the hills after a few losses. It’s happens and I’ve seen it many times before and no doubt will again.

I find out that Arsenal are to make a profit whatever way the financial bods look at it of around £55m, club to release figures Friday this week or Monday next.  Next I see Arsene has around £50-60m to spend and yet it could be £5m if we fail to reach the Champions League, of which a problem may occur and we could lose TV rights and fall foul of the FFPR’s. This could be quite ironic as weren’t we being held up as the shining light of the FFPR’s.

Apparently free Cuff-Links were handed out to members, the sort of thing the working-class supporters wears to work everyday.

Another bit of news was that 400 Club Level seats owners use their tickets once or less.  Maybe they are owned by companies. AST vote on ticket prices and a unanimous vote of no is taken. It was mentioned that should club be in the Europa league, many fans will refuse to attend. One supporter says.

                               “I’m used to dining at the top table, not Joe’s tavern”

Well pardon me, but I reckon this person can go and sod off, that is no Arsenal supporter, that’s a glory hunter.  Whoever it was should be ashamed.

On a positive note there was talk of various ticketing ideas being banded out and this is more what I feel the group should be about. Then I find out that Arsenal have the highest ticket prices, (doh) tell me something I did not know. Also on the subject I am also informed that Arsenal make as much through ticketing as Man Utd. However we fall well short when it come to commercial income. £100m for United to Arsenal’s £30m. However is this like for like income, Arsenals deals were done years ago, United have been negotiated recently. Only fair for me of both done at same times and one shows bigger results than other.

What I do find annoying is Arsenal supporters on social media who throw abuse at Manager and Board. Show respect for Christ sake. You may not like them but you could offer your reasons for not liking them in a civilised manner, not being abusive. It does no one any favours.

Further to my post of yesterday Supporters groups. I had an email last night from AISA with regards to a meeting this as follows :-

Arsenal Ticket Prices & Structure

AISA continues to work on its priority campaign. Following the publication of the AISA 10-point ticketing and loyalty plan, discussions have continued with the Club, and more recently AISA called for owner Stan Kroenke and chief executive, Ivan Gazidis to agree a price freeze for the 2012-13 season. Now a meeting with the Club has been arranged to take place at The Emirates Stadium later this week.

 The primary issues that AISA wants to discuss include 2012-13 ticket price freeze, discounts for season-ticket holders, improvements to the Family Enclosure and a staged payments scheme.……

This was also mentioned at last night’s AST meeting will be looking to ask Q’s of the club. Why? why both of them. Aren’t they both speaking the same language. What is it. Groups set themselves up and yet have to continue to exist, who for? Themselves more like it. Surely us fans don’t need this many groups speaking to the club, supposedly on our behalf. . Smaller group with larger membership is surely the best way forward. However,  this would mean some of the boards or certain members of the boards would have to give up. Not sure they would accept that. Is it now a sweet irony that these groups are attacking the club’s board and yet here they are hanging onto their positions. The “hey look at me scenario” 

Not that much going on in Arsenal world today, save for the fall out and discussion after the night before’s AST Meeting. Here’s all I could find

I see Sagna is now joining the group of Arsenal players who like to talk a good game. Telling us on Sagna – We have to react positively . How I wish these players would just stop talking with their mouths and start talking with their feet.

The Sun reports – EMMANUEL PETIT has a pop at Arsene

The Sports Blog in the Guardian has Michael Cox article Arsenal’s flaws exposed as Sunderland stump opposition with hybrid approach Good read for Gooners this one.

The Telegraph saying RVP about to start talks about staying with club (Rumour alert). Telegraph also running with Arsene Wenger has only £55m to spend this summer

Have a good day everyone. COYR’s

Stay safe out there.

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  1. February 21, 2012 10:37

    Great read

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