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A few thoughts on the AC Milan 4-0 Arsenal – Champions League

February 16, 2012

“Where does it go from here? Is it down to the lake I fear? Ay ah ah ah ah ah Ay ah ah ah ah ah”

Team is in……….. Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna, Koscielny ,Vermaelen, Gibbs, Song, Rosicky, Walcott, Ramsey, Arteta, van Persie. Subs Oxlade-Chamberlain, Djourou, Henry, Fabianski, Arshavin, Benayoun, Coquelin.

Where does one start with last night? Arsenal’s worst ever defeat in the Champions league and to a team that is far from the very best.

A few points I feel I need to make before I go into the Man from Harlow’s thought’s on the match.

  • Why does S13 always seem to get beaten by long-range shots?
  • Why is it our opponents can seem to score cracking goals at will against us?
  • Why do our players talk a good game?
  • Is Theo Walcott actually a footballer? 🙂
  • Why does Wenger look so disappointed, yet he can do something about it?

I am getting slightly irritated by our players keep talking with their mouths and not with their feet.

I know Arsenal have a web site and they need to fill it, but can they just stop giving players a platform to tell the fans what they should be doing, what they think is going to happen and so on, and so on…

UPDATE!!!  Thomas Vermaelen and Wojciech Szczensy are already at it on

Supporters would be happy with them saying sod all, as long as their feet are doing the talking on the pitch and at least showing some fight in all matches. The worse culprit is a certain Mr. Theo Walcott who last night was shocking in the extreme and a 10-year-old would not have got knocked off the ball as easily as he was last night.

£80/90k a week Theo, you having a larf mate. You ain’t worth 80/90 quid a week.

Now let me say this, I am going to give as frank a report on the game last nights match as possible, however, it will be about last night’s match in isolation.

At about 6.40 I left home to pick my Son up from football training. On the short drive (5 mins) to the school I tuned into Talk Sport (yeah I know, I don’t hardly ever listen to the joke of a show) but I did tune in. The very first thing I hear is an pre-match interview with Arsene Wenger, where he is telling me that

“Arsenal will attack and Milan will attack, it should be a good game”

Why is it then, having heard that interview, that Arsenal would now do anything but attack?

I got home from training and her indoors has made me a nice bowl of Spag Bog and the boy started moaning about football training. I looked at him and my eyes were telling him about the football fans code and rituals in making sure everything runs smooth on match days.

I refused to turn the TV onto the football before 7.45 as the game is in ITV and the though of listening to Adrian Chiles, Roy Keane and Gareth Southgate (has he ever played a Champions league match) is not my idea of a good time.

So it’s 7.45 and I feel safe to switch onto ITVHD. The players are lined up and about to kick off.

Game underway and early chance for TR7 who gets into shooting position and fires wide and that was as good as it gets for Arsenal in the first half.

All the pressure there on is coming from Milan.

10mins Seedorf is injured and leaves the game to replaced by another Dutchman Emanuelson.

12 mins BANG!!! Good interplay by Milan and out of nowhere Kevin-Prince Boateng hits a worldy and before S13 knows what is going on the ball hits the net, hits the back stanchion and flies back out of the net 1-0 Milan and deserved and I am not sure S13 even knows we are 1-0 down.

There is only team in this game and Arsenal look like they are totally disinterested.

Milan are bossing the game and it is no surprise when on 37mins the ball is played to Ibrahimovic, who looks (no was) offside and yet Sagna commits the cardinal sin of stopping play while Ibrahimovic carries on down the line, runs towards the edge of the area and crosses and there is Robinho to head the ball into the net for 2-0. Shocking defending from Sagna, who quite frankly was looking poor and I wondered if he was ready for this match.

Tv5 gets himself into trouble and thankfully Kos is on hand to clear the danger. Arsenal are all over the place and getting well beat.

On 43 CRASH!!! and yet another blow as Arsenal’s injury jinx raises its head again, this time the consistent Kos is taken off to be replaced by Djourou. Things are going from bad to worse.

A couple of half chances for Milan and the ref calls time for the first half.

Last night the team were very poor and for me Theo Walcott was shocking and quite frankly I am getting fed up with him.

Whatever was said in the dressing room at half time was obviously not about football.

The second half starts, Henry has replaced Theo, I reckon just playing with 10 men would be better than having Theo play s like he did last night.  Arsenal’s hope now is to try to score one goal and make the task back at the Emirates a lot easier.

However, that was blown out of the water on 48mins WALLOP!!! when Ibrahimovic slipped the ball to Robinho. TV5 slipped paving the way for Robinho, to fire a shot from the edge of the area into the bottom corner of the net for 3-0, this was getting embarrassing. 

I felt for the 5000 Gooners standing on the terraces who should at least expect the team to fight.

Ramsey then heads over from a corner.

78 mins KNOCK OUT!!!  and total sodding DISASTER as Djourou fouls Ibrahimovic in the area (dubious) but it’s a penalty and Ibrahimovic takes it to make it 4-0.

RVP and Henry combine and a good shot by RVP is very well saved by Abiatti.

