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Is the transfer window a good thing? Updated!!!

January 30, 2012


So the 2012 transfer window has closed.

The Biggest transfer in terms of spending was done by Chelsea, £7m for Cahill & £6.7m for De Bruyne.

The club that did the most business was QPR (6 players and £12m spent) and that surely says it all.

Finally Newcastle paid the most for a single player £9m for Cisse.

Loads of loan deals but not many big clubs letting go of big players. It would seem that Arsene Wenger (the professor)was right when he said football clubs do not have money and the market is dead.

Anyway, I can’t believe I did this, but having had a huge bowl of Tagliatelle with a nice Bacon & Mushroom sauce for tea,  cooked by the fair maiden that is her indoors. I  laid on the bed watching the 40″ flat screen fixed to the wall and tuned into Sky Sports News for the evening… I also had my laptop and made sure there was a plentiful supply of tea (and biscuit’s, bourbons. Niiiice…)

I was being treated to Kirsty Gallacher wearing a fetching blue number with a teasing hint of cleavage. The guy next to her was doing nothing for me, not sure hen does anything for himself. On the right of the screen I have Dave Bassett, who kept having a sneaky look at said cleavage and Ian Dowie, who are there to keep me informed of the goings on and give me their expert advice on who is who (more Whoooooooooooooooo) in the transfer mayhem that was about to ensue. However, between them they managed to say nothing that a 55-year-old veternan of football had not heard before from the 1m football clichés annual, save state the bleeding obvious.

The Sky Transfer Window team had all been trying to hype the transfer deadline day to the MAX and Jim White, one of the few human beings to be born with hype genes was going onto overdrive on my screen.  However,  for me today, players being transferred/loaned have been a case of a big Emirates shout of Whoooooooooooooooo!!!

Jim White, he of the big hype is telling me “Stay tuned as Sky have all the BIG deals”. Is that right Jim, because maybe I am watching a different transfer window you mate. The transfer window is now soooooo boring that Jim tells me that he has fallen in love with the face of Big Ben, Is this guy for real?  

(That’s it!!! Jim’s lover has just rung out at the Palace of Westminster and the transfer window is now closed, how exciting was that….. NOT!!!)

The SSN’s totaliser  as of (11.00pm) finished at £55m. Jan 31st 2011 it stood at £215m.

Sky now asking the question. Why has it been so quiet in terms of money spent? Well they are saying UEFA FFPR’s are having an effect, where UEFA want clubs to tighten their belts and don’t want clubs to spend more than they earn. This could have been Arsene Wenger talking. I know it is frustrating for Arsenal supporters, but people need to get real.

Which leads me onto the title of this blog.

With the  January 2012 transfer window now closed, it got me thinking (ouch!). Does a transfer window actually work? Here the guy from  Harlow looks at what he thinks are the pros & cons about the window.

Why was the window introduced? Well the reasons were for stability, certainty, restricting agents’ destabilising activity and curbing the urge to buy emergency success. Thus if United were challenging for the title and two or three of their players got long term injuries they could just go out and buy players to supplement the squad and keep title challenge on track.

However, the window can make transfer fee’s rocket as it nears closing as a club attempts to finalise a deal. It places clubs, chairmen and managers under extreme pressure from fans for big money signing and a lift to the club. Arsene Wenger was quoted as saying “

‘I would cut the transfers when the championship starts. Fewer press conferences talking purely about transfers would allow you to prepare better for a game. ‘The less interesting part of my job is talking about how many millions a player is worth. The more interesting part is talking about how good a player is.’

Personally I would like to see it return to the way it was. This is where a club should be able to purchase a player at any stage during the season save for maybe the last 6 weeks, when all transfer activity is in a CLOSED window rather than OPEN window.

I also feel that in today’s football a lot of the smaller clubs survive on such small amounts of money, they sail close to the wind and there could be the need for them to sell a player to keep the club alive and a transfer window puts a block on this.

There are no doubt many reasons both for and against the window and I would imagine many of you also have varied views on this.

My own personal view is, I would like to see the window go simply for the pressure it seems to heap on clubs, managers and the fans, who spend a lot of time during this short window to be obsessed with transfer talk, fed by The written media and Sky Sports News and their countdown clock, huge computer screen monitor and totaliser,

hoping to show the crazy amounts of money being spent.

For my sins of travelling to the Arsenal v Villa match part way by Car (Thanks National Express), I was listening to Talk Crap on the way back from the game. One of the guests on the show was Gordon Taylor, who was discussing the transfer window. I was somewhat taken a back when Taylor discussed the situation of Christopher Samba. Taylor said that Samba was apparently saying that he talking of not giving 100% and wanted out of Blackburn, however, Taylor said  Blackburn had “ONLY” been offered £7m for him.

£7m!!!  Spoken in a second as if it were me dropping 20p out of my back pocket. It’s £7m for Christ sake. What we could all do with that hey!  Football finances have gone crazy,  is it any wonder that season tickets and match day tickets are so high at many clubs.

Maybe taking the window back for transfers to be made any time during the season, the pressure may be taken off and transfer fee’s and salaries might come down in that clubs could not be held to ransom.

So there you have it. The guy from Harlow’s view is,  please give me back the old transfer system where clubs could buy players at anytime during the season, save the closed window, from April till end of season.

Any views please comment below, if you agree or disagree, but keep it clean.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. January 30, 2012 18:20

    I am very much inclined to agree with your conclusion.

  2. February 1, 2012 01:16

    your watching SSN was funny as fuck Steve..

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