My scores on the doors for last night:-

  • Szczesny – Well not sure he could do a lot about the goals, however, he does get beaten a lot by long-range shots. It seems that almost every cracking shot that goes towards the goal flies in. 5/10
  • Sagna – Was he ready for this match? Thought he was poor for his standards. He was poor coming forwards. All his crosses were aimless, but then it’s not like he has a lot to aim for. Defending was not good last night and what he was doing for Milan’s second is anyone’s guess. 3/10
  • Koscielny – Kos for me is this years Star bar RVP. Once agin while he was on the pitch he stood out and even when TV5 got caught in possession Kos was there to sweep up. I was gutted when he got the injury and has to go off and much as being 2-0 down. 6/10
  • Djourou (44 Sub) was not awful when he came on and could count himself unlucky to have the penalty awarded against him. More so as up the other end RVP was fouled and it was not given and for me not a lot of difference between them, thought the ref last night was Ok. 5/10
  • Vermaelen – Playing left back at Centerback last night. very unusual to see Tv5 have that much of an off game. Milan pressured him and he cracked. Maybe it was due to the defence as a whole last night. Still he gets praise for all he good performances, last night will go down as one his off days. 4/10
  • Gibbs – Like Sagna was this game too soon for him. Looked a little boy lost last night like Theo. Was taken to cleaners by Robinho and did not offer much coming forwards save one positive run in the second half towards the Milan area. 4/10
  • Oxlade-Chamberlain (66 Sub)  – Came on with 26 mins left and did not really have a great deal to do or to get in the match seeing as we were 3-0 down already. But he showed willing. 5/10
  • Song – I thought Song was alright in the scheme of the match, not his greatest performance but alright the same and one of the few to leave with a shred of a performance 6/10
  • Rosicky – Started Ok, but when the team was obviously showing no pattern whatsoever and failing in just about everything the team, tried TR7 went along with it. Giving the ball away on numerous occasions and one wild shot towards the end went off for a throw-in which summed up his and the teams performance last night. 4/10
  • Walcott – Abysmal, I am not even going to waste my time saying anything else. How do you mark out of ten someone who di not play 0/10
  • (Henry 46 Sub) – Did his best and most things he did were pretty much TH14 like. Made a nice chance for RVP and generally passed the ball well, but to no avail. 6/10. Shame this was his last ever match in an Arsenal shirt, he deserved better and shame on the rest of   the team for making his last game an appalling one.
  • Ramsey – I like Ramsey but the last couple of months he has gone off the boil. I suppose he is only young and I have no doubt he will come back good again. gets all over the park but for me does too many flicks that do not come off. 4/10
  • Arteta – I like Arteta (Cesc light) good passer of a ball. Gets in opponents faces and can tackle. Bags the odd goal or two. Just played like the whole team last night, very, very average 4/10
  • van Persie – Must have felt all alone in the first half nothing coming anywhere near him. Had a few good chances in 2nd half but even when he did the Milan goalie was up to it. Not one of Robin’s better nights as Captain and did look a bit hacked off. 5/10

Arsene Wenger – Seeing the manager last night on the touch-line and some recent games getting frustrated makes me wonder why? I mean it’s not as if he does not have the power to change things. He is the manager, he can buy players with the heart and fight to play for the team in big games and stop relying on bringing through young kids.

There is nothing overly wrong with this, but you need to combine youth with experience. You see for me doing it the current Wenger way, you may well get a good crop of youngsters, but they will always fall short in winning trophies.  This only causes a problem as when the youngsters are maturing they are not going to want to stay around while another crop come through, so they look to leave for other clubs that have a fixed winning mentality. You end up with a vicious circle, which basically makes one of the worlds biggest and richest clubs a selling club.

Arsenal CANNOT expect to have supporters turn up paying the highest prices in world football, to watch players being made ready for bigger club where they can win trophies. The whole system at Arsenal is flawed.

On top of this the current major/experienced players we have are maybe now beginning to look for trophies and in turn are fed up with the way things are turning out each season and seeing the club not buying the right players when they can clearly afford them maybe looking to make Wenger’s job untenable by losing him the dressing room.

Maybe the players do have a love for the club and feel they want to win things at Arsenal and maybe that they feel the manager has lost sight of this.  If they don’t want to leave then the only way is to force the manager to leave or at least make him see what their feeling are and force change. A shake up is needed at the club as last nights result I think, was the straw that broke the camels back and if not, the upcoming Tottenham match will be for sure.

I am normally pretty positive about Arsenal win, lose or draw. The main thing for me is to enjoy the games and the rest such as trophies are a bonus. However this season bar a couple of games it is not enjoyable.


Stay safe out there.


4 Comments leave one →
  1. Geoff Platt permalink
    February 16, 2012 14:29

    I agree wholeheartedly with what you said! The only thing I would add is a mark out of ten for Le Boss, 2/10! He got it so wrong last night! I think he should have started with the Ox, but even when he saw how bad the first half was could have bought him on then. Where was our frightening pace going forward? It was non exsistant, every time we broke we allowed Milan to get behind the ball in numbers as we had no outlet for who ever was breaking.
    We must feild the strongest team possible on Saturday and get through in the cup or yet again our season will be over before we enter March!

  2. February 16, 2012 18:07

    Agreed I forgot to mark AW/10.. What worried me today was heairng him say Arsenal had problems in area’s of the pitch before the game. That does not sound like the best preparation for sending a team out to play a Champions League match. I love the bloke but I do wonder if he is losing the plot. Arsenal have money and he could have brought cover in Jan. Must be changes in Summer… Till then Arsenal till I die and will support loud and proud.

  3. Terry emery permalink
    February 16, 2012 23:20

    Pretty much summed it up. And why do we always get done by a wonder goal. We’ve been ravaged by injuries this season and a bit unlucky at times but that was poor last night. Not bothered about what’s going on down the road as its not gonna affect my life. Still can’t wait to watch them in next game. Let’s hope in the next few days they take a long hard look at the Milan game and sort things out

    • February 17, 2012 07:43

      Well said Terry… I like the bit about the mob down the road. Can’t be easy for you with Andrew to contend with. Andrew seesm to be enjoying our trials and tribulations on Facebook. Milan, Spurs, Blackburn, Sunderland, Chelsea, Swansea, Dortmund, Man Utd (2) all scremers…

